25 Bold Warrior Braids For Your Inner Fierceness

In the past several years, our perception of women has completely changed.

No longer are woman those innocent little creatures that need saving.

Instead, we look at women as fierce, strong and independent individuals that can do just about everything.

Just look at the professions.

Gone are the years when we had male professions, and typical female professions.

With that in mind, in the past few years, we’ve also seen some notable female warrior characters.

And as a result, a female warrior look has never been so popular.

One of the ways to achieve the warrior look is with your hairstyle.

The best hairstyle for a warrior look is the braids.

You can try different braids, but they all have to have a simple goal in mind, and that is to make you look fierce.

Let’s go and check some out.

1. Side Row Braids With Front Poof On Colorful Hair

We start off with side braids, and an accessory that is often overlooked. That is the color of your hair. For a warrior outlook, in most cases you’ll need some color. The more fierce the color is, the better. This purple definitely shows a woman that is not afraid of anything.

2. Star Intertwined Braids Into Single Braid

One of the reasons female warriors braid their hair is so that they are less vulnerable in combat. At least that is the legend. With this braid, you have your entire hair gathered in just one braid, and a ponytail that looks amazing. You want to be a star? Well, now you can be one.

3. Long Tied Back French Braids

The French braid is a classic you just cannot ignore. And because of its versatility, you can easily adjust it to a different look. Be it a romantic and innocent look or a fearsome warrior look, the French braid can help you achieve your goals. And if you look at this hairstyle, I am sure you’ll remember few movies where you have seen female warriors wearing it.

4. Fishtail Braid Intertwined With Micro Braids

Another instant classic, at least when it comes to the warrior look. Micro braids give your hairstyle a special look, and a little bonus.

5. Twisted Zipper Braids With Gold Rings

I said color is a nice accessory to the braiding, but you can also go with some classic accessories as well. The gold ring is one of those accessories that make any hairstyle look better. And if you think this hairstyle looks complicated, just look at the instructions and you’ll get it.

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