28 of the Hottest Prom Hairstyles for 2017

Prom is that stressful period when you have to make so many choices. What to wear, what to do with your hair, what to do with your nails. And what about your partner?

Well, luckily for you, I can give you some solutions for one of your problems—some ideas for your hairstyle that will make you the star of the night. No matter if your hair is long, short, or medium, I have you covered. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ideas for a formal, yet chic, hairstyle for prom night.

1. Upside Down Braid and Bun


When you think of formal, chic hairstyles, the braid is probably the first that comes to mind. There are so many different styles you can try. Today, I want to start you off with a bun and a braid—a simple, yet very elegant, hairstyle.

2. Side Swept Braided Headband


At first glance, this one looks messy—like something you threw together in a minute. But that’s exactly the point. You want to look like you didn’t spend more than 10 minutes on your hairstyle. In reality, this takes more than that!

3. Rolled Elegant Twist Updo


Updos are another popular trend when it comes to prom hairstyles. Yes, you need to have slightly longer hair to make it work. And in this case, I give you a “twist” on the standard updo for more fun.

4. Fancy Faux Hawk


When you feel punk rock, but you don’t want to give your parents a heart attack, the faux hawk is the way to go. The hawk hairstyle is more of a manly haircut, which is why women go for faux hawk. Let’s be honest, the hairstyle is beautiful!

5. Curly Side Twist


Rihanna popularized a trend some years ago: the undercut. The trick is that you put all of your hair on one side and shave the other. Well, this is something in that spirit, but more elegant. The twist here is the “curly twist.”

6. Braided Crown on Medium Length Hair


We started off with braids. And you probably think that for a braid, you need long hair. Well, I’m going to show you that medium length hair can make your wishes come true as well. This is a very elegant and sophisticated braid. It looks simple at first glance, but that’s exactly what you want.

7. Twisted Updo in Super Short Knots


The downside here is that this hairstyle is not easy to make. It definitely requires some practice. But the end result is astonishing and amazing. And, as always, I’ve provided a step-by-step guide for you.

8. Short Hair with Curly Top


Right out of Rihanna’s playbook. This was something the singer wore some years ago, and it still looks amazing. I said that you can find some excellent options for short hair, didn’t I?

9. Messy Twists for Long Hair


Men have no idea how hard it is to look “messy.” Yes, they try to have a messy hairstyle as well, but they have less hair to work with. To get a messy look, you actually have to try. And try hard. However, when you perfect it, the result is worth the trouble.

10. Classic Bun Updo with Big Braid


We had a bun and braid combination at the beginning. And since that’s one of the more popular hairstyle choices for prom night, I want to provide some different options. You can go either way. Some want to emphasize the bum, some want to emphasize the braid.

11. Boho Braided Updo


Speaking of braids and updos, we can’t avoid the boho chic look. After all, boho has been one of the more popular trends in everything fashion in the past few years. From boho chic in fashion clothing to makeup and now to hairstyles.

12. Tight Braided Updo for Short Hair


I want to give some love to the women with short and medium length hair as well. They can make their own braided updo too. Yes, it looks different than the classic braided updo, but you have less hair to work with.

13. Elegant Halo Braid Updo


What I love about this look is that it has a certain urban vibe—like a hairstyle that’s very popular in cities like New York and London. And you can bet it is.

14. Fishtail Low Bun with Curls


The fishtail braid is one of the more popular “I have no time to make something in the morning” hairstyles. The good news is that you can get this hairstyle for a prom night as well. You just have to pay attention to make it more elegant. But you have to agree that it is whimsical!

15. Elegant Curl Updo


Speaking of whimsical and playful hairstyles, this one is definitely at the top. What you have to know is that you will have to sit in the stylist’s chair for a while. Your hairstylist will have to work a little longer to get you this look.

16. Chunky Fishtail Side Braid Half Updo for Short Hair


You’ve probably noticed a trend by now. Everything you can do with long hair, you can do with short hair as well. The trick is to fully utilize the hair you have. And while short and long hair hairstyles won’t look the same, each has its own beauty.

17. Short, Asymmetrical Curly Halo


The curly halo is another hairstyle you’ve probably seen on a popular singer. For example, my first association is Kelis in one of her videos. Definitely a chic and urban look.

18. Accent Braid Updo


This past season has been all about braids. The smaller, the better. And we’ve seen some accent braids on Khloé Kardashian, so you know you’re getting a celebrity hairstyle!

19. Sleek Bump with Loose Hair


With so many braids and buns, it was just a matter of time before we let your hair loose. Here I present the long, sleek loose hairstyle. I like to think of it as the magazine cover hairstyle.

20. Rolled Waterfall Braids with Loose Curls


Waterfall braids are something you opt for when you want a more romantic hairstyle. Granted, this hairstyle might not make people gaze at you. And you might not be the star of the show. But your hair will look stylish, elegant, and beautiful. I guarantee your partner will love it.

21. Fishtail Loosely Braided Updo


A braided updo can put pressure on your hair, and you might get a headache. That’s why I want to give you a looser alternative, one that will ensure you’re pain-free. It might look more casual, but don’t worry.

22. Disheveled Updo with Braided Crown and Side Bangs


Now here is a hairstyle that requires an hour or two to get it done. Your hairstylist might hate you, just so you know. But if you have medium-length hair, this hairstyle is definitely something worth considering.

23. Chic Waterfall Braid Updo


We had a more romantic and casual waterfall braid a while ago. This is an elegant version of that hairstyle, and definitely one of the most popular. Not just for proms, but for weddings as well.

24. Side Swept Updo with Three Braids


I wrote an article about French braids a while ago, in which I was all about lots and lots of braids. Personally, I prefer several small braids to one large one. But to each her own. I just wanted to make sure that you have options.

25. Rolled Half Updo with Curls


I like how the half updo provides a border between your wavy hair and your straight hair. Looked at from behind, this hairstyle is amazing. But don’t worry, it looks great from the front as well!

26. Faux Undercut for Short Hair


We had a faux hawk hairstyle, so it’s only logical that we have a faux undercut as well. The trick is to make a braid instead of an undercut. And I love that this hairstyle is perfect for women with short hair. They deserve some love as well.

27. Cascading Curls


Some women want to look elegant on their prom night. Others want to look “wild.” Well, if you’re in the latter category, nothing will make you look more like a wild beast than these cascading curls. And if you have red hair, even better!

28. Curly Updo for Bob-Length Hair


As usual, I want to finish my list with a very common and popular hairstyle. When it comes to prom nights, the bob updo is one of the more popular choices. As is the braid. It’s a coin flip between these two. I went with the former for the last hairstyle on this list.

If you have any ideas and suggestions, the comment section is the place to share them.

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