27 Sweet Honey Blonde Ideas You Must Check Out

If it is good enough for Blake Lively, it should be good enough for you, right? In 2017, the most popular blonde hue was honey blonde. And the color is still among the favorites of celebrities.

The best part about honey blonde is the color is not too dark, subtle, or brassy, and it is flattering against a range of skin tones. You can think of honey as the little black dress of hair color. A classic neutral color that can suit just about everyone.

From Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen,  to Kirsten Dunst, a range of celebrities have tried the color. Why wait any longer? Here are several looks to inspire you.

1. Soft Waves Honey Blonde With A Hint Of Ash

Because honey is a neutral blonde color, you can combine it with other blonde ideas as well. For example, if you like a dose of that sophisticated ash that was also popular in 2017, go for it. Just be careful not to overdo it.

2. Honey And Caramel Blonde Combo

Honey and caramel are two very close hues that work wonderfully together. The combination works wonderfully for highlights. And it can work even on brunettes.

3. Honey Blonde With Baby Highlights

The best part about honey blonde is the versatility of the color. It works great both as a basic color, or as highlights as well. And when you go honey for your basic color, you can try any other hue of the blonde color specter for your highlights.

4. Straight Dark Honey Blonde

Dark honey works best for women with olive skin. Think Jennifer Lopez and similar Latino-type girls. It really brings out the sexiness of your figure. And we know Latino dancers and Latino women in general are sexy and curvaceous. Nothing better to bring out that sexiness even more than dark honey blonde hair color.

5. Honey And Cream Balayage Blonde

Some women want sexiness and edginess, others want playfulness. If you fall into the latter category, this balayage example is great for you. Perfect for summer days and nights. You’ll get a great beach type hair color.

6. Short Honey Blonde With Low And Highlights Mixture

A lot of women think that getting their hair blonde looks good only on long hair. Well, that is just plain wrong. The right type of blonde can look great on any hair length. For example, I love how these highlights work and mesh with each other.

7. Shadow Root With Honey Blonde Dimension Balayage

I said before, honey blonde is extremely versatile. We had it as the basis of your hair color so far. Now, check it out for a highlights suggestion. You can bring some light to your dark hair for sure.

8. Lovely Light Honey Blonde On Wavy Hair

Say whatever you like, but blonde looks best on wavy hair. I know not all of us are blessed with wavy hair, but you can get one at the hair stylist. And make sure it comes in blonde color for a spectacular look.

9. Honey Blonde Babylights Ombre Hair

You can say Ombre is so last season. True, but some styles never go out of fashion. Ombre is one of them. It’s been several years since Ombre made its debut in the hair coloring fashion. And there is no sign of Ombre going away anytime soon. Therefore, do not look for the next big trend, it is here for several years.

10. Soft Honey Blonde Balayage On Tips

Unlike Ombre, balayage is a rather new and fresh technique. In 2017, balayage had its best days. But that doesn’t mean it is all over. Honey is a great color for balayage technique because of its versatility and neutral shade.

11. Platinum And Honey Blonde Winter Combo

To be honest, not many hair colors can work with platinum blonde. But that is where honey excels. Where others fail, honey blonde succeeds. Give your platinum blonde a little touch of spring with some honey.

12. Short Honey Blonde With Bronze Undertones

We saw how honey can work with platinum, we saw it with dark shades, and now let’s try it with some brunette and bronze undertones. If you need any more proof that honey blonde is the most versatile blonde hue you can get, continue. You can be sure you’ll find a couple of more “unexpected” combinations.

13. Wavy Dark Honey Blonde

I said before that honey blonde is perfect for wavy hair. We had a light version of the hairstyle, and this is a bit darker coloring. But because you need to consider your skin tone, we need to have both light and dark wavy blonde honey examples.

14. Honey Blonde With A Hint Of Strawberry Blonde

If you look at it, honey works with strawberry in the kitchen as well. So why not on your color, right? Jokes aside, strawberry blonde is perfect for adding some edge to your hair color. It makes it unique, and definitely more sophisticated than ever.

15. Shiny Honey Blonde Balayage On Bob

Another great example how short hair works perfectly with blonde color. It is a perfect match, if you like it. You can go both ways. You can start with darker roots, like here, and then move to lighter color towards the ends. Or you can go with light roots and then work your way outwards. It is up to you.

16. Dimensional Honey Blonde Balayage On Long Wavy Hair

Balayage is not exactly an innovative or groundbreaking technique. Because of that, you need some special color to add flair. Stylist will tell you that honey blonde is considered one of the most exquisite colors you can try. The contrast between the honey wavy hair and the dark roots is just stunning to say the least.

17. Honey Blonde Babylights On Straight Hair

Gentle and romantic, this hairstyle is perfect for those of you that want to look elegant. Babylights is a perfect technique for women that have already lightened their hair. A delicate technique, babylights will help you keep the color of your hair fresh and healthy.

18. Dark To Light Honey Blonde Ombre Hair

Honey Blonde Haircut 18

Photo: Pinterest.com

One thing honey does perfectly is play with contrast. Especially for brunettes, combine it with light or dark caramel, and you have yourself a special and unique hairstyle.

19. Honey And Copper Balayage On Short Curly Hair

Honey Blonde Haircut 20

Photo: Pinterest.com

Straight out of the celebrity playbook. A hair style and color worthy for an Oscar appearance. Again, the trick here is to play with the contrast of the brunette copper and the light version of honey blonde.

20. Straight Reddish Base With Soft Honey Blonde Babylights

We talked before how babylights are great for women that have already lightened their hair. And because reddish hair color requires a lot of “lightening”, you need something to keep your hair looking healthy. Enter babylights and honey, and you have a solution for your burned hair problem.

21. Shoulder Length Golden Honey Blonde

Excellent for light skin tones. Think of it as mixing butter and honey, with a goal of creating an overall golden and sun-kissed hue. Golden blonde hair can add vibrancy to lighter skin tones, without washing them out.

22. Honey Blonde With Beachy Babylights

Gold is a glamorous addition to the honey blonde hair color, and you should wear it with pride. With this light golden hue, you can also embrace beach babe vibes. It will instantly add the look of beach babe to your already warm skin.

23. Honey Blonde With Dark Roots

Sassy and edgy, honey blonde is not just for your every day casual and sweet girl look. You can get a sassy and sexy look, and for that, you need to embrace the contrast. The darker the roots are, the lighter the rest of your hair should be.

24. Dark Chestnut Honey Blonde

Blonde works with brunette and dark colors not only as a contrast, but as an addition as well. Get your honey blonde highlights to spice up your brunette hair color. Perfect for women who do not want to switch their hair color, but want to try the “blondes have more fun” rule.

25. Beautigful Bright Honey Blonde
Honey Blonde Haircut 19

Let’s stick to basics for this hairstyle. A bronze creamy blonde hear that looks warm and works best for medium length hair. This hair color is great for medium and tawny complexions and light to medium shade eye colors. The Blake Lively hair color we talked at the beginning? This is it!

26. Wavy Copper Honey Blonde

I hate sounding racist, but this hair color is tailor made for African-American women. It adds light to their skin tone, and perfectly blends with your look.

27. Wavy Dark Blonde With Honey Blonde Ombre

At the end, I would love to finish with a look I personally adore. That is blonde wavy hair. The ombre is just a plus. Hopefully you enjoyed the articles as much as I did. Looking forward to seeing your blonde looks. Till the next one.

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