35 Short Hairstyles You Wouldn’t Mind Having This Hot Season

During the summer hot days, you really want to have a short hair.

Let’s be honest, having a lot of hair on your certainly doesn’t make summer cooler.

Long hair is sexy and elegant, but during the summer, you might want to think about a short hairstyle.

And do not mistake short hair for a boyish hairstyle.

Truth be told, yes, most people associate short hair with boys.

Short haircuts for women

That being said, I want to show you firsthand that you can have short hair, and still look sexy and feminine.

Let’s take a look at several hairstyle ideas.

You can get them in just few minutes.

1. Slick Side Swept Pixie

Nothing beats the pixie as a sexy and elegant short hair hairstyle. That being said, there are a lot of ways you can wear the pixie. This summer, we start off with a side-swept pixie that will make you look young and feminine.

2. Undercut Sleek Bob

The main goal of short hair is to reduce the volume of your hair. An undercut helps in that direction. I must warn you, a bob undercut requires a lot of maintenance. But it is a very nice and easy hairstyle.

3. Short Front With Longer Layered Back Hair With Midnight Shades

Since we are talking about summer hairstyles, we must try some summer color ideas and vibes. Keep your hair short in the front, and longer in the back for a great gradual look. As for the colors, the neon blue is just one of the ideas you can try.

4. Round Bob With Side Straight Bangs

Julia Stiles rocked this hairstyle for so many years. You can even say the hairstyle is synonymous for Stiles. And if it is good for a Hollywood A-list celebrity, it is good enough for you.

5. Pixie With Long Wavy Top

I said at the beginning that the pixie is so versatile hairstyle. No matter if you have straight hair, or wavy hair, you can make it work. And that is the beauty of it.

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