30 Upside Down Braids For More Interesting Updos

Wearing your hair in a braid is a fairly common choice of hairstyle. The French braid is arguably the most common.

However, every now and then, we like to switch up on our appearance. One way to do that is to flip the braid on its head. That means getting an upside-down braid.

And as with most braids, the best way to get an upside-down braid is with a second or third day hair. Do not worry, it is not hard at all.

So, with that in mind, if you want to try a hairstyle that is different and takes only a matter of minutes to get it done, then the upside down braid is the perfect option.

For your convenience, I have round up a number of tutorials and ideas for an upside down braid.

Take a look at them. Maybe you’ll find your next hairstyle.

1. Upside Down Top Knot

We start off with something that is fairly popular lately. Especially if you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory. Penny has been known to wear this hairstyle few times. An elegant, yet casual hairstyle that is suitable for both office days, and a quiet day in the park.

2. Chunky Upside Down French Braid Bun

Some women want to add a little more volume to their hair. To do that, you need a little more braiding. The chunky part at the top might look sloppy, but that is exactly the trick. Do not mind the orange color. This hairstyle looks great in any hair color.

3. Upside Down French Braid And Top Inverted Braid Into Ponytail

The classic French braid is usually the best way to utilize the upside-down braid. The French braiding technique is simple, and perfect for an upside down twist. But if you like to tweak things further, a ponytail is a great idea as well. This way, you allow your long hair to fall down and show off.

4. Upside Down Braided Ballerina Bun

One thing about braids that we all know, they are elegant. And is there anything more elegant and sophisticated than a ballerina? Known for their grace and elegance on the stage, ballerinas have to be careful with their hair. You do not want it floating around. With that in mind, this ballerina braid is great for all black-tie and black-dress events. And you can get it done within minutes.

5. Zig Zag Upside Down French Braids Into Dutch Buns

When you look at braiding techniques, the best part about them is you can combine several different techniques into one hairstyle. Now, at first glance, this hairstyle might look a little teenage-like. But do not be fooled by it. It is just an extravagant way of telling the world to “f**k off”. Think Vivienne Westwood type of show.

6. Upside Down Braid Pin Up Style

One style that has come back to “haunt us” in the past few years is the pin-up style. Stars like Gwen Stefani are mostly responsible for modernizing this style. And if you think pin-up style cannot be modern and beautiful looking, think again. Here is a living proof that you can try pin-up and look modern doing it.

7. Three Upside Down Curvy Braids Into Bun

I said before that the best part about braids is you can combine them. There are just way too many braiding techniques for you to choose from. The sky is the limit. In this case, we see some minimalistic looking braids combined into one large one. A true induction reasoning.

8. Exotic Twisted Bun with Inverted Braid

Some would say that exotic hairstyles like this one are suitable only for women of color. Wrong. The truth is that women of color are usually more bold and courageous to try new things. Why shouldn’t you try it? You have a formal and elegant event coming up? This is a hairstyle you can try and be the talk of the night.

9. Upside Down Dutch Braid Into Braided Lace Bun

Buns and braids go hand in hand. It is just the way it goes. And a bun is a perfect way to finish up a braid. So, with that in mind, this is a simple one that will take you only a few minutes to get it done.

10. Upside Down Into Regular Braids On Rainbow Hair

People think that you cannot get a braid with short or medium length hair. Well, that is just plain wrong. This is a proof you do not need a lot of hair to get a great braiding hairstyle. The rainbow color is just a bonus.

11. Upside Down Chunky Braid Into Messy Bun

One of the biggest tricks women do is make their hair look messy. You think she just got out of bed, but the fact is she put a lot of effort into that hairstyle. That chunky bun also gives you a lot of volume.

12. Upside Down Dutch Braid Into Buns

Another teenage-like looking hairstyle. But it is just the way the world is changing and evolving. Looking younger is a big deal nowadays. Women of all ages want to shed few years out of their resume. With that in mind, this hairstyle will definitely make you look 20 something or 30 something.

13. Upside Down Braid Into Ringlet Curls

I must say, I love playful looking hairstyles. And this one delivers exactly that. Look at all those curls. Being a woman with straight hair, I do not know how hard it is to maintain curly hair. I reckon it is not easy. But if the end result is anything close to this beautiful looking hairstyle, it is well worth it.

