30 Wedding Hairstyles For A Perfect Bridal Look

The day has come, and you do not know what to do with your hair? Well, luckily for you, we have several ideas you can try. I hope you find some inspiration by looking at some of the ideas.

Because this is a wedding and bridal hairstyle, you want to look elegant, sophisticated, but still natural. And that is exactly the direction I am trying to take you.

Try one of these hairstyles, and you will look stunning on your big day.

1. Vintage Swirl Updo With Flower Pins


In case you miss it, the hairstyle is in line with the dress. Particularly, I am talking about the strap. Flowers are always a nice addition to a wedding outfit.

2. Shoulder Length Tied Curls With Bangs


I said at the beginning that I want your bridal hairstyle to look natural. And this is what I had in mind. Just look at the hairstyle. It doesn’t look at all like something you’ve strapped and pinned. I have nothing against and updo, but this look is much more natural.

3. Messy  Chignon With Flowers


Speaking of natural looking hairstyle, you can always go “messy”. Now, when we talk about messy hair, that is not the “messy I just got up from bed look”. No, the trick is to look messy, while also organized. Bring order to the chaos, if you like.

4. High Slick Bun With Veil Underneath


You just cannot do a bridal hairstyle list without a veil hairstyle. This is definitely one of those fairy tale looking hairstyles. If that is something you want, then you cannot go wrong with this hairstyle. Classy, elegant, and out of this world.

5. Long Red Flowing Curls With Auburn Roots


Let’s get something straight. Not all girls dream of fairy tale wedding. Some of us are just more crazy than others. And in that spirit, red curls are just a great way to show you are not the cute and adorable wedding type.

6. Tousled  Updo With Crown Pin


A nice way to look like a princess, without wearing an actual crown on your head. An actual crown might be a bit cliche and too much. However, a crown integrated in your hairstyle is a different story.

7. Slick Raised Updo With Bangs And Rhinestone Headband


When you think of a bridal hairstyle, this is one of the first that comes to mind. After all, it is elegant, classy, beautiful, and just checks all the boxes. Now, the hairstyle might be a cliche, but there are always ways you can make it more playful and unique. For example, in this case, just put a rhinestone headband and you are good to go.

8. Twist Braid Chignon


Braids and wedding hairstyles go hand in hand. For some reason, women love braids on their big day. And I have to honor their love. Therefore, here is another braided chignon hairstyle you can try for your wedding day.

9. Habibi High Bun Curls


Speaking of cliche bridal hairstyles, this one is not far behind. I must say, the curls and the high bum are definitely gorgeous. But what I love the most is the headband that ties everything together.

10. Neat Braid Tied Bun


Braids and bun, two in one hairstyle that is for the ages. Your hair stylist will definitely have a lot of work. But it is well worth it. You want to look special on your big day. And this hairstyle will make sure of that.

11. Natural Side Swept Curls


With all the braids, updos, and buns, we almost forgot the natural look. Curls is one of the more natural looks you can get for a wedding day. And they look absolutely stunning.

12. Slick Black Bun With Swirls Of Red Highlights


Remember early on when we had some red curls? Now, if that was too much out of the ordinary for you, I do not know what to say about this hairstyle. Personally, it reminds me of something Queen Latifah would do.

13. Low Boho Bun


This is one of the more natural looking hairstyles you will find. Boho style was huge in the past few years. And it is only logical that it makes up to the bridal hairstyles. I love how the hairstyle suits the naked back dress.

14. Neat Chignon With Side Parted Bangs


The elegant chignon is a timeless hairstyle that you can wear. Not just for weddings, but for any cocktail event. Simply put, when it comes to elegance, few hairstyles beat the chignon.

15. Loose Braided Twists


Braided ponytail with twists. Talk about matching and mixing several different styles into one hairstyle. With all the accessories down the way, the hairstyle definitely looks like something borrowed out of a Disney fairy tale.

16. Mermaid Green Turquoise Swirl Updo


I’ve written a lot on the topic of mermaid hairstyle colors. Mermaid is one of the biggest trends lately, and I am sure you would like to catch up on it. With that in mind, some women would prefer simple colors for their wedding day. But if you like something out of the ordinary, a mermaid hairstyle is just what the doctor ordered for a wedding day.

17. Intricate Twist Braided Bun


This is another one of those hairstyles that require a ton of effort. But do not worry. That is up to your hair stylist, not you.

18. Slick Tied Curly Bun With Flowery Rhinestone Accessory


As you might have noticed by now, rhinestone accessories are sort of a “must-have” for your bridal hairstyle. There is no denying that a rhinestone accessory will make everything better. Some brides even go as far as getting a same pattern/design as their wedding dress. It creates a nice flow, and you can definitely try it.

19. Two Twist Half Tied Curls


On first glance, this hairstyle looks simple and easy to make. And that might be close to the truth. But what I love the most is the natural look of the hairstyle. It looks normal. And that is something you cannot say about many of the wedding and bridal hairstyles.

20. Side Swept Loose braided Hairstyle


There are so many things to love here. Starting from the length of the hair, which is WOW. And then you have the highlights that are subtle, but still visible. And the way the hair is braided like a tornado, that is just absolutely work of art.

21. Mohawk Updo Curls


Let’s be honest, the classic Mohawk is not something you would wear at a wedding. It looks a bit, alternative to be honest. But a Mohawk like this one? Talk about a modern and classy looking take on the Mohawk.

22. Rope Twisted Crown Updo


Remember when I talked earlier how wearing a crown on your wedding day is a bit too much. And how you can wear a subtle crown? Well, here is a crown hairstyle that you can try.

23. Loose Natural Curls


I must say, I am a fan of loose hair. There is no other way around it. I love when the hair falls loosely and naturally. I understand many women want updo, hairdo, or a bun for their wedding day. But trust me, nothing beats loosely curled hairstyle.

24. Inward Braids With Bun


Talk about effort. All those braids will take time. But in the end, I am sure you will be happy with the finished product. I must say, the hairstyle looks awesome. Definitely a red-carpet look.

25. Elegant Side Swirl Bun With Highlights


Simple and very easy to make, it is all about the highlights here. They give the look a little bit of playfulness. This is one of the go-to hairstyles for medium length hair.

26. Half Crown With Springy Curls


We had a crown, and now we go with a half crown. The curls flowing downwards give the hairstyle a true natural look. And we must note the subtle highlights that are just perfect.

27. Side Loose Braids And Messy Updo


Remember when I talked about messy hairstyle at the beginning? This is one of those messy hairstyles that look like you’ve spent 5 minutes making. In reality, this look requires more time. But you get the “I do not care much about my hairstyle” look, and that is all that matters.

28. Elaborate Woven Slick Bun


Former first lady Michele Obama was known for wearing a similar hairstyle on multiple occasions. And if it is good enough for Michele, you can say it is good enough for you. After all, she was a classy and elegant woman.

29. Low Rose Shaped Bun


Not many people will notice it at first glance, but the bun is shaped like a rose. And that is definitely an elegant twist to the classic bun. You have to admire the creativity.

30. Curly Chignon With Flower Headband Accessory


I want to finish off with a classic bridal hairstyle. This is one of the Top 10 hairstyles you will find in any bridal magazine. Your hair is in a chignon, but it still looks natural and loosely. That is “the dream”.

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