32 Cute and Adorable Little Boy Haircuts

I remember when I was a child, my father took me to his hairstylist.

Sometimes, my mother took me to hers.

But in any case, both of them were experimenting with my hairstyle.

That’s one of the fun things with little children: you can experiment.

Now, I know that when you think of hairstyles, you think of women and little girls first and foremost.

But let’s not forget our male toddlers.

They deserve some love as well. In that regard, we have collected some trendy, stylish, and cute haircuts for little boys.

Cute Little Boy Haircuts

I truly hope you’ll find some that you like, and you’ll take your child to the hairstylist to try it.

1. The side-swept haircut

photo: atozhairstyles.com

We start off with a sophisticated and elegant haircut. This one screams “I am going to a nice, classy school, and there are rules I need to follow.” Put on a suit and your little child will look like he is quite the stylish chap.

2. Must-have Mohawk baby boy haircut

photo: therighthairstyles.com

The one thing I regret is that when I was little, the Mohawk wasn’t trendy. When I see kids today with a Mohawk, I just love it—they are so cute and stylish at the same time.

3. Long layered haircut

photo: atozhairstyles.com

Some kids are bad boys even when they are little. This one is a total imitation of a bad boy persona. But the kid wears it with confidence.

4. Super spidery hairstyle

photo: therighthairstyles.com

Superheroes will always be trendy. No matter how old are you, superheroes are awesome. And Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. It’s only natural that he finds his way to the hairstyle trends.

5. The Johnny Bravo haircut

photo: atozhairstyles.com

Who can forget Johnny Bravo? I know kids today might not know him, but he was such an awesome character in the 90s. The womanizer who could never get a girl. And despite his failures with women, he was a lot of fun and interesting.

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