37 Short Ombre Hairstyles To Spice Up A Short Do

If you’ve got gorgeous short hair but are feeling a little bored, we’ve got the inspiration your looking for.

Ombre is a hair technique which blends one color to another seamlessly and looks so pretty.

The look on shorter hair looks so fashionable and modern.

Short Ombre Hair Ideas

Take a look at these attractive hairstyles for your ultimate ombre look to spice up your short hairstyle.

#1. Soft Copper Blonde Ombre

This copper blond ombre look on this glorious wedged bob is effortlessly chic.

The tint of pink takes this ombre look to the next level.

#2. Curly Dark To Platinum Blonde Ombre

This curly bob looks so fierce with this icy blonde ombre effect.

Try Smooth Frizz Eliminator Smooth & Sleek Serum from John Frieda to keep your curls shiny and frizz free.

#3. Straight Shoulder Length Contrasted Blonde

This contrasted blonde ombre style is so chic and classy.

This wonderful sleek hairstyle is perfect for the working woman.

#4. Uneven Wavy Black Bob With Gray/Blue Ombre

This uneven wavy black bob is for those who are unafraid to experiment with color and texture.

The gray/blue ombre effect is simply divine.

#5. Warm Blonde Ombre On Pixie With Side Buzz Cut

This buzz cut pixie never goes out of style and is so edgy and retro.

With the blonde ombre effect this is a show stopping cut.

#6. Elegant Silver Gray Ombre

This silver/gray ombre effect is so sophisticated and slick.

This is perfect for an older woman.

#7. Faux Hawk Platinum Blonde Ombre

This faux hawk in platinum is totally funky and rock ‘n’ roll.

The icy blonde ombre effect is such an easy and effortless transition that looks like perfection.

#8. Gray To Pink Ombre On Shaggy Bob

This gray to pink ombre on this shaggy a-line bob is so gorgeous.

The style is great for a young woman looking to make a bold statement.

#9. Dark Curly Bob With Ginger Ombre Tones

This curly ombre effect makes this beautiful short natural hair pop.

These ginger tones are so gorgeous.

#10. Wavy Blonde Melt Ombre

This wavy shoulder length bob is giving us beachy waves realness.

The blonde melted ombre is a must try for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd.

#11. Uneven Baby Pink Ombre Bob

This baby pink swirl on thus uneven bob is so fresh and stylish.

The ombre effect on this style is so pretty.

#12. Straight Bob With Undercut In Ultra Violet Ombre

This straight bob with an undercut is so innovative and ultra modern.

The ultra violet ombre makes this already popping hairstyle even more hip.

#13. Auburn Ombre Pixie With Highlights

This auburn pixie ombre is a style that is often emulated because it’s so timeless.

The added blonde highlights make this style a must try.

#14. Layered Ashy Lavender Ombre

This layered ashy lavender bob is given a glorious ombre effect.

It is perfect for those who love to make a bold statement with their hair.

#15. Seamless Shiny Blonde Ombre

This gloriously glossy ombre effect is absolutely stunning.

The seamless shiny blonde fading into a white blonde is so sophisticated and classy.

#16. Green To Gray Ombre Bob

This short green to gray straight bob is like something out of a sci-fi film.

It is totally contemporary and fresh.

#17. Soft Brown Ombre

This soft brown ombre is perfect for those who want a gentle, soft and pretty ombre effect.

It is perfect for the woman who wants to add an extra something to her short bob.

#18. Tapered Pixie Light Ombre

This shaggy pixie ombre is perfect for the sophisticated older woman.

The style is extremely youthful and beautiful.

#19. Wavy Caramel Ombre Bob

This wavy caramel ombre bob is so current and fashionable.

It is perfect for those who want a dramatic and immediate effect.

#20. Honey Blonde Sun Kissed Pixie

This honey blonde sun kissed pixie is gorgeous and is a beautiful low maintenance style.

You cannot go wrong with this in vogue hair cut.

#21. Straight Black To Red Ombre

This straight short black to red ombre style is simply show stopping.

The vibrant colors transition into each other and is so gorgeous.


#22. Inverted Ash Blonde Ombre Bob

This inverted ash blonde ombre bob is so cute and totally fashion forward.

The contrast from dark to light is so cute.

#23. Dark Auburn Ombre

This dark auburn ombre hairstyle is completely fabulous.

The striking colors looks gorgeous on a darker skin tone.

#24. Pink Peach Ombre Bob

This pink peach straight bob is so charming and sublime.

It is perfect for those who want to inject a little color into their style but don’t want to go too bold.

#25. Blonde Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

This blond pixie cut is so sexy and totally seductive.

The side swept bangs are ultra feminine and attractive.

#26. Smokey Purple Ombre On Wavy Pixie

This smokey purple pixie is so ravishing and magnificent.

The colors are so vivid and vibrant.

#27. Warm Toned Messy Ombre

This warm tone messy ombre is stunning, bright and rich.

It is perfect for those who want to brighten a dull short do.

#28. Blonde Side Swept Pompadour Ombre

This sleek blonde ombre side swept cut is completely modish and oh so cool.

This retro style is beyond perfection.

#29. Blonde Ombre On Long Choppy Pixie

This long pixie blonde ombre is a effortlessly easy and gorgeous style.

The style offers height, texture and glorious shine.

30. Dark Red On Black Ombre Bob

This dark red-black ombre bob is simply sensational.

These deep colors can suit any complexion.

#31. Honey Blonde Ombre On Curly Pixie

This curly pixie honey blonde ombre effect is so alluring and sassy.

The glorious texture is also another added bonus.

#32. Black To White Ombre

This black to white ombre is a total knockout and is so striking.

The vivid colors are so sophisticated.

33. Purple To Platinum Blonde Ombre

This purple to platinum hair color is so gorgeous.

The awesome highlights are simply majestic.

34. Icy Metallic Blue A-Line Ombre

This icy metallic blue A-line bob is so dazzling and striking.

The beautiful blue is completely enchanting.

#35. Brown To Blonde Faux Locks Ombre

This brown to blond faux locs ombre is so stylish and fashionable.

These fierce locs are given a golden glaze and it’s totally edgy.

#36. Subtle Brown Toned Balayage Ombre

This subtle brown toned balayage ombre is perfect for those looking for a lift on their brunette locks.

Why not try one of these awesome styles today?

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