How to buy inexpensive human hair wigs online

If you haven’t got at least one wig in your collection, really what are you doing? Wigs are the latest fashion craze and the girls are buying them like new pairs of shoes, honestly, who wouldn’t want to match their wig to their handbags right?!

If you are a bit late catching the wig train don’t worry, in fact if we didn’t sell hair we would have thought everyones hair was suddenly growing too!

To avoid fear of missing out, read this this handy guide to help you make your first wig purchase online. It doesn’t have to be as scary as you think and we have got all the tips and tools to help you avoid the scammers and just look as fabulous as your favourite celebrity.

Types of Wigs

There are several types of wig available and this is usually where people get stuck because they are overwhelmed by all the choice. However different they look, wigs usually only come in three main types and then the differences are in texture, style, colour and quality. If you understand the main key terms it will help you to realise what you could be potentially purchasing and if it is actually suited to your needs. As of now, Canada Hair wigs are the best wigs to buy online.


A U-part wig is a wig that has a space left out for a parting with your natural hair. The name comes from the shape as a ‘U’ section is cut from the unit. This area will allow for a middle, side or diagonal parting depending on personal preference. Also the width and size of the U can vary from an inch or two, to the whole top section of the hair. It works by allowing most of your hair to be covered but the leave out section forms a seamless blend between the wig and your natural hair.  The wig is attached to the hair in a similar way to clip in extensions, with the help of small combs. Or it can be sewn into the hair for longer term wear.

This kind of wig is great if you can find one that matches your texture exactly and just want to have a little more length or volume. They are very easy to install, as previously stated they usually just click in but you will have to try and blend your hair to the extension which may require some cutting and styling. If you need some styling inspiration or advice, there are loads of videos and tutorials on YouTube showing how to get the perfect match and we even have a blog post about blending your natural hair to your extensions which you can read here.


This is the most common type of wig and the most readily available as it can be made into literally any style you can think of or imagine. The extensions are placed into a cap that will sit on top of your natural hair so it’s kind of like wearing a hat although it’s much more comfortable and stylish and doesn’t look as bulky. With this style of wig all of your hair is covered and nothing is left out, that means you can completely transform yourself into a new character as you don’t have to worry about blending or matching your natural hair to the extension. Full wigs allow you to go as wild as you like from unicorn or ombre colours and play around with the length and texture as well, so even if you have long curly hair you can buy a short straight wig and no one will be able to tell the difference.


Lace wigs are becoming a firm favourite with wig wearers nationwide as they are a major improvement on the full wig. The base of the unit is made from a lace material and has a natural hairline. These wigs will look more natural and resembles a scalp and the hair growing from it.

Similarly to a full wig, with the lace, you can have all of your hair covered however the main difference is the range of styles as with the lace you can tie your hair up at a ponytail without any the tell-tale signs of it being fake hair. The lace wig has a natural density and hairline and each individual hair is placed deliberately to look like it’s growing right from the scalp. A full wig usually has a set style that is difficult to change but a lace wig allows for so much versatility and you can even add partings wherever you like and wear it half up or down.

Synthetic vs human hair

Wigs are available in all hair types from synthetic which are cheaper through to human hair. It is important to know that some online sellers are cheeky chappies, who will give you a mix of synthetic and call it human hair just to get a few extra bucks.

Synthetic hair has come along way from its stringy and plasticky beginnings and now a days the untrained eye can’t tell the difference between good synthetic hair fibres from real human hair which is great if either your purse strings are tight or you have lots of wild ideas for colours and styles you like.

The advantages of synthetic hair is that you can have any colour you imagine because it’s possible to create without damaging the integrity of the hair strands.

You can also purchase heat resistant synthetic hair with gives you more styling options, so that you can use heated tools within reason.

Human hair wigs will not last as long as synthetic hair but with good care a unit can last years. Always question the origin and grade of the hair. Where possible buy Indian remy hair. It is the most reasonably priced and is very high quality.

Why buy online

With the growth of the internet we can now buy everything online from groceries to houses. Therefore it makes sense to purchase a wig online especially if you live in an area where there are not many beauty supply stores or you want access to a wider range.

When you buy online usually you can reduce the price as you don’t have the added fees of a physical location or staffing costs added on.

If you have specific needs such as a custom colour or texture many, places can offer a customisation service or direct you to stylists who they have a good relationship with and even with a possible discount.

Loyalty bonuses are common when you are a repeat customer or buy in bulk. This may not apply in the beginning but as you become a wig connoisseur, you will realise that one is never enough. Plus rope in your friends and family when you make a purchase so that you can access any deals.

5 warning signs to look out for when making a purchase online

  • Located outside of Canada or North America

If the hair store you are choosing to buy from is located outside of Canada or North America you may find that you can’t guarantee the product you receive. That’s not to say that although it says another countries it’s just that you are not protected by consumer law.

When you purchase hair from Canada hair you are buying from a reputable company that works with in Canadian laws that means if you have any trouble or need to have a return we have a completely hassle free returns policy which means you won’t be out of pocket should you change your mind we will cover all the costs for you in this case but we are sure you will be happy with your purchase.

  • No telephone or direct email

It is normal that you may have questions when you are about to make a purchase of of a wig or any kind of hair extensions, especially if you are going for the more pricey options. A good company will have either a chat feature or a contact us page where you can get in touch with them before you spend any money and ask questions about the product you choose to buy such as quality how to wear it or anything else you need one today if they have no telephone number or ways of contacting them there should be a warning sign that you should make a purchase as if anything goes wrong you won’t be able to get in touch.

  • No returns or exchange policy
  • Inconsistent branding

Many online companies are just fakes and away to get people’s money and scare me out of your hard and cash these are more easy to spot on sites like Instagram where you can tell that they have distorted pictures from other companies however some are very good at playing together fake websites that look Lidget

Also be aware of different emails to the website now different emails to the website name or numbers that don’t seem to match up you can always do a quick Google search of the business to find out how secure the website is and also how long they are there been around and what are the people are saying about them

  • No facial pictures

Always look at the pictures very carefully and see if there are watermarks showing the names of other brands or influences as this is the number one giveaway.

A good company will invest in their advertising as well as the products. You can expect to see photoshoots showcasing the wigs and hair. These will usually follow a theme and have the same models. Also clients love to take selfies and these may be posted on their website or social media.

If none of the pictures have faces or look blurred out or distorted then you can assume they have been taking from another business.

Google has a reverse image search which allows you to see where a picture was first posted. If you try a few and there are no likes to the site then avoid them at all costs.

  • Prices

Wigs can be very expensive and run into the thousands. However it is possible to buy them in the 50-300 range. If you see a company offering dirt cheap prices do not be sucked in as often you will receive utter rubbish if you even get sent anything.

There are many Chinese and ebay sites selling what look like amazing wigs for next to nothing. There is not way a company can produce a luxury item for so low. It may sound like a good deal but if you aren’t prepared to lose your mor you then don’t risk it.

There are many good companies out there and we are one of the best, so bow that you know what to look for, head over to our shop and start buying your wigs now.

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