24 Precious Mother-Daughter Matching Hairstyles

The biggest challenge for mother-daughter matching hairstyles is style itself.

How can you make a hairstyle that fits a teenager, and a 40+ something woman.

Or even let’s take into consideration a 20 something lady, with a 50 something woman.

Well, worry no more.

While it is challenging, there are still some hairstyles that work for both ages.

And we have these bonding hairstyles picked up for you.

Think of it as a great way to emphasize the bond you have with your mother/daughter.

It is truly an unbreakable bond.

1. Wavy Stacked Pull-Through Braids

We start off with some braids. After all, braids are something every little girl wants. And let’s be honest, braids are perfect for older women as well. Think about it for a moment. Most of the elegant cocktail/wedding/event hairstyles are braids. So, with that in mind, here is one that works perfectly.

2. Micro Braided Sew-In Crown

Speaking of braids, we take a page out of the ethnic hairstyles as well. The sew-in crown is very popular hairstyle, and it works for all ages.

3. Pigtail Buns

For a woman that wants to look younger and get a refreshment of her hairstyle, the pigtail buns are a perfect choice. With that in mind, pigtail buns are also very girly and look adorable on little girls. So, there is a win win combination.

4. Matching Unicorn Streaks

If you do not want to change your hairstyle, you can just change your hair color. In the past few years, we’ve seen many coloring trends. One of them is the unicorn coloring, which is suitable for women of all ages. You get a perfect refreshment to your hair.

5. Straight Bob With Bangs

The bob is that timeless hairstyle that looks good on anyone. Literally anyone can put on a bob, and look good. Yes, there are some head shapes that are just not right for the bob. But that is a minority. The bangs make you look younger, and your girl more adorable than ever.

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