24 Mesmerizing Examples of Holographic Hair

Every year, there’s one strange hairstyle trend that’s actually awesome. This year, that trend is holographic hair. And it’s only logical—after all, the year started with holographic nails, and now we get holographic hair.

Older generations will remember the time of CDs. If you held a CD up to the sunlight, the chrome-like side would refract the sun’s rays. As a result, you would get unique hues of yellow, green, and pink on the CD.

Well, now those colors are available for your hair as well! Much like other rainbow-inspired hair colors, you have options. You can opt for subtle, blended colors. You can skip some colors. But in essence, this is blond shades combined with pastel pinks, lavenders, yellows, and blues.

The trend is catching up on Instagram and Pinterest, and we would like to show you some ideas.

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1. Holographic Opal


We start off with a simple hairstyle that emphasizes the holographic trend. Yes, most of these hairstyles are for long hair. But as you will see later on, there is some love for short hair as well.

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