38 Stunning Summer Hair Color Trends Only For The Boldest

The summer is definitely period of the year when you want to experiment. That loose feeling, those summer nights, days at the beach, everything is just loose. And when it comes to hair colors, I love the summer because everything you do with your hair, looks even more emphasized thanks to the sun and sun… Read More

Try Out These 20 French Braid Hairstyles To Look Perfect For Any Occasion

One of the classic hairstyles that never goes out of fashion is the French braid. On first glance, French braid looks like a complicated process. However, I can tell you for sure that creating a French braid can sometimes be as easy as saying “crackers”. The most important part of French braid hairstyle is preparation… Read More

41 Alluring Long Bob Hairstyles You Must Try This Summer

The bob cannot be ignored. The bob has been “the haircut” for strong females like Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel. In the “modern” age, however, it was Jennifer Aniston who made the bob popular. From the moment Aniston got a bob haircut in Friends, women around the world craved for the haircut that made Jennifer… Read More

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