30 Rope Braid Hairstyles Looking Both Casual And Fancy

When it comes to easy and elegant way to braid your hair, rope braids are usually the first option.

Simply put, rope braids are just too good to ignore.

When you need a hairstyle in a hurry, just get yourself a simple braid, and you are good to go.

Today, we will look at several rope braids ideas that are just good for any occasion.

In a matter of minutes, you will look incredible.

An effortless hairstyle that is just so easy to make, and looks so good in the same time.

Here we go.

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1. Headband Into Rope Side Braid

Being that we talk about simple hairstyles, we start off with one of the simplest. You get a headband around your head, and a rope braid that is loose and casual. A great combination.

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