32 Women Rocking The Mullet Hairstyle

The mullet haircut is one of those classic styles most will never get.

Extremely popular in the 80’s, the mullet hairstyle has been given a modern twist.

Creative barbers and stylists have taken the time to develop some truly cutting edge styles.

Once described as a “party in the back and business in the front” mullet styles are much more edgy and fashionable.

We’ve compiled some the best mullet hairstyles to inspire you to try this timeless style.

1. Long Blond Throwback Mullet

This long blond choppy mullet frames the face perfectly.

It’s the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll and will make you look like a rock god.

2) Salmon Mullet With Side Brush Cut

This salmon mullet brings a whole new level of chic to this classic haircut.

You’ll be runway ready with this on bang on trend cut.

3) Black Mullet With Graduated Cut And Side Bangs

This long black mullet with a graduated cut is perfect for those with shoulder length hair who want to try the big chop.

It is both trendy and edgy and goes with any outfit.

4) Medium Mullet With Shaved Sides

Now this is short mullet with shaved sides is not for the faint hearted.

This hipster style is shows just how far the hairstyle has grown and evolved in the past two decades.

5) Straight Banged Black Mullet With Neon Mermaid Back

This black front mullet with long rainbow back is totally retro and modern.

Stand out in the crowd with this funky, colorful and most importantly fun.

6) Short Evened Mullet

This razor cut short mullet style is so cutting edge.

If your looking to try this hairstyle this is a great starting point.

7) Rock-Star Pho-Mullet

This rock-star pho-mullet is the ideal solution if you’re looking to try the mullet but don’t want to go through with the big chop.

All you have to slick the sides and put in some bobby pins to hold.

Then hey presto you have a rock star mullet!

8) Ginger Medium Mullet With Partial Side Shave

This cascading copper red mullet is totally striking and impressive.

If you want a daring hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd – this is it.

9) Yellow Messy Mullet

This spiky yellow mullet is bold, striking and unique.

When it comes to playing with hair color, you can either play it safe or go big.

This is a simply show stopping!

10) Wavy Mullet With Choppy Asymmetrical Bangs

This long mullet with choppy asymmetrical bangs is perfect look for the woman with thin hair who want to add some body.

This is also extremely fashion forward.

11) Violet And Purple Long Mullet With Straight Bangs

This long pink and violet mullet is totally jaw-dropping, but so cool.

This is truly a rockstar’s dream.

12) Edgy Slicked Back Short Mullet

This Bowie inspired mullet edgy bangs is as trendy now as it was in the seventies.

It became all the rage in 1972 when David Bowie adopted the hairstyle for his fictional alien-turned-rock star alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

13) Red Ombre Mullet With Voluminous Top

The chic red ombre mullet is a perfect hairstyle for those who want to experiment with different colors but don’t want to go too bold.

The chic hairstyle fits any face shape.

14) Mullet With Straight Line Side Buzz Cut And Faux-Ponytail

This long mullet with side parted bangs is trendy and chic.

The buzzcut and faux ponytail and add an extra touch of edge and sophistication.

15) Short Choppy Mullet With Punk Tips

The choppy mullet with pink purple tips is so cute.

Purple is a great choice because although it’s vibrant it’s still in the darker color family.

Perfect if you want to add a touch a color but don’t want to go as bold as some of the styles featured.

16) Blond Shaggy Mullet

This blond shaggy mullet is beautifully messy and utterly stylish.

This style is perfect for any any mullet beginners.

17) Shoulder Length Mullet With Long Slicked Back Bangs

This slick back mullet is slightly more conservative and business-ready than the classic mullet.

By wearing it short and all slicked back makes it so chic.

18) Foggy Blue Mullet With Graffiti Buzz Cut On The Side

The ocean mullet with graffiti side buzzcut is so intricate and impressive.

This hairstyle is so modern and totally striking.

19) Short Mullet With White Tips

This shoulder length mullet with black front and bleached tips is so fashion forward.

This is definitely for the girl about town.

20) Short Cascading Black Mullet












This short black mullet with shaggy cascading top is so punk.

Get out your inner grunge with the retro style.

21) Red Mullet With Long Back And Black Roots

This choppy bangs mullet with long strands is perfect for a young woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

22) Elegant Slick Mullet With Straight Bangs

This slick elegant mullet with straight bangs looks like it’s straight from the cover of Vogue.

This is a gloriously chic cut.

23) Soft Curled Mullet With Faux Hawk

This soft curly mullet with raised fohawk is totally voluminous.

This is edgy but still very feminine.

24)  Zig-Zag Bangs Mullet With Blond Ends

This shoulder length wavy mullet is totally striking and bold.

The blond tips zig-zag bangs are so fashion forward.

25) White Spiky Mullet With Straight Back

This white spiky mullet with straight back is so chic with a fierce touch.

26) Cherry Red Shaggy Mullet With Straight Bangs

This cherry red mullet with straight bangs is so striking.

The curly spiky back is simply beautiful.

28) Rainbow Mullet With Shaved Side Undercut

This unicorn mullet is majestical and unique.

The side buzzcut still reflects the classic mullet.

This is a great twist.

28) Textured Mullet With Soft Balayage

This textured mullet with soft balayage is so pretty.

29) Long Straight Mullet With Sharp Uneven Bangs

This long straight mullet is so edgy and cool.

The sharp zig-zag bangs are a must try for any young fashionista.

30) Long Copper Mullet With Pink Tips

This is a perfect example of how the mullet can totally transform your look.

This soft long red mullet with purple tips will make you the envy of all your friends.

31. Short White Mullet With Hairline Straight Bangs

This short white mullet with straight short bangs is beautiful and ethereal.

32. Subtle Beige Blond Mullet With Cascade Haircut

This beige blonde toned mullet is another great example of how the mullet has evolved over the year.

Actress Zendaya looks totally modern and fashionable in this style.

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