30 Rope Braid Hairstyles Looking Both Casual And Fancy

When it comes to easy and elegant way to braid your hair, rope braids are usually the first option. Simply put, rope braids are just too good to ignore. When you need a hairstyle in a hurry, just get yourself a simple braid, and you are good to go.

Today, we will look at several rope braids ideas that are just good for any occasion. In a matter of minutes, you will look incredible. An effortless hairstyle that is just so easy to make, and looks so good in the same time. Here we go.

1. Headband Into Rope Side Braid

Being that we talk about simple hairstyles, we start off with one of the simplest. You get a headband around your head, and a rope braid that is loose and casual. A great combination.

2. Wrap Around Dutch Braid With Rope Twist Into Ponytail

As we said at the beginning, the beauty of rope braid is that you can look casual and elegant in the same time. The braid definitely contributes to the elegant look, but the loose ponytail is your  casual out.

3. Hair Wrapped Ponytail With Rope Braid

Most of the rope braid ideas incorporate a ponytail. With that in mind, there are different ways to tie your ponytail. As we can see here, you can have the braid on your pony, and the rest of the hair stays loosen up. This is just a way to put more emphasis on your ponytail.

4. Rope Braid With Ribbon

A ribbon is one of the best accessories for a rope braid. It is a nice way to add more flair and twist to the braid. It looks simple on first glance, but it goes a long way.

5. Rope Braid Into Dutch Braid Combo

As I’ve said many times when I talk about braids, the best feature is the ability to combine them. You can mix any two braiding techniques into one, and you will get even better result. On their own, all braids look awesome. But when combined, you take things to the next level.

6. Twisted Rope Braid Faux Mohawk

I love the way the Mohawk has entered the mainstream culture. Few years ago, the Mohawk was seen as a rebellious hairstyle, an alternative way for rock musicians. Nowadays, the Mohawk is more appreciated in the mainstream culture. And with that in mind, we look at a Mohawk made with braids that looks just so stunningly beautiful.

7. Side Rope Braid For Medium Length

Depending on the length of the hair, you have to adjust your braids. In most cases, women go for braids when they have long hair. That gives you more length to work with. But as you can see, braids are suitable for any length, be it short, medium, or long.

8. Rope Twist Crown Braid

The crown is one of the more popular braid shapes and forms. Usually, women go for a crown when they need a hairstyle for a cocktail event, a wedding, or something similar. But truth be told, this casual outlook is suitable for a day to day activities as well.

9. Twist Rope Headband And Chignon Bun

Being that rope braiding is such an easy and versatile technique, you can create almost any form and shape. We had a headband before, but this is a bit more sophisticated take on the look. The bun makes the difference, and takes the hairstyle to the next level.

10. Pink  Duo Rope Crown Braid And Half Updo

Rope braid is good enough on its own. And with your own natural hair color. However, there are times when you want to look even more unique and crazy. If that is the case, coloring your hair is the way to go. And this pinky hairstyle is just plain awesome.

11. High Bun To Rope Tail Pigtails

You know the 90s are back, right? In the past year or two, we saw the 90s come back in big fashion. And with the return of the 90s, we also have a return of the pigtails. You can make them in any way you like, and we recommend trying rope braids.

12. Combo Half Up Rope And French Braid

You can literally make this hairstyle in a matter of minutes. And just like that, you transform your look from boring to unique. Does that sound simple enough for you?

13. French Rope Braid With A Chinese Staircase Accent

One of the best parts of braids is how awesome and complex they look. You know men are just fascinated how you managed to get your braids. They think it took you hours. And that will definitely impress your partner. If you are looking for a complex looking rope braid hairstyle, well, you found one.

14. Strawberry Diagonal Twist Braid

Symmetry plays a huge part in the look. We’ve seen those asymmetrical looks and dresses. They are so popular. With that in mind, you can take a twist on symmetry with a diagonal rope braid. Instead of plain braid falling down your spine, you can go to the left or the right. Fun, right?

15. Side Rope Braids On Black And Blue

Another way you can play with symmetry is to make your braids on the sides. There are just million ways to tweak a single hairstyle. And the colors here make it that much more beautiful look.

16. Rope Braid Into Fishtail

The fishtail is one of those elegant and classic looks you have to try at least once in your life. If you want something simple and easy, the rope braid fishtail look is just the perfect option for you.

17. Rope Braided Bun

When you think of elegant looks, the bun is among the top choices. And with the classic bun getting boring, you are probably looking for a new twist. So, why not try rope braids? It gives you a bit more casual and loosen up look.

18. Loose Four Strand Braid

Most braids are of two or three strands. But going four strands definitely adds volume to you hairstyle. If you like a bit more chunky, and voluminous hairstyle, this is probably the way to go. And the best part is, even with four strands, you can wear it loose.

19. Three Lace Rope Braid Into Side Braid

You can move your braids from one side to another, around your head, from the side to the center. There are so many different combinations. Here, we see a combination of braids starting at the top, and then moving to the sides.

20. Rope Braid Woven Into Fishtail

We had a fishtail before. This one has a bit more volume, and looks a bit more rugged and chunky. You definitely need length for this hairstyle. But if you have the length, it will look plain awesome.

21. Rope Braided Crown Into Chain Link Side Braid

For your next cocktail event, I can say for sure you have a ready hairstyle. This one will look beautifully with a black dress, and some high heels. You can be sure that many looks will come your way.

22. Fishtail And Rope Braid Half-Up Half-Down Three Rope Braid

As you can see, the rope braid and fishtail combo is quite popular. And there are many different variations of it. I always want to give my readers different options, and here is one that is way too casual and perfect for a beach look.

23. Cornrow Twist Rope Braid Into Low Bun

Even cornrows work great with rope braid. You hair might be a bit tight in this scenario, but the look is great. For athletes and sports individuals, the cornrows braids are just too good to ignore.

24. Half Up Duo Rope Braid

In the past few years, we’ve seen the “half braid” get more and more popularity. It is a great way to pull your locks back. The simplicity of the half braid is just perfect. Loose and casual, but beautiful looking in the same time. Not many hairstyles can achieve that.

25. Upside Down Mohawk Rope Braid

I talked previously about the Mohawk. I am sure you’ve seen it gain popularity in the past few years. And if you want something that looks like a warrior, rugged look, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Try it, and see the reactions.

26. Rose Bun Rope Updo

As I’ve said before, one of the best parts about rope braids is that you can make any form and shape with your hair. You want a rose? You can have it. It is that simple and easy to make it.

27. Loose Twist Braid With Hair Wrap

I said at the beginning that the ponytail is one of the more popular options for a rope braid. There are different takes. Some are simpler, and others, like this one, look more complicated. The trick here is to emphasize the ponytail with a hair wrap.

28. Messy Rope Crown With Curly Updo

Messy hairstyles are very nice. The trick with messy hair is to make it seem like you just got out of bed. And in the same time, you want to look good and organized. An organized chaos if you like. The result is natural look that is perfect for day to day activities.

29. Four Strand Rope Braids Into Single Braid

The texture of this hairstyle is just amazing. And it is all thanks to the four different strands. When you add so much volume to the hairstyle, it shows.

30. Double Rope Pony Braid

Being that the ponytail is one of the most common choices for a rope braid, it is only fitting that we finish off with a pony. This is one of those ballet looking hairstyles. Clean, elegant, sophisticated, and amazingly beautiful.

Hopefully you enjoyed some of the hairstyle ideas we had. If you found something you like, do send us a picture how it looks on you. Or, you can send us your idea for a rope braided hairstyle.

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