28 Stylish Sew-In Hairstyles To Hit You Hair Goals

Have you always wanted to be have long, blonde hair? Or some beautiful braids? Or any other hairstyle that seems like impossible to get? Well, welcome to the 21st century, where your dreams come true. Or at least, those about your hair.

There is no more reason to wait for your hair to grow naturally. If you cannot are not patient, and cannot wait for your hair to grow, you can always get some hair extensions. One of the biggest trends in the past few years is getting hair extensions. They are a method of lengthening your hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. And if you opt for human hair, that one can be permed, flat ironed, and even dyed. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, cannot be.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at several elusive hairstyles you can easily get.

1. Long Straight Blond


If you’ve watched hair commercials, almost half of them feature a girl long, straight, blond hair. For some reason, that is one of the standards for beauty. Well, the trouble is not all of us are blessed with long and blond hair. But all of us can get some hair extensions.

2. Sew-In Box Braids


Braids are some of the more popular choices for hair extensions. One of the reasons is effort and hassle. Not many women can go through the hassle of growing hair, and then braiding it. The simple and quick fix for that is to find some braids.

3. Sew-In Wefts


A hairstyle that looks urban, chic, and funny in the same time. That is something you can easily get. If alternative look is something you desire, absolutely go for it.

4. Middle Parted Blond With Colorful  Strands


Colorful extensions are usually the most popular item. Women want to experiment with colors on their hair, but they are afraid it will not look good. They also do not want to burn their hair with dying. So, what is a solution to the problem? Well colorful hair extensions of course. We mentioned at the beginning that human hair can be dyed, right?

5. Sew-In Malaysian Curls


Curls are another popular look that few of us are blessed with. Curls look natural, and I’ve heard some men telling me that women with curls have a certain wild side in them. Alright, I am not going into that. But there is no denying that curls look awesome. The problem is, when you have straight hair, getting curls like this one is almost mission impossible.

6. Colorful Sew-In Bob


I must say, I am surprised to see bob on the list as much as you are. One reason is because bob is usually hairstyle that is easy to get. You do not need much hair length. The reason why this bob makes the list is because of the colors. Just look at that blue highlight.

7. Sew-In Twist Braids


The good news for all women that want to wear braids, they are usually on sale. You can find many braids hair extensions. They can also come in synthetic and human hair version.

8. Long Purple Sew-In Waves


Looking at the hairstyle from the back, you can almost say this is part of a commercial or something. Simply put, the hairstyle looks gorgeous and perfect. Now, tell me who wouldn’t want to have this type of a hairstyle? Sexy, feminine, beautiful, and elegant in the same time? Count me in!

9. Long Wavy Sew-In Bob


The long bob is one of the more desirable hairstyles. But it is also one of the most challenging. You absolutely need a skilled and experienced hair stylist to get this one. Even with hair extensions, the long bob can look awful if not done properly. When done properly, like in this picture, the look is stunning.

10. Sew-In Chunky Ringlets


I love hairstyles  that look as natural as this one. Even though there are extensions there, the hairstyle is beautiful. All of the colors are perfectly matched. I envy girls that have the length and curliness to get this one without hair extensions.

11. Straight Asymmetrical Sew-In Bob


You  cannot this type of color easily. The extensions are so perfectly integrated, it looks flawless. And that is definitely something you want.

12. Thick Wavy Black Sew-In


I know a lot of women with straight hair that want wavy curls. And I know a lot of women with curly hair that want straight hair. Luckily for both of them, you can get the look you want. For example, in this case, the wavy curls are just breathtaking.

13. Side Swept Quickweave


Another curly and wavy hairstyle that is just almost impossible to get. At least for women that do not have wavy curls.

14. Sew-In Pompadour


In the past few years, the pompadour has become one of the hottest hairstyles. And that applies for both women and men. Men love the elegant look the get. And women appreciate the masculine and powerful hairstyle as well. The pompadour requires short to medium length hair, and some women are just not ready to cut it as much. So, the solution is a sew-in pompadour.

15. Curly Pink Sew-In


Some of the colors you will find for sew-in hair are just way too unique. Take this pink for example. I am not sure many of you are ready to experiment with so much pink. But wearing it every now and then? That is a different story.

16. Long Side Parted Platinum Blond Sew-In


We started with long and blond hair if you remember. This one is more of a platinum blond, a color that is hard to get. The reason is simple. You need to absolutely burn your hair to get it to platinum blond. But you do not need to burn your extensions.

17. Shoulder Length Straight Layered Sew-Ins


To be fair, layers are one of the common hairstyles. And they are easy to get. But if you cannot wait for your hair to grow to the appropriate length, you can always take a shortcut.

18. Neon Blue Sew-Ins


Just look at the transformation. From a what can be described as ordinary hairstyle, to a stunning look. Those neon blue highlights are just too good to ignore. The way they change and transform your look is hard to ignore.

19. Short Curly Sew-In


The short and curly is cute and adorable hairstyle. I love it. And I know many women that love its sophisticated look. You can say it makes you look smarter, and you won’t be wrong.

20. High Pony Sew-In


A pony with so much hair is just an elusive dream. And such texture? Color me impressed. This is a hairstyle that will make you the star of the show, no matter where you go.

21. Creamy Blond Sew-In With Brown Extensions


We didn’t have many blond extensions. But it is time we change that. Blond is perfect partner for brown extensions, as you get a gradual look. And that is a look that is trending lately.

22. Cranberry Bob Sew-In


On first glance, you might not even notice the highlights. But they are there. Take a deeper look, and you’ll notice the subtle, yet very effective cranberry color extensions.

23. Natural Curvy Weave Sew-In


As I’ve said before, getting curls when you have straight hair is not easy. It is a process that requires a lot of curly iron usage. And it will burn your hair. Extensions, on the other hand, are free of all that hassle.

24. Flip Out Ombre Sew-In


The ombre is another look that is trending. Now, some women do not want to wear the ombre all the time. They want to save it for some  special occasions. Hair extensions can help you with that. You can have your regular color on a daily basis. And then when you need to go out, just put the ombre extensions.

25. Frontal Sew-In Black Hair


I love the combination and the accessory that makes the look flawless. It ties up seamlessly with your natural hair to the point it looks natural.

26. Beaded Knot Sew In Extensions


When you have medium length hair, but you dream of longer hair, and curls, there is not much you can do. Extensions are one of the few answers to your prayers. But they are worth the investment.

27. Curly Sew-In With Ombre


I imagine this hairstyle would be very challenging to get without some extensions. You have ombre, and you have curls that look breathtaking. Well, the shortcut it is.

28. Long Wave Thick Sew-In


We finish off with a long length hairstyle. After all, that is the main reason women opt for hair extensions. Not many of us are patient enough to wait the hair to grow naturally.

If you ever wondered whether extensions are worth the investment, here is your answer.

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