30 Purple Balayage Hairstyles For Soft, Yet Energetic Look

Balayage is a type of ombre. The key point of the technique is to dye your hair in a way highlights get graduated, but natural look.

Now, there are many colors you can try for the balayage technique. Today, we will look at only purple as hair color. Think of it as the perfect middle ground between cold and warm tones. And let’s not forget, purple is the color of royalty. Some other characteristics tied with purple are nobility, power, ambition, luxury, wealth, and creativity.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at several ideas that will help you boost your confidence.

1. Violet Roots Melting Into Smokey Purple Balayage

The term smokey eyes has been part of the beauty industry for many years. But in the past two years, smokey hair has become another big trend. We start off this purple balayage list with smokey hair, as one of the hottest trends.

2. Vivid Purple And Ombre Combo On Dark Hair

Just because balayage has taken over the spot of ombre, doesn’t mean you should completely forget ombre. In fact, these two techniques can work together. And just look at that vivid and refreshing purple look. Definitely one that shows creativity.

3. Reverse Purple Balayage On Blond

Just so that you understand, balayage is a technique that highlights the bottom part of your hair. But instead of the regular balayage, some opt for a reverse one. Same as a reverse French manicure. Just switch places of the balayage and the base hair color.

4. Short Purple Hair With Sunset Balayage

Some people believe that you need a long hair so that the balayage technique can look awesome. But the reality is that no matter your hair length, balayage looks stunning. And because purple is so versatile color, you can mix it with many different. As a secondary color, purple works with any colors derived by blue and yellow.

5. Light Brown With Purple Balayage Tips

If you are looking for a subtle look, this is the one. Not all ladies want highlights that pop. Some of us just want to keep things to a minimal. If that is your goal, these subtle highlights will do the trick.

6. Dark Violet Balayage Mermaid Hair

When you think of hair trends of 2016 and 2017, you just cannot ignore the mermaid color trend. Some will say it is a summer look. But if you look at the right picture, you’ll easily understand that mermaid is timeless and suitable for every season.

7. Platinum Blond With Subtle Purple Tips

I talked about subtle highlights before. And we already know that blonde works seamlessly with purple. Only in this case, we get a little darker tones, that work as the perfect contrast to the light platinum blonde.

8. Purple Balayage Highlights on Wavy Hazelnut Blonde

It is just a joy to watch how colors are mixed together. Definitely one of the more playful hairstyles you will find. And it is all thanks to the balayage technique.

9. Purple Violate Balayage With Undercut

The thing about hair colors and hair techniques is that you can easily mix them. And balayage, as a versatile hair technique, works well with almost everything. And that includes the undercut, which is widely considered as an alternative hairstyle.

10. Pink And Purple Balayage On Chocolate Brown

We talked about purple at the beginning, but we can throw in a similar color in as well. That is pink, for a bit more girly look.

11. Lavender Balayage On Natural Curls

Lavender is one of the more underrated hair colors. People rarely think of lavender when they think of purple. And it is understandable. While lavender does not bring that rich and full color of the royal purple, it is still a refreshing look.

12. Light Brown With Subtle Purple Balayage Tips

We had subtle and we had full blown balayage highlights. I want to give something to both groups. I know some of you are more into the minimalistic style with subtle highlights.

13. Full Purple Balayage With Blue Hints

For those of you that understand hair colors, purple is a by-product of blue. So it is only natural that they look so smooth as a pairing.

14. Purple Blond Balayage On Dark Brown Hair

Brown hair is one of the best when it comes to hair coloring. The reason is simple. Brown is a perfect base for any highlights you want to try. You want to mix some blonde highlights? Brown hair will do the trick. And if you want to throw in some purple in there, even better.

15. Pastel Purple Balayage On Bob

As timeless as the bob hairstyle is, people always find ways to tweak it. I must say, the bob is one of my favorite hairstyles for experimenting and getting creative. With that in mind, the balayage is a technique I never thought it will work. But as you can see, it works seamlessly.

16. Lavender Hued Balayage On Purple Hair

You are probably wondering why would I need purple highlights on a purple hair. Well, there are a million shades of purple. And your hair looks even more stunning when you mix them together. And besides, we know lavender is a bit lighter, which makes for a good contrast.

17. Blond With Darkening Purple Balayage

Some people opt for a dark towards bright hair coloring. Others, go for light towards dark hair coloring. I do not favor one over the other. But I must say, this look is stunningly beautiful.

18. Shoulder Length Unicorn Balayage

We had the mermaid before. It is only logical that we include the unicorn hair coloring as well. These two are some of the hottest hair coloring trends. Unicorn hair color is here to stay, so it is up to you to try it as soon as possible.

19. Purple Balayage On Short Hair With Aquamarine Hints

I just love how the hair color is paired with the lipstick color. As mentioned previously, purple works with all shades of blue. And these two come very close one to another in the color palette. They are just so compatible with one another.

20. Light Purple Balayage On Silver Hair

It seems like forever when silver hair was a trendy color. But that was just two or three years ago. Hair trends change quickly, but they are not forgotten. If you like to bring back some of that silver elegance, now is your chance.

21. Metallic Violet Balayage

Speaking of trends, metallic colors are a huge trend right now. That includes makeup, but also hair color. Metallic gives you that shiny and sparkly feeling that you always wanted. And it makes you look that much more glamorous.

22. Dark Purple Highlighted Balayage On Blond Hair

We had some light purple highlights on blonde hair, and now we have dark ones. It all depends on the goal you want to achieve. Dark highlights give you a more serious look. Bright, on the other hand are more refreshing.

23. Ash Hair With Purple Balayage And Neon Hints

There are some many trends and techniques combined in this hairstyle. Ash hair was a huge trend in 2016, neon hints are still popular, and the balayage is of course the cherry on the icing.

24. Royal Purple Balayage On Midnight Blue

When we talked about the purple color at the beginning, I said purple is a color of royalty. Well, it is time we see how that works, and what is that royal purple we hear a lot about.

25. Purple Lilac With Metallic Shine

The beauty of purple is you can combine it in both bright and dark color schemes. That is because purple has beautiful light shades, and beautiful dark shades. In this case, we see how the light ones work.

26. Purple Balayage On Black Waves

Wavy hair is just perfect for the balayage technique. There is something about waves that makes highlights look that much better. And for the black hair, purple is a perfect complimentary part.

27. Lilac Bayalage With Purple Or Dark Brown Highlights

Some women opt for just one purple shade. Others, go for several. This hairstyle falls into the latter category.

28. Dusty Purple Balayage With Silver Accents

I must say, silver and purple is one of the best color pairings. It works well in the makeup industry, the home interior design, and as a hair combination as well. Timeless pairing that will work well on everyone.

29. Ash Brown Base With Purple Balayage Curls

I said previously that ash color was a huge trend in 2016. And this year, if you want to continue the trend, you need some tweaks and tricks. Well, the balayage technique fits that bill.

30. Purple Unicorn Balayage

I would like to finish with a trend that is just so much popular lately. We had a unicorn example before, but this is a two in one. Two girls, one technique. And both look stunning.

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