30 Smoldering Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

If you want to get a different look for your hair, without sacrificing your style, the Senegalese twist might be just want the doctor ordered. The Senegalese twist is a perfect for women who want to take a break from styling solutions like heat and chemical ingredients.

Think of it as a protective style option that will help you look stunning while protecting your natural hair. And the best part is the Senegalese twist is versatile, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles.

Some of the conventional and most popular options include long, straight strands of hair twisted with synthetic hair from root to tip. But let’s look at all the different options.

1. Red Senegalese Twist Three Ways


Being that I love giving you lots of options, we start off with a Senegalese twist you can wear in 3 different ways. The red color makes it more vivid and dramatic.

2. Elegant Twisty Updo


The updo is a classic hairstyle, and you just know we cannot escape from it. When it comes to the updo, the twist gives it a more sophisticated and playful look in the same time.

3. Long Side Braided Senegalese Twist


This is the hairstyle that will make you look like a diva. A Hollywood star if you like it. There is no denying, this is the look that makes people turn heads. You want to be star of the show? Well, now you can.

4. Elegantly Twisted Bun


The twisted bun is a classic bridal hairstyle. And you can get it with a twist. The classic twisted bun might be boring. And if you want to spice things up for your big day, this Senegalese twist will help you do that.

5. Golden Locks Updo


When you talk about the Senegalese twist, you just have to have colors. And that applies especially to gold. I do not know what is it about gold color, but the Senegalese twist looks so natural with it.

6.  Curled Senegalese Twist


If you thought curls cannot be paired with Senegalese twist, think again. Basically every hairstyle you can think of can get the Senegalese treatment. And all of them benefit from a little different perspective at things.

7. Sock Bun With Highlights


You can say this is a classic African-American women hairstyle. The sock bun is common among women from the African-American population. And the Senegalese twist makes it even more ethnic.

8. Three Pigtail Faux Mohawk


Now this is a hairstyle that is just way too cool to ignore. I love when women opt for something urban, chic, and cool. This might not be a hairstyle suitable for office work as it draws too much attention. But for any other occasion? Simply perfect.

9. Side Swirled Bun With Loose Back


This look reminds me a lot of the Rastafarian trend that was so popular. Long loose hair in the back is just what the doctor ordered. The side swirled bun gives your hairstyle a little bit more texture and shape.

10. Long Flowy Senegalese Twist


I know a lot of women that would kill for so much length of their hair. And while some prefer long straight hair, there are others that would love this Senegalese twist to it. Simple, elegant, and very sophisticated, this is a red-carpet look.

11.  Side Swept Curled Updo


A hairstyle that you might have seen Alicia Keys wearing. The famous singer is known for her experimenting with ethnic hairstyles, and this is one of her go-to moves.

12. Turquoise Senegalese Twist


This is one of the most popular hair colors for 2017. The mermaid look and the turquoise color are definitely something you must try at least once. And if you want to protect your hair while trying, the Senegalese twist is the way to go.

13. Senegalese Twist Bob


You might say that this hairstyle will make you look younger. You are  right. The bob done in this way is mostly a girly hairstyle. But who doesn’t want to look some five years younger? That is the dream for many women.

14. High Pony With Undercut


One of my favorite trends in hairstyles is mix and match. That is when women try to pair different hairstyles. For example, the ponytail with the undercut. Both were popular in their own time. Now, combined together, they form a great alliance for conquering new worlds.

15. Crochet Senegalese Twist


One of the classic hairstyles that allows you to put emphasis on your face, and your eyes. You open up your face, while still wearing a cool and unique hairstyle.

16. Swirled Senegalese Twist Mohawk


Let’s be honest for a moment. The Mohawk is not one of those hairstyles you would dare to wear on a daily basis. And that is the reason why the Senegalese twist makes so much sense. In addition, the Mohawk certainly looks cool with the twist.

17. Micro Senegalese Twist


There is a saying “Go big or go home”. But that one does not apply in this case, as even the micro twist is perfect for your hairstyle. You might even say it looks better than most “macro” Senegalese twist hairstyles.

18. Senegalese Twist Updo With French Braids


Does someone of you keeps count how many different styles we tried so far? The French braid should be the newest addition to that list. The French braid is the classic braid hairstyle, one that then divides into fishtail or Dutch braid. And I love how the updo complements the braids perfectly.

19. Senegalese Twist With Shaved Side


This is a hairstyle that requires a ton of confidence to wear. Shaving one side is not something many women would dare to. Even though Rihanna showed us years ago that undercut, or shaved side is totally normal, some women are still afraid. But this hairstyle is just way too cool to ignore.

20. Headband Updo Senegalese Twist


If you’ve watched movies, or TV shows with African-American actresses, you’ve probably noticed this hairstyle by now. It is certainly one of the go-to hairstyles. Especially for women over 40. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it if you are younger than that.

21. Long Mohawk Senegalese Twist


Not many people are aware that the Mohawk can be as long as you like it. And what is interesting is that when you opt for long Mohawk, people do not even notice it is a Mohawk. Think of it as a way to make the Mohawk more socially acceptable.

22. Senegalese Twist Updo With Pink Strands


To be fair, I am not much of a fan of pink highlights in a Senegalese twist. It looks girly. But I know that some women love to do experiments like this one.

23. One Senegalese Twist In Four Styles


You know I am a huge fan of 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and similar scenarios. That is why, I had to give you this four in one Senegalese twist. Enjoy. One hairstyle, done in four different ways. Talk about versatility.

24. Two Toned Senegalese Twist


No, this is not the ombre. This is a Senegalese twist with a sunny golden highlights that looks stunning.

25. Turban Updo Senegalese Twist


The turban is one of those hairstyles that is trending in the past few years. Slow, but steady, the turban became one of the more popular accessories. Not just as a fashion accessory, but as a hairstyle as well.

26. Simple Back Knoted Three-Tone Twist


Sometimes, you do not need to complicate things. Even the simplest hairstyle can look stunning. For example, just subtle highlights here and there can completely transform your look.

27. Elegant Side Top And Back Cinnamon Bun Senegalese Twist


This is one of those cool and urban hairstyles you cannot get enough of. A style that will not go out of fashion any time soon. Excellent for both daily and casual dates, but also for elegant night cocktail events. That is the versatility we talked at the beginning.

28. Ombre Senegalese Cornrow Twist


A little fiery hairstyle. With yellow and red additions, this hairstyle will make you look fierce. The cornrow style gives a new perspective to the Senegalese twist.

29. Rocking Pompadour Senegalese Twist


You just cannot escape the pompadour. The hairstyle that has become one of the more popular in recent years is just too elegant to pass on. It is wrong to assume that only men should wear the pompadour. Women benefit from its elegance as well.

30. Beautiful Beaded Senegalese Twist In Different Styles


In the spirit of versatility, and how the Senegalese twist can work on different things, we end the list with a six in one solution. I hope you enjoyed the hairstyles. I think you can easily implement some of the ideas into your daily and everyday looks.

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