33 Simply Scrumptious Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

Strawberry blonde hair has been a must try style for decades.

The gorgeous warm reddish blonde hue has been rocked to perfection by celebrities for years.

Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher and Cynthia Nixon are true strawberry blonde icons.

We’ve sourced dozens of strawberry blonde pictures to help you decide how to go try this gorgeous shade.

There are also darker and lighter versions, more intense and softer ones. We bet you’ll find here something you really like.

1. Strawberry Blonde Balayage On Darker Base

This gorgeous strawberry blonde dye job is on the brownish side of the spectrum.

It’s a stunning in between shade for those who do not want to go completely fiery red.

2. Baby Pink Strawberry Blonde

The great thing about strawberry blonde is is a great starting point to branch off into other colors.

This baby pink strawberry blonde hair compliments each other perfectly.

3. Strawberry Blonde With Orange And Peach Hues

This strawberry blonde with orange peach is beautiful and warm.

This head turning style is simply delicious.

4. Fiery Strawberry Blonde On Tousled Bob With Dark Red Streaks

This gorgeous fiery strawberry blonde gives a whole new meaning to fierce!

A tousled bob never goes out of fashion and this shade will give it the ultimate lift.

5. Dark Ginger Strawberry Blonde

For those of us not blessed with dark ginger hair this dye job is a god send.

This style is for those who want to go all the way bold with color.

6. Coral Strawberry Blonde Beach Waves

This subtle coral strawberry blonde is perfect for those who want a dynamic and edgy style.

This dazzling beach waves are so sensual.

7. Copper Strawberry Blonde With Pink Highlights

The copper, strawberry blonde and pink compliment each other perfectly!

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with colors this one is definitely a must try!

8. Dark Blonde With Natural Strawberry Blonde

If you have naturally blonde hair and are feeling like trying something new, these natural looking strawberry blonde highlights are for you.

9. Strawberry Blonde With Light Red Balayage

The variation of strawberry blonde styles are limitless.

The light red balayage style will have people asking “is that your natural hair color.”

10. Strawberry Blonde With Babylights And Dark Roots

This stunning strawberry blonde dye with babylights are for those who want to brighten their look.

Leaving your roots dark is totally cool and on trend.

11. Dark Brown Hair With Ombre Strawberry Blonde

Give your dark brunette look a lift by adding a dazzling display of ombre strawberry blonde.

This hairstyle is totally fashion forward.

12. Straight Shiny Strawberry Blonde

A sleek and straight style is always trendy.

But adding strawberry blonde highlights to blonde hair takes it to a whole other level.

13. Strawberry Blonde With Gold And Ginger Hues

These soft gold and ginger hues are perfect for those who want to add a touch of glamour.

This angelic hairstyle will ensure you’re the bell of the ball.

14. Ashy Strawberry Blonde Balayage

This muted strawberry blonde balayage is perfect for those who want a subtle and sophisticated shade.

This style is a must try for the girl about town.

15. Metallic Strawberry Blonde On Short Bob

A shoulder length short bob is stunning look on anyone.

But to take it to the next level, this ice blonde look with strawberry blonde highlights is perfection.

16. Strawberry Blonde With Dark Red Babylights

Experiment with your tresses with this strawberry blonde delight.

Adding dark red babylights is so adorable.

17. Dark To Light Strawberry Blonde Secret Garden Look

This two tone strawberry blonde look is absolutely ravishing.

The golden hue is simply divine.

18. Short Strawberry Blonde With Dark Roots

The mixture of blonde highlights with copper dark roots elevates this sexy short tousled bob.

Leaving the roots dark adds an extra majestic feel.

19. Strawberry Blonde With Bronze Highlights

This short stylish cut is a must try.

The strawberry blonde highlight and ginger hues are truly beautiful.

20. Strawberry Blonde With Purple Amethyst Balayage

This funky strawberry blonde hairstyle is truly show stopping.

This purple amethyst balayage is a fashionistas dream.

21. Strawberry Blonde Sorbet

This gorgeous blonde sorbet style is totally ravishing.

Adding waves to this look makes this style utterly ethereal.

22. Strawberry Highlights On Light Auburn Hair

These dazzling strawberry highlights make this auburn hair pop!

Adding beachy waves takes this style to another level.

23. Copper Strawberry Blonde

You can never go wrong with a Jessica Rabbit inspired strawberry blonde look.

This copper strawberry blonde style will make you stand out in the crowd.

24. Dark Strawberry Blonde In Angled Waves

This angelic strawberry blonde style is truly heavenly.

These angled waves are also a must try.

 25. Strawberry Blonde Beach Waves With Caramel Highlights

These beach waves with caramel highlights are simply divine.

Curling the ends gives the look an extra bounce.

26. Dark Strawberry Blonde With Golden Tips

27. Straight Angled Bob With Pink Strawberry Blonde

This angled bob is so edgy and unique.

The pastel blonde edge makes this style truly fashion forward.

28. Pastel Strawberry Blonde

A pastel strawberry blonde style will turn you into a magical mermaid.

The stunning strawberry blonde look will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

29. Platinum Strawberry Blonde

Go bold or go home with this platinum strawberry blonde style.

This stunning style is a definite head turner.

30. Strawberry Blonde With Gold And Copper Tones

The ice blonde, brown and copper colors perfectly compliment each other.

This is a must try for those who already have blonde hair.

31. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair With Strawberry Blonde Highlights

This shoulder length wavy hair is totally chic and modern.

These strawberry blonde highlights add an extra touch of sophistication.

32. Dark And Light Strawberry Blonde Combo

The transition from dark to light fits so well.

Try this strawberry blonde combo for dazzling display of colors.

33. Muted Strawberry Blonde

This muted strawberry blonde is so beautiful.

Why don’t you try a strawberry blonde style today?

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