34 Long Layered Hairstyles For An Easy Knockout Look

Long hair has always been considered as the sexiest and most feminine hairstyle for women. Growing it out can be a bit difficult and then there is also the hard task of choosing the right hairstyle for you.

Maintaining a more creative and complex hairstyle can be a hassle for most women, but there is a very easy solution, and that is the long layered hairstyle.

Low-maintenance, yet stylish, the long-layered hairstyle is a great choice for women of all ages and life-styles. It doesn’t take much to style it and it not only gives your hair shape, it also lightens the heaviness that comes with long hair.

If you’re looking for some gorgeous long layered hairstyles, here are some to check out.

#1 Edgy Wavy V-Line Long Layers

A simple V-line lets you keep the hair length without getting too much in the way at the back. A bit of soft swept back waves to add some texture and and you’re ready to go.

#2. Soft Curly Long Layered Hair With Side Shave

Here is a rock-star rebel look. Long curly layers on one side with a buzz cut on the other. Soft and sharp look, you get the best of both worlds. Maybe not a look you’d like seeing at the office, but it’s great for anywhere else.

#3. Soft Long Layers With Highlighted Balayage

An effortless style. Several long layers to frame your face, a bit of balayage in tones lighter from your natural hair color and you’re done.

#4. Violet To Blue Ombre Wavy Long Layers

Want to experiment with colors? Long layers are great base for that. Just take a look at this amazing violet ombre hair with bluish tips. Like a walking night sky with wavy clouds. Gorgeous.

#5. Short, Long And Medium Layers

Not sure what layered are best for your hairstyle? No worries, you can combine all of them and you won’t be disappointing with the result. It might give you a bit of a bohemian vibe, but that the fun in it, right?

#6. White Irregular Long Layers

Today even young women choose a striking all white or whitish mix hair color instead of covering up the natural white hairs. Here is one such long white hairstyle with darker roots and irregular layers that looks amazing.

#7. Chocolate Brown Layers With Soft Curls

Here we have a very natural looking hairstyle. Soft chocolate brown with curls with a little pop of lighter shade at the tips that give the hair more volume and dimension. Simple and elegant.

#8. Blue Ombre With V-Shaped Tips

Pastel blue hair is a statement on its own, needing little to make it more noticeable. So, like here, you can balance it out choosing a brown to blue ombre with v-shaped tips and very light layers.

#9. Color Melt With Subtle Layers

An everyday look and low-maintenance hairstyle. A shiny dark to light brown colormelt with very subtle layers at the tips on straight hair. Add some bangs to make it more fun and off you go.

#10. Rose Gold Voluminous Hair With Sharp Layers

Rose gold hair gives you many options to look both girlish and feminine, being just pretty pink. With distinct layers on such a voluminous swirled hair you become a lovely eye-(cotton)candy. Delicious.

#11. Black To Brown Ombre With Blowout Layers

Lighten up black or darker brown hair with a brown ombre a few tones lighter than the base. Create some blowout layers to give it more bounce and you don’t need anything more for a casual stylish look.

#12. Copper Feathery Long Layers With Razor Face Frame

This reddish copper color balayage is a match to any with a fiery temper or if you just want to look that way. Not to look too fiery, a few long layers are enough, and some razor face framing bangs in lighter hue, just to keep that edge.

#13. Chick Straight Balayage Long Layers

For straight hair, this is a great way to add some easy bouncy texture. With a slight swirl at the tip of each layer and some caramel color and you get gentle easy-going hairstyle.

14. Descending Face Framing Long Layers

Here is a golden way to style your hair. Descending long layers that start at the chin, perfectly framing the face and  just enough layers at the tips to give the hair more flow.

#15. Effortless Dark Brown Layers With Soft Highlights

Colored hair that looks natural, is what most women want to achieve. Here is a perfect example of soft highlighted hair that seem to melt away with the natural shine the layers give out.