14. Three Upside Down French Braid Into High Ponytail

We had some ponytail ideas before. But that was with the pony let loose down. This time, the idea is to put a high ponytail, in a way to add more elegance and sophistication to your hairstyle. Think of it as a classy and modern hipster hairstyle.

15. Short French Braid Into Intricate Bun

I said it before, you do not need a lot of length to get a nice looking braid. Even with short hair, you can a classy and elegant looking braid. This one, for example, is good enough for a wedding.

16. Upside Down French Mohawk Braid

The Mohawk is definitely a hairstyle that is intriguing. Long gone are the days when the Mohawk was a classic rock and rebel hairstyle. Nowadays, it is one of the more stylish choices. The Mohawk has evolved, so do not be afraid to try it.

17. Upside Down Zipper Braids

There is something mesmerizing about intricate and zipper braids. You need extra appendages, and this is definitely a hairstyle you probably cannot do it on your own. Yes, you’ll need a helping hand from a friend or a stylist. But the end result is just too good to be true.

18. Upside Down French Braid Into Twisted Bun On Natural Hair

If it is time to switch things up, the twisted bun is definitely a wise choice. It was recently labeled as one of the bet hairstyles by Cosmo. So, with that in mind, add some twist to your already great looking French braid. Do not worry, it is easy to get it done.

19. Upside Down Pull Through Braid Into Bun

Some women like to complicate things up. Or you can say all women like to complicate things every now and then. If that is what you like to do with your hair, here is a hairstyle that definitely looks complicated from a far. But if you follow the instructions, you can actually make it with ease.

20. Upside Down African Style Braid With Top Knot Bun And Straight Bangs

Basically, for this hairstyle, think of your head as an empty canvas. And you need to paint every part of it. That is what happens here. Every inch of your hairstyle gets a different treatment, and the result is one unique hairstyle.

21. Upside Down Robe Braid Into Flower

Let’s get back to those simple, yet beautiful looking hairstyles, shall we? This is one of those easy to do at home hairstyle that will make you talk of the night. Most women in the room will want to have your hairstyle, and you can be sure to turn some heads. The best part? You can get this one in a matter of minutes.

22. Upside Down Glam Braid Buns

Every now and then, every one of us wants to feel like a little girl. When that moment comes, think of this hairstyle. Try it, and live with the results.

23. Upside Down Double Braid Into Ponytail

A pony is always a nice option. We saw it before. And we see it again. It is just a matter of which path you take to get there. The journey might be different, but the end result is always a success. It is up to you to chose the method for getting a pony braid. My job is to give you options.

24. Upside Down Braid Into Jumbo Twist Bun

Braids are some of the most popular hairstyle options for weddings. And you can easily see why. We had some elegant and classy looking wedding standard upside down braids. This is the latest one in that list.

25. Upside Down Fishtail Braid Into Top Knot

I almost forgot about the fishtail technique. Along with French braid, the fishtail braiding technique is one of the most common. Sorry ladies. But here is one fishtail braid that might get your attention.

26. Upside Down French Braid With Top Curls And Side Swept Bangs

I said it before, and I will say it again. Curls are absolutely gorgeous. Especially when you combine them with something graceful as braids. Think of it as two opposites working together. How was that, two negatives make a positive? Well, two great things make an even greater hairstyle.

27. Five Stranded Upside Down Braid Into Bun

Some people really want to take things to the next level. One braid is not enough for them. Even two are not enough. Well, what about five? Is that good enough for you?

28. Upside Down Dutch Braid Into Bow

The bow is one of those elegant and girly-looking buns you absolutely must try at least once. Yes, it looks childish, and yes, it might not be suitable for your age, but who cares? You deserve to go wild every now and then. And we want to feel like little girls sometimes, right?

29. Diagonal Upside Down Braid Into Loose Updo

In most cases, a braided hairstyle means keeping your hair tight. Well, sometimes, you want to let it loose. This hairstyle allows you to get a tight and elegant looking upside down braid, but with the option to let loose as well. For those of you suffering from headaches due to tight braids, this is a great option.

30. Upside Down Cornrow Braids Into Curly Top

I said that I am a fan of curly hair, so I find it convenient to finish off this list with a curly hairstyle. I honestly believe you enjoyed some of the ideas. These are just a small part of the options for upside down braids. There are many more, but I didn’t want to spam you.

Until the next time, enjoy. I hope we can exchange ideas as well.

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