38 Short Hairstyles With Bangs That Are Just Brilliant

Hairstyles with bangs on short hair is so cute and gives you so many styling options. 

Side-swept and elongated bangs are an absolute must try.

Bangs usually go best with short or medium lengths.

There are so many wonderful medium-length haircuts with bangs and short fringe hairstyles for women.

Cute short bob haircuts and hairstyles with bangs look so classy and the great thing is they require minimal time on styling.

Short hair with bangs also makes you look so much younger! Check out these wonderful short hairstyles to inspire you to try a short hair with bangs combo.

#1. Peach Toned Lob With Straight Bangs

This peach toned lob is so classy and cute and is a perfect summer do.

The straight fine bangs are so chic and frame the face perfectly.

#2. Red Fairy Pixie With Side Jagged Baby Bangs

This red fairy pixie cut is so stylish.

With the baby side swept jagged bangs this look is both feminine and fierce.

#3. Dramatic Side Wavy Bangs On Buzz Cut Pixie

This buzz cut pixie is so sassy and trendy.

The dramatic wavy ombre bangs make this a fashionistas dream.

#4. Long Ombre Bob With Side Swept Bangs

How sophisticated and gorgeous is this style?

This long ombre bob with side swirl bangs is such a classy look.

#5. Uneven Bubblegum Pink Pixie With Slanted Bangs

You will definitely turn heads with this funky bubblegum pink pixie cut.

The uneven long diagonal bangs are so stylish.

#6. Messy Bob With Uneven Bangs And Side Undercut

This messy bob is so cutting edge and for those looking to make a bold statement.

The uneven bangs and side undercut make this so cool.

#7. Blue And Pink Lob With Parted Bangs

This blue and pink lob is a colorful mixture of gorgeousness!

The short parted bangs are so adorable and compliment this style perfectly.

#8. Short Wavy Bob With Curly Microbangs

This short wavy curly bangs are for those looking for an edgy but feminine look.

The pastel green curly bob adds a enchanting flair.

#9. Slick Short Bob With V-Shaped Bangs

Bangs are perfect for those with fine hair.

This slick short bob with v-shaped bangs looks elegant and chic.

#10. Straight Lob With Heavy Two-Toned Face Framing Bangs

This is so cute!

This bob with heavy two-tone framing works splendidly together.

#11. Razor Cut Bob With Sharp Diagonal Microbangs

This wavy uneven bob shows how many ways you can play with bangs on short hair.

The razor uneven cut is sharp and totally sassy.

#12. Polished Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

This polished pixie never goes out of style and is always fashionable.

The side swept bangs are so chic and classy.

#13. Two-Toned Wavy Short Bob With Straight Bangs

This two-toned wavy short bob is so stylish and voguish.

The straight bangs compliment the wavy red locks.

#14. Ash Violet Wavy Hair With Long Side Bangs

You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous cut.

The ash/violet color is so beautiful and the side swept bangs are simply stunning.

#15. Blond Bowl Cut With Straight Baby Bangs Under Spiky Longer Bangs

This is a inventive way to rock bangs on short hair.

This blond bowl cut with baby bangs is so retro. The spiky longer bangs underneath is so modern.

#16. Razor Bob With Diagonal Bangs

This classic razor bob has been given a revamp with these diagonal bangs.

The brownish/red color is so charming.

#17. White Short Bob With Hairline Baby Bangs

This white short bob is so alluring and charming.

These microbangs add an extra touch of chicness.

#18. Shaggy Shoulder Length With Straight Wavy Bangs

This shaggy shoulder length cut is so retro and contemporary.

The contrast with the straight bangs makes this style a winner.

#19. Long Pixie With Forward Swirled Bangs

This long pixie is a must try and totally up to date.

The forward swirled bangs are so à la mode.

#20. Uneven Pixie With Straight Oval Baby Bangs

This uneven pixie is for all the ladies looking to try something a little rock ‘n’ roll.

These straight baby bangs are totally avant-garde.

21. Layered Highlighted Bob With Side Swept Bangs

This layered highlighted bob is perfect for the working woman looking for a classy cut.

The side swept bangs are beautiful but won’t get in your way.

#22. Textured Lob With Feathery Bangs

This textured lob is so enticing and dazzling.

The feathery bangs are simply seductive and will look nice on any face shape.

#23. Long Blond Bowl Cut With Heavy Bangs

This blond long bowl cut is a magnificent up to date version of the classic style.

The thick bangs work well to create a gorgeous cut.

#24. Spiral Curled Bob With Fringe

These spiral curls are so beautiful, voluminous and bouncy.

The curly fringe is so chic and stylish.

#25. Straight Red Bob With Side Long Bangs

The straight red bob with side swept bangs is totally elegant.

The reddish/ginger color is totally on trend.

#26. Messy Pixie With Tousled Bangs

This messy pixie is so sophisticated and sassy.

These tousled bangs are perfect for the girl about town.

#27. A-Line Bob With Straight Heavy Bangs

You can’t go wrong with this classic and chic a-line bob.

The thick straight bangs are so bold and beautiful.

#28. Wavy Pixie With Curly Side Bangs

This wavy pixie cut is simply magnificent.

The curled side bangs add an extra fanciful flair.

#29. Curly Lob With Straight Fringe

You can’t go wrong with a straight fringe and a curly do.

This hairstyle is completely timeless and utterly gorgeous.

#30. Tomboy Icy Blond Tapered Pixie With Long Side Swept Bangs

This edgy tomboy icy blonde pixie cut is so trendy.

The long side swept bangs are so stylish and contemporary.

#31. Soft Bowl Cut With Textured Bangs

This soft bowl cut with textured bangs is such an easy and cool style to rock day to day.

#32. Buzz Cut Pixie With Blond Choppy Bangs

This buzzcut pixie is so cute and adorable.

These choppy blond bangs give this statement style a added lift.

#33. Midnight Blue Shoulder Length Hair With Uneven Bangs

This midnight blue shoulder length hair is completely dazzling and cool.

The uneven bangs with a bun gives it a retro touch.

#34. Ash Blonde Pixie With Dark Base And Straight Wispy Bangs

This ash blonde pixie cut is so cute and fresh.

The dark roots and uneven fine bangs are a must try.

#35. Curly Pixie With Long Bangs

This curly pixie works so well and is beautiful, big and voluminous.

The long curl bangs are simply divine.

#36. Voluminous Elegant Bob With Wispy Bangs

This voluminous elegant bob is perfect for work and the wispy bangs are so chic.

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