25 Eye-Catching Rose Gold Hair Ideas For 2018

Every year, there are lots of color options for dying your hair.

And every year, women still try to experiment with something different.

Rose gold is one of the “new kids on the block”.

The color is feminine, yet playful.

And is there anything not to like in rose gold?

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

The color is basically blond shade with pink undertones.

That being said, let’s take a look at several different hairstyles you can try rose gold on.

1. Muted Rose Gold

We start you off with the classic rose gold hairstyle. Basically, a way to dye your hair without being too outrageous. Subtle, yet very feminine.

2. Rose Gold Brunette

Brunettes benefit most from rose gold, as it is very close to their natural color. Think of rose color as something that blends in with your natural color. I must be honest, your husband probably won’t notice your new hair color. But you can be sure all the women at the office will.

3. Rose Gold With Peachy Undertones

You just have to love how the color goes from darker to lighter from top to bottom. Again, the rose gold is almost unnoticeable. That is just how good it is at blending.

4. Rose Gold With Ultra Violet

Since rose gold has some tones of pink in it, it is only logical that you pair it with pink and purple. In tis case, we go with purple, a bit darker shade than rose gold for a beautiful look.

5. Platinum Rose Gold

Platinum is one of the hottest hair color trends for 2017. The trend started back in 2016, but this year, it really caught up on us. The only downside of platinum is that you have to burn your hair to get the color. But once you get there, pairing it with rose gold will make you look like a doll from a fairy tale.

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