27 Sweet Honey Blonde Ideas You Must Check Out

If it is good enough for Blake Lively, it should be good enough for you, right?

In 2017, the most popular blonde hue was honey blonde.

And the color is still among the favorites of celebrities.

The best part about honey blonde is the color is not too dark, subtle, or brassy, and it is flattering against a range of skin tones.

You can think of honey as the little black dress of hair color.

A classic neutral color that can suit just about everyone.

Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

From Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen,  to Kirsten Dunst, a range of celebrities have tried the color.

Why wait any longer?

Here are several looks to inspire you.

1. Soft Waves Honey Blonde With A Hint Of Ash

Because honey is a neutral blonde color, you can combine it with other blonde ideas as well. For example, if you like a dose of that sophisticated ash that was also popular in 2017, go for it. Just be careful not to overdo it.

2. Honey And Caramel Blonde Combo

Honey and caramel are two very close hues that work wonderfully together. The combination works wonderfully for highlights. And it can work even on brunettes.

3. Honey Blonde With Baby Highlights

The best part about honey blonde is the versatility of the color. It works great both as a basic color, or as highlights as well. And when you go honey for your basic color, you can try any other hue of the blonde color specter for your highlights.

4. Straight Dark Honey Blonde

Dark honey works best for women with olive skin. Think Jennifer Lopez and similar Latino-type girls. It really brings out the sexiness of your figure. And we know Latino dancers and Latino women in general are sexy and curvaceous. Nothing better to bring out that sexiness even more than dark honey blonde hair color.

5. Honey And Cream Balayage Blonde

Some women want sexiness and edginess, others want playfulness. If you fall into the latter category, this balayage example is great for you. Perfect for summer days and nights. You’ll get a great beach type hair color.

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