24 Excitable Hairstyles For Bold TWA

Some women need time to embrace the curly coily hairstyle.

The TWA is one of the most versatile hairstyles.

No matter what people tell you, the TWA is something you can rock on any given day.

And there are so many options for styling.

You can curl it, coil it, twist it, accessorize, or even color your TWA and still look awesome.

If you are afraid you might loose your sex-appeal, do not worry. In fact, TWA will give even more sex appeal.

Definitely one of the boldest hairstyles for African-American women.

1. Longer Classic TWA

Most people think of very short hair when it comes to teeny weeny Afro. But you should not care about the length as much. As you can see, the Afro looks great even with longer hair.

2. Yellow Side Parted TWA

I said at the beginning that you can even color your TWA. Well, I do not want to leave you hanging and waiting to see how it looks. Here is a sunny yellow color that is tailor made for TWA.

3. Short Black Curls

This is probably the classic and standard teeny weeny Afro most of us think about. The short and slick is the perfect hairstyle for women who want to be elegant with short hair. With short hair, you can put even more emphasis on your face lines, eyes, and makeup.

4. Black Short Curls On Sides With Longer Golden Curls On Top

There are so many tweaks you can do with the teeny weeny Afro. As you can see, you do not have to go with the same length at the whole head. You can go short on one, and long on other side. And it works both ways. However, short on the sides is more beautiful in my opinion.

5. TWA With Coiled Coils On Side

I said that you can coil your TWA. Well, what if you pair it with coils, how would it look? No need to guess. We can have a look.

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