24 Precious Mother-Daughter Matching Hairstyles

The biggest challenge for mother-daughter matching hairstyles is style itself. How can you make a hairstyle that fits a teenager, and a 40+ something woman. Or even let’s take into consideration a 20 something lady, with a 50 something woman.

Well, worry no more. While it is challenging, there are still some hairstyles that work for both ages. And we have these bonding hairstyles picked up for you. Think of it as a great way to emphasize the bond you have with your mother/daughter. It is truly an unbreakable bond.

1. Wavy Stacked Pull-Through Braids

We start off with some braids. After all, braids are something every little girl wants. And let’s be honest, braids are perfect for older women as well. Think about it for a moment. Most of the elegant cocktail/wedding/event hairstyles are braids. So, with that in mind, here is one that works perfectly.

2. Micro Braided Sew-In Crown

Speaking of braids, we take a page out of the ethnic hairstyles as well. The sew-in crown is very popular hairstyle, and it works for all ages.

3. Pigtail Buns

For a woman that wants to look younger and get a refreshment of her hairstyle, the pigtail buns are a perfect choice. With that in mind, pigtail buns are also very girly and look adorable on little girls. So, there is a win win combination.

4. Matching Unicorn Streaks

If you do not want to change your hairstyle, you can just change your hair color. In the past few years, we’ve seen many coloring trends. One of them is the unicorn coloring, which is suitable for women of all ages. You get a perfect refreshment to your hair.

5. Straight Bob With Bangs

The bob is that timeless hairstyle that looks good on anyone. Literally anyone can put on a bob, and look good. Yes, there are some head shapes that are just not right for the bob. But that is a minority. The bangs make you look younger, and your girl more adorable than ever.

6. Sectioned Strand Into High Braided Bun

This is another elegant hairstyle that is popular among older women, but also among girls. With some girly touch, it looks even more adorable.

7. Double Dutch Side Braids Into Messy Bun

We started off with braids. And I said braids are great for women of all ages. Here is another example with some Dutch braids. The braiding technique is easy. And you can even turn this into a bonding sessions. You make your daughter’s braids, and then ask her to make yours. Fun times, right?

8. Double Buns On Natural Curly Hair

The biggest challenge here is that not many girls have so much hair at their young age. But there is definitely something special in this hairstyle. It looks chic, urban, and sassy. Both you and your little one will be star of the show.

9. Half Waterfall Side Braid Into Messy Fishtail Braid

Easy, simple, and beautiful in the same way. This braid looks casual and loosen up, which is something many women want. They want braids that do not look like they’ve spent hours making them. The half waterfall braid certainly falls into that category.

10. Messy Bun

You literally need five minutes to get yourself ready. Once you arrive at the school with your daughter, everyone will be looking at you. And you spent just five minutes preparing. Now isn’t that something special?

11. Wavy Hair With Duo Braided Crown

Your girl will look like a princess. And she will be delighted. All those Disney princesses she knows. Now she will look like them. And you will get all the credit. And in the meantime, you will get a princess looking hairstyle as well. Or a queen looking. Whatever you wish to imagine.

12. Low Woven Bun With Flower Accent

Flowers are always a nice addition. Be it a young girl, a teenager, or a woman in her 30s, 40s, flowers make your hairstyle that much more elegant. And let’s be honest, not all girls want to be girly girls. Some of them want to look elegant and classy. A flower in your bun will certainly make that happen.

13. Dutch Braids

We had some Dutch braids before. But they were more loosen up. These ones are more tight and classic. But it is nice to have different options. Choose the ones that fit your personality best.

14. Rope Braid Headband Into High Bun

Now this is hairstyle that has come directly out of those Benetton kids ads. Just look how joyful and cheerful the hairstyle looks. You and your daughter will be very happy, and it will show up.

15. Matching Waves With Tied Back Braids

This is another one of those simple and casual hairstyles you can try. If you are blessed with wavy hair, this hairstyle will take you just few minutes. If not, it will take longer. But in any case, you will get a refreshing and loosen up hairstyle that looks beautiful.

16. Matching Short Natural Curls

I can almost see this picture in a magazine. You and your daughter will look special. Just look at that hairstyle. It looks awesome, no matter the age. Absolutely delightful.

17. Twist Rope Side Braid

This is a hairstyle that little girls love. And I am sure your daughter has asked you to make her these braids more than once. The next time she asks for the side braid, let her make you one as well.

18. Lace Braided Buns

I said earlier that some little girls want to look timeless and sophisticated. Well, this is a hairstyle that will make that happen. If you and your little one need to go to a cocktail event, make sure to make this hairstyle. You will both shine and steal some looks.

19. High Natural Curly Bun

Matching hairstyles, and matching outfit. Now is there something cuter and more adorable than this picture? Pure joy and happiness.

20. Side Fishtail With Flower Headscarf

The headscarf is getting more and more popular recently. It looks like we are going back into the era when Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were the fashion idols. Well, I cannot say that is a bad thing. After all, Hepburn and Monroe are two of the most beautiful and stylish women in history.

21. French Back Braid And Braid Wrapped Ponytail

A ponytail is always a nice idea. And I love how the ponytail looks loose and casual. Almost like you didn’t care. The French braid, on the other hand, is a great opposite, making this a match made in heaven.

22. Large-Small Patterned Cornrow Braids

The cornrow braids are another hairstyle that little girls want. And they usually want it because their mother has one. So, help your little one make her wish come true.

23. Matching Ombre Blue Hair Color

As I said before, you do not always have to go for the matching hairstyle. You can go for the matching hair color. And as you can see here, you can use the color on a totally different hairstyle.

24. Side Waterfall Looped Braids

We started off with braids. It is only logical that we finish off with braids. After all, little girls love braids. And they look awesome on older women as well.

With that in mind, I hope you found some inspiring hairstyles. I am sure you and you little one have a go-to matching hairstyle. You know I would love to see it. Therefore, do not hesitate to share your matching hairstyles in the comments section.

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