33 Simply Scrumptious Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

Strawberry blonde hair has been a must try style for decades.

The gorgeous warm reddish blonde hue has been rocked to perfection by celebrities for years.

Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher and Cynthia Nixon are true strawberry blonde icons.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

We’ve sourced dozens of strawberry blonde pictures to help you decide how to go try this gorgeous shade.

There are also darker and lighter versions, more intense and softer ones. We bet you’ll find here something you really like.

1. Strawberry Blonde Balayage On Darker Base

This gorgeous strawberry blonde dye job is on the brownish side of the spectrum.

It’s a stunning in between shade for those who do not want to go completely fiery red.

2. Baby Pink Strawberry Blonde

The great thing about strawberry blonde is is a great starting point to branch off into other colors.

This baby pink strawberry blonde hair compliments each other perfectly.

3. Strawberry Blonde With Orange And Peach Hues

This strawberry blonde with orange peach is beautiful and warm.

This head turning style is simply delicious.

4. Fiery Strawberry Blonde On Tousled Bob With Dark Red Streaks

This gorgeous fiery strawberry blonde gives a whole new meaning to fierce!

A tousled bob never goes out of fashion and this shade will give it the ultimate lift.

5. Dark Ginger Strawberry Blonde

For those of us not blessed with dark ginger hair this dye job is a god send.

This style is for those who want to go all the way bold with color.

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