35 Stencil Graffiti Hairstyles For A True “Wow” Factor

Stencil hair or graffiti hair is a temporary way but magical way to add a touch of glamour to you look.

The stencil design along with with the gorgeous colors transform your hair into an urban canvas.

We’ve combined a list of styles that will make you run to your stylist in a heartbeat.

1. Stencil Gold Leaf Design On Two Tone Hair

This golden stencil leaf design is so effortlessly chic.

This would be perfect for a dinner party or a drinks at a swanky bar.

2. Unicorn Bubble Faux Hawk With Ombre Hearts

Who doesn’t love a unicorn (they’re real, okay!)

This show stopping style is perfshow-stoppingittle girl in your life.

Or the little girl in you.

3. Stained Glass On Straight Dark Hair

This dramatic stencil style reminds me of a stain glass window.

They’ll know you’ve entered the room with this edgy and funky style.

4. Geometric Design On TWA

Bring carnival to your every day commute with this retro stencil look.

These colors are eye catching and bold and not for the faint hearted.

5. Black Floral Design On Gray And Green Hair With Braided Crown

This take on a classic fairy tale princess is enchanting and bold.

The flower stencils in the middle give the pastel green wavy locks an added edge.

6. Golden Floral Details With Sparkly Butterfly Accessory

This golden goddess look is simply sensational.

The stencils instantly pop giving you a gorgeous glow.

7. Sacred Holographic Geometry Design

This holographic stencil look definitely has futuristic and modern vibe.

The subtle colors of blue and green fit so well. This style is simply revolutionary.

8. Pixelated Bangs

If you’re just starting to experiment with stencil hairstyles this one is for you.

This gorgeous pixellated style is effortlessly cool.

9. Urban Unicorn Hair

Now this is what you call a show stopping style!

There is definitely some underwater, sea creature feels with this look.

The pink and yellow stencils are the icing on this kaleidoscopic cake.

10. Girly Pink Ribbon

This pretty bow works so well on this beautiful blonde hair.

The colors compliments each other well and will definitely turn heads.

11. Multicolored Retro Cassettes

This glorious style is perfect for the woman obsessed with music.

It’s cool, retro and is so fashion forward.

12. Prism Headband

There’s a definite 80’s vibe going on with this rainbow prism stencil art.

Why buy a headband when you can have it stencilled on?

13. Icy Blue Rose On Gray Bob

This is ice princess 2.0 and I am here for it!

This pastel grey bob is already so cool, but adding a rose stencil takes it to the next level.

14. Neon Rainbow Butterflies

Be playful with this rainbow inspired hairstyle.

These butterfly stencils make the hair look like a psychedelic dream.

15. Colorful Bubbles

The great thing about stencils is they can look cool and sassy and also cute and adorable.

This one is definitely the latter. These ballon stencils are just perfect for the little one in your life.

16. Blue Geometric Diamond Pattern

This powerful statement style oozes power and sophistication.

The blue stencils adds a cool, subtle touch.

17. Fourth Of July Stars

Be patriotic and proudly represent the red, white and blue.

If you rock this, everyone you know will want to rock it too.

18. Soft Purple Heart On Braided Crown Updo

This is totally sweet and delightful and perfect if you want a subtle stencil style.

This would be perfect for a woman on the go.

19. Hidden Floral Design

Now this style is all the way magnificent!

This beautiful floral design is exquisite and the ombre blonde takes the hair to a whole other level.

20. Confetti On Baby Pink Bob

This confetti inspired bob literally looks like a walking party!

The pink, green and blue stencils compliment the hair perfectly.

21. Black And White Pattern On Mohawk

Fierce meets fiercer in this powerful look.

Be a warrior woman with a short buzz cut with groovy greyish blue stencils.

22. Golden Leaf Side Detail With Bubble Ponytail

This pretty and elegant style is fit for any important occasion.

The golden leaf stencil makes this style effortlessly chic.

23. Pink Ombre Floral Design Over Bangs And Sides

This pink ombre floral design adds an extra boost to the traditional bang.

This style is totally cute and sassy.

24. Hexagon Cubes On Straight White Bob

Be the powerful princess of your castle with this stunning ice white bob.

The hexagon cube stencils add an extra touch of class to an already impressive style.

25. Colorful Lotus Crown With Pigtail Braids

Now you will actually love people talking behind your back with this colorful stencil style.

The beautiful colors of red, orange and blue are striking and bold.

26. Floral Dream Catcher

Everyone loves a dream catcher.

Now you can literally be one with this awe – inspiring stencil look

27. Lace Bangs On Short Hair

This beautiful peacock inspired style is bound to make you stand out from the rest.

Adding the stencil look to the bang is subtle but bold.

28. Girly Red And Green Floral Crown

Your little one will thank you for these girly red and green floral stencils.

They are too cute!

29. Checkered Bob

Ready, set, go!

This checkered style is for the bold fashionista that wants to turn heads.

30. Hidden Pop Culture Artists

What’s great about stencil art is you can literally become living art.

These extraordinary designs look simply remarkable.

31. Multicolored Cherry Blossoms On Straight Blond Hair

These multi-colored cherry blossoms stencils look divine.

It compliments the blonde hair perfectly and is soft and subtle.

32. Sun Design Under Elegant Bun

This elegant style has an extra boost of sass with these sun stencils.

This would be perfect for your child’s dance recital.

33. Kaleidoscope Triangles On White Pixie

Not for the faint hearted, this bold and colorful look will make you stand out from the crowd.

34.  Rainbow Polka Dots On Blond Hair With Colored Tips

Be daring in this rainbow polka dots design.

The colors of pink, green and blue are simply magical.

35. Elegant Updo With Subtle Branch Design

Turn heads in this elegant up do.

You will definitely be the belle of the ball with this style!


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