24 Excitable Hairstyles For Bold TWA

Some women need time to embrace the curly coily hairstyle. The TWA is one of the most versatile hairstyles. No matter what people tell you, the TWA is something you can rock on any given day.

And there are so many options for styling. You can curl it, coil it, twist it, accessorize, or even color your TWA and still look awesome. If you are afraid you might loose your sex-appeal, do not worry. In fact, TWA will give even more sex appeal. Definitely one of the boldest hairstyles for African-American women.

1. Longer Classic TWA

Most people think of very short hair when it comes to teeny weeny Afro. But you should not care about the length as much. As you can see, the Afro looks great even with longer hair.

2. Yellow Side Parted TWA

I said at the beginning that you can even color your TWA. Well, I do not want to leave you hanging and waiting to see how it looks. Here is a sunny yellow color that is tailor made for TWA.

3. Short Black Curls

This is probably the classic and standard teeny weeny Afro most of us think about. The short and slick is the perfect hairstyle for women who want to be elegant with short hair. With short hair, you can put even more emphasis on your face lines, eyes, and makeup.

4. Black Short Curls On Sides With Longer Golden Curls On Top

There are so many tweaks you can do with the teeny weeny Afro. As you can see, you do not have to go with the same length at the whole head. You can go short on one, and long on other side. And it works both ways. However, short on the sides is more beautiful in my opinion.

5. TWA With Coiled Coils On Side

I said that you can coil your TWA. Well, what if you pair it with coils, how would it look? No need to guess. We can have a look.

6. Top Curls With Different Lenght Undercut

People often underestimate how versatile the teeny weeny Afro is. In addition to curls, coils, accessories, and color, you can also mix and match the Afro with different hairstyles. Take the undercut for example. You can even say the undercut is match made in heaven for the TWA. And just for fun, you have different lengths. Just so that you are not falling in the common standard category.

7. Shaved Side-Fading Ombre

The moment I said colored TWA at the beginning, I am sure many of you thought, yey ombre. Well, of course you can give your Afro the ombrea treatment. Ombre is here to stay, and that is evident. Despite the fall in popularity in the past year or two, the ombre is still one of the go-to coloring techniques.

8. Side Parted Natural TWA

I just cannot help but fall in love with this hairstyle. It looks like a classic French hairstyle. Yes, the picture is taken in Louvre. But you just know that this sophisticated, elegant, and classy lady will make your life fun.

9. Green Tipped TWA

When you think of the TWA, the first thing you think is boldness. As in courage to experiment and try things not many would dare to. With that in mind, how many people you know that would try some green color on their hairstyle? Not many, right? Well, for your bold friends, or if you are bold enough, try it.

10. Icy Blue Cropped TWA

Gray color and its similar shades are rising in popularity lately. We had the ash color trend last year. And the ice blue is another color very similar to the ashtray. Therefore, it is only logical it makes our colored TWA looks list.

11. Blond Coils

I must say, I have a hard time picturing blonde and Afro together in a sentence. Or the look. But even I can be positively surprised every now and then. For example, this hairstyle is absolutely stunning.

12. TWA With Edged Hairline

If the TWA is not bold enough for you, you can always try adding even more sass. One example is to add an edged line. It is similar to the undercut, but with a more emphasized line of direction.

13. Black TWA With Bright Red Streak

Black and red is a timeless classic when it comes to bold and courageous. It applies for everything, be it fashion, interior design, and even hair color. Black and red is always a synonym for a rebel and rebellious look. And that requires high level of confidence to wear.

14. Longer Silver TWA

We had a longer Afro at the start. And to be fair, the longer Afro is even better for coloring. Your colors are more emphasized and look even better. As for the silver, it is definitely one of the more underrated colors when it comes to style. It looks amazing.

15. Parted Copper Coils

I must say, I do not understand the separation line. But that is just me. I do however, appreciate and think that the hairstyle looks great. But that is more due to the copper color which is trending lately.

16. TWA With Etched Nape

Some would say that a hairstyle this short looks more mainly than womanly. But hey, that is your choice. Some women have no problems getting a short hair that oozes with sex-appeal and masculinity. I said previously, this requires a ton of confidence.

17. Auburn Frohawk TWA

Just look at this hairstyle and notice all the different techniques used. You have the Mohawk, the Afro, and the undercut to put even more emphasize on the top. I must say, I am amazed by how well all of these styles are paired.

18. Neat Natural Curls

To the women that are blessed with natural curls, I envy you. And I know a lot of other women envy you as well. Some love curls, some love straight hair. But I must say the curls have a certain dose of uniqueness in them.

19. TWA With Ombred Quiff

Remember when Cristiano Ronaldo had the quiff? Well, you can say this hairstyle is a bit pass its prime. But thank to the teeny weeny Afro treatment, as well as the color treatment, the quiff looks timeless again.

20. Highlighted Top Curls

Highlights are usually standard for long hair. Some would say you need length so that the highlights are properly emphasized. Well, that is not completely true. You can get highlights for your short TWA as well.

21. Razored Lines With Splashes Of Red

I have a hard time choosing which part of this hairstyle is more badass. Is is the vivid red color? Or those razor lines? In any case, you will definitely get some looks with this hairstyle. I warn you, some would be not so accepting and embracing of your style. But with the confidence you have for this hairstyle, I am sure you do not care.

22. Bantu Long TWA

We had a couple of sophisticated and elegant treatments of the teeny weeny Afro. This is another one in that line. Definitely a hairstyle that you might meet someone in the office wearing.

23. Side Undercut With Touch Of Blond On Front

The undercut is one of the better  techniques to pair with the teeny weeny Afro. The undercut helps you put more emphasis on what is on top of your head.

24. Purple, Pink, Red And Silver-Blue Short Cropped TWA

I would love to finish with a four in one hairstyle. You get the same hairstyle, but different colors. It just shows you how versatile the teeny weeny Afro is in terms of coloring. Any color will do just fine.

I will leave you now. If you didn’t find anything you like, at least I hope you were amazed by the sex-appeal of the TWA. Until next time.

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