41 Alluring Long Bob Hairstyles You Must Try This Summer

The bob cannot be ignored.

The bob has been “the haircut” for strong females like Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel.

In the “modern” age, however, it was Jennifer Aniston who made the bob popular.

From the moment Aniston got a bob haircut in Friends, women around the world craved for the haircut that made Jennifer look so pretty and sophisticated at the same time.

A relatively low-maintenance and decent haircut for fine hair, the bob comes in different styles, from chin-length to cropped.

Long Bob Haircuts

The bob is timeless, and we’ve got several ideas for your new haircut, no matter if you are making the jump from long to short, or you had enough of the pixie length.

1. Blunt Bobs in Blonde

To start you off, we go with the classic Jennifer Aniston bob haircut from Friends. Some say blond hair is more suited for the bob, and who are we to disagree?

2. Balayage Stacked Bob Hairstyle

Women often forget that the bob haircut is suitable even for longer hair. And before the ombre, balayage highlights on a bob hairstyle was the trendy haircut.

3. Triangular Long Layers

Triangular layers was another haircut that Jennifer was rocking as Rachel in Friends. The look never went out of fashion.

4. Long Inverted Bob Haircut

Here is another example of how a bob haircut can be applied to long hair. And even more interesting, the bob is rarely something you see on wavy hair. Who knew it would look so stunning?

5. Curly

Just the lower part of the haircut is curly here, with the upper more straightened. But it is still a bob we’d love to see, and one haircut that has become popular for cocktail events and weddings.

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  • Awen May 12, 2016, 1:13 am

    Awesome hairstyle. I like all of them. I have a short hair, so I prefer loose hair. Thanks for sharing the information.

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