32 Rainbow Hairstyles For A More Adventurous Look

With the gorgeous weather just around the corner – it’s time for a style overhaul.

And nothing fits the warm weather more than rainbow hair.

Whether you go bold and vivid or soft and subtle, this color trend is hands down the coolest way to stand out from the crowd.

One stylist Kayla Boyer is leading the way with the majestic hairstyle. The hair and makeup artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota said:

“I’ve created this color on all skin tones. I believe if you have the confidence, you can pull off any color. Just know that it is easier for people with lighter hair naturally to get the best results.”

1) Moonstone Blend

Moonstone rainbow

This gorgeous moons style color is given a pop of color with this luminous, striking rainbow dye. All these colors blend together to give your hair a radiant lift.

2) Flashy Neon Rainbow Highlights

This brilliant rainbow hair looks is a total showstopper. What color of the rainbow isn’t featured here?

The neon teal, pink, purple, green, yellow colors all blend together to create this bold, eye-catching style.

3) Funfetti Highlights On Blond Hair

This great thing about rainbow hair is that you can choose to go completely bold with it or inject a pop of color.

The way the colors blend in between this client’d natural blonde hair is so pretty.

4) Pixie Rainbow Tips

Rainbow dye works wonderfully on short hair.

This funky style will make you look totally on trend.

5) Icy Rainbow Sections

If you don’t want to go completely bold there are still ways to rock this fabulous style.

This ice, blond muted style is perfect.

6) Rainbow Roots On Bright Pink Hair

This neon pink hairstyle is already gorgeous, but the hidden rainbow adds an extra touch of spice.

This statement hairstyle is for the serious fashionista.

7) Rainbow Through Gray Clouds

This gray, ethereal style is totally majestic and sublime.

This is great for those who like khaki colors and are looking to experiment.

8) Rainbow Roots With Lavender Braided Crown

This gorgeous braided rainbow hairstyle shows off this incredible design impeccably.

The neon style is so chic.

9) Ocean Marine With Hidden Rainbow

Wow, this is simply magnificent.

This ocean marine rainbow design is a dazzling, neon masterpiece.

10) Short Undercut With The Cold Spectrum Of The Rainbow

This subtle rainbow undercut is perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their style.

The purple, neon green design blends perfectly together.

11) Rainbow Dahlia On Brown Hair

This peacock inspired rainbow style so impressive.

If you’re wondering if your brunette hair color will take rainbow dye – this totally confirms it.

12) Bright Rainbow Tips And Roots

This blonde bombshell rainbow style is totally enticing and alluring.

This is completely mind-blowing.

13) Neon Rainbow Ombre

Bring out your inner mermaid with this vertical neon rainbow dye.

This striking style is completely knockout.

14)  Bright Roots On Dark Hair In Top Braids

If you’re going to a festival or a march and want to stand out from the crowd this style is perfect.

This rainbow hair infused into this braid is so cool.

15) Subtle Rainbow Hues

This style is so ideal for those looking for a subtle rainbow kissed highlights.

This hairstyle is so chic.

16) Rainbow Pastel On Bob

This rainbow neon pastel on a bob is mesmerizing and so bold.

This daring design is for the truly courageous woman.

17) Bright Unicorn Rainbow Roots On Platinum Blond

Rainbow hair is such a great experimental style.

It can be added to the roots of the hair to add an extra lift.

18) Horizontal Rainbow Stripes

This rainbow horizontal striped hairdo is so funky.

This style is for the woman not unafraid to the risks.

19) Soft Rainbow On Short Wavy Hair

This rainbow hairstyle is both subtle and stylish.

The muted colors are grungetacular.

20) Green-Hued Mermaid Rainbow

This mermaid green rainbow style is so dreamy.

Imagine the faces of your family and friends is they saw you with this mesmerizing style!

21) Fading Rainbow Tips And Roots

This colorful display of rainbow dye is infused from root to tip.

It is both dazzling and elegant.

22) Darker Rainbow Highlights On Wavy Violet Hair

Get lost in this rainbow twister style design.

The contrast is truly hypnotic.

23)  Stark Contrast Hidden Rainbow

This pop of color is totally adorable.

The added hidden touch of neon green and blue is a must try.

24) Dark To Light Rainbow

This fashion-forward dark to light rainbow ombre look is mesmeric.

It is fearless fashion at it’s best.

25) Bright Rainbow Roots On Pastel Lavender And Blue Hair

This defiant rainbow hair look has bright roots with soft tips.

Be daring with this mermaid-inspired style.

26) Sunset Rainbow In A Braid

This gorgeous blue and pink rainbow tone braid is absolutely radiant.

This style is totally charming

27) Dark Curly Rainbow

This dark curly rainbow dye infuses into these gorgeous curls.

The color pops and it looks so alluring.

28) Soft Pastel Rainbow Tips

This pastel color on this sublime wavy hair is totally beach ready.

You will definitely turn heads with this style.

29) Night Rainbow On White Platinum

This platinum blond hairstyle compliments the rainbow colors so perfectly.

This pop of color injects so much life into this hairstyle.

30) Bright Rainbow Roots On Light Purple Hair

This divine rainbow roots in lavender is so pretty.

The colors are truly delightful and the rainbow effect on the top is so enchanting.

31) Rainbow Sherbet

This is truly the most mesmerizing and knockout rainbow style of them all.

This sherbet style cascades from hot pink to a myriad of colors.

32) All The Colors Of The Rainbow Neon Ombre

This is rainbow hair in all it’s bold, bright neon glory.

The rainbow stripes infuse into each other and creates a mind-blowing and extraordinary style.

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