30 Wedding Hairstyles For A Perfect Bridal Look

The day has come, and you do not know what to do with your hair?

Well, luckily for you, we have several ideas you can try.

I hope you find some inspiration by looking at some of the ideas.

Because this is a wedding and bridal hairstyle, you want to look elegant, sophisticated, but still natural.

And that is exactly the direction I am trying to take you.

Try one of these hairstyles, and you will look stunning on your big day.

1. Vintage Swirl Updo With Flower Pins

In case you miss it, the hairstyle is in line with the dress. Particularly, I am talking about the strap. Flowers are always a nice addition to a wedding outfit.

2. Shoulder Length Tied Curls With Bangs

I said at the beginning that I want your bridal hairstyle to look natural. And this is what I had in mind. Just look at the hairstyle. It doesn’t look at all like something you’ve strapped and pinned. I have nothing against and updo, but this look is much more natural.

3. Messy  Chignon With Flowers

Speaking of natural looking hairstyle, you can always go “messy”. Now, when we talk about messy hair, that is not the “messy I just got up from bed look”. No, the trick is to look messy, while also organized. Bring order to the chaos, if you like.

4. High Slick Bun With Veil Underneath

You just cannot do a bridal hairstyle list without a veil hairstyle. This is definitely one of those fairy tale looking hairstyles. If that is something you want, then you cannot go wrong with this hairstyle. Classy, elegant, and out of this world.

5. Long Red Flowing Curls With Auburn Roots

Let’s get something straight. Not all girls dream of fairy tale wedding. Some of us are just more crazy than others. And in that spirit, red curls are just a great way to show you are not the cute and adorable wedding type.

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