#16. Curly Blond Balayage Long Layers

Curly hairstyle might not need much styling since the curls can go wild. But, with a bit of layers, the free-flowing curls appear more put-together, instead of a shaggy mess. And it helps with the heaviness as well.

#17. Messy Layers With Heavy Bangs

If you’re looking for a boho style, you can get some uneven layers and give them some waves. You get that carefree messy look and tame it with some heavy straight bangs.

#18. Wavy Ash Blonde Dimensional Layers

Gray to ash blond ombre hair is a look many women would dare to try in fear of looking older than their years. But with the right youthful styling,,like here, anyone can pull it off perfectly.

#19. Tousled Layers With Shorter Middle Parted Bangs

Great for unruly long hair. The layers give you a tousled “out-of-bed” look that many find sexy, made even more alluring with some ear-level middle parted bangs. Wow.

20. Brown Balayage With Wind Swept Layers

Some days we want to feel the wind in our hair and let it flow freely. You can get this wind swept look at the salon too, and with a touch of brown balayage it will make you look awesome.

#21. Face Framing Layers With Highlights

A few contrasting highlights will look great on beachy waves with long wavy face framing bangs. A gentle look, but also very attractive due to the playful layers.

#22. Straight Across Cut With Varied Layers

Long layered waves are perfect for pulling off a straight across cut without anyone even noticing it. You get to keep all the length and volume of your hair and still have great texture even with the straight cut.

#23. Golden Messy Long Layers For Fine Hair

As we mentioned, layers lighten heavy hair, which we definitely don’t want on an already thin hair. But, with the right color and length, long layers can look good on thin hair, and even give the illusion of more volume and texture.

24. Swirled Long Layers With Wispy Bangs

Thick, long hair hat you can drape over your shoulders is what many women wish they have. Like in this hairstyle, you can swirl back the layers to add in volume, but still keep it light with some thin wispy bangs.

25. Long Layers With Soft Caramel Ombre Waves

Caramel and blond highlights look great on wavy hair, even more so when those lighter highlights also frame the face. The layers only add a more natural flow of the hair.

#26. Dark Gray With Green Tips Layered Blowout Curls

For those who like to experiment with colors, here is a lovely hairstyle to try. Long layered gray ombre with light green tips swept back in soft curls.

#27. Two-Layered Multidimensional Blonde

Sometimes two long layers is all you need to get the look you want. A sleek sophisticated look for more mature or business women, and all who want a more smart and easy hairstyle.

#28. Dark Long Layers With Voluminous Side Swept Bangs

Yet another natural looking haircut. No need to add color when the shine of the curled layers can give you the same effect. Heavy side swept bangs is all the accessory you need for this hairstyle.

#29. Wavy Long Layers With Jagged Microbangs

As we mentioned, layers may not always be very noticeable on curly hair, but that’s what makes them so versatile. Combine them with some jagged microbangs, sweep the hair on the side to get an instant daring look.

#30. Long Layers In Purple Balayage

Purple is becoming a very popular hair color, with many shades to choose from. Here is a lovely dark to light purple ombre balayage that looks breathtaking on long layered straight hair.

#31. Dark Wavy Long Layers

Dark hair without any additional color is begging for something to brighten it up. Style it with some sweet long layers, add some wavy curls if your natural hair is straight and top it of with long side swept bangs.

#32. Subtle Long Layers On Brown Hair With Thin Bangs

This is the hairstyle you need when you want layers, but don’t want them to be too noticeable. These layers give just enough texture that the hairstyle isn’t plain straight cut. The wispy bangs help that too.

#33. Medium Textured Layers

This dark to light sunny blond balayage is a great look for the summer. Here we have some medium layers, blowout at the top, wavy curls near the ends, giving it a true beach-ready look.

#34. Long Layers Enhanced With Lighter Colors

One last natural brown color hairstyle with long layers. Sparsely colored highlights just to make the layers a bit more noticeable, while maintaining that natural sun-kissed look.

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