34 Long Layered Hairstyles For An Easy Knockout Look

#6. White Irregular Long Layers

Today even young women choose a striking all white or whitish mix hair color instead of covering up the natural white hairs. Here is one such long white hairstyle with darker roots and irregular layers that looks amazing.

#7. Chocolate Brown Layers With Soft Curls

Here we have a very natural looking hairstyle. Soft chocolate brown with curls with a little pop of lighter shade at the tips that give the hair more volume and dimension. Simple and elegant.

#8. Blue Ombre With V-Shaped Tips

Pastel blue hair is a statement on its own, needing little to make it more noticeable. So, like here, you can balance it out choosing a brown to blue ombre with v-shaped tips and very light layers.

#9. Color Melt With Subtle Layers

An everyday look and low-maintenance hairstyle. A shiny dark to light brown colormelt with very subtle layers at the tips on straight hair. Add some bangs to make it more fun and off you go.

#10. Rose Gold Voluminous Hair With Sharp Layers

Rose gold hair gives you many options to look both girlish and feminine, being just pretty pink. With distinct layers on such a voluminous swirled hair you become a lovely eye-(cotton)candy. Delicious.

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