35 Undercut Designs to Reveal Your Hidden Edge

It’s been more than 5 years since Rihanna popularized the undercut hairstyle.

But it looks like the undercut is not going anywhere.

In fact, the hairstyle is getting more and more popular.

And people are experimenting with different tweaks.

Back when Rihanna tried the undercut, it was to express her wild side.

That reasoning is still valid today.

Undercut Hair Designs

If you want to show your wild side and turn your hair into artwork, the undercut is one of the best options.

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing.

1. Colorful Mermaid Undercut

Mermaids might be cute and adorable creatures, but add an undercut, and you instantly become something else. Or, better said, something much wilder and more spontaneous.

2. Spiderweb Undercut

You’ll notice a lot of artwork on the undercut, which is no longer just the shaved part of your head under your hair. Nowadays, people are using the undercut to display artwork. And in this case, we have a spider web.

3. Pink Sunny Flower Undercut

As I’ve said, the undercut is a great place to express your wild side and to show off something unique and unconventional. In that spirit, just look at how that pink pops out!

4. Half Star Undercut on Side

The one side undercut is closest to what Rihanna did five years ago. But you can go a step further, and add a symbol to your undercut. A star is a viable option. You can try something else as well.

5. Peach Candy Hair with Peach Symbol

You might think that the undercut is the hairstyle for the new wave of hippies. And you will be partly correct. Just look at this hairstyle—doesn’t it remind you of the hippie era? I thought so.

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