25 Spooktacular Halloween Hair Ideas

There are so many aspects that make a great Halloween costume. The costume itself is just one part of the Halloween mask. You have makeup, manicure, and even hair that goes to making a complete Halloween costume and mask.

With that in mind, today we will discuss some hair ideas for Halloween.  They can be a complimentary part of your Halloween mask, or they can be a standalone mask. It is all up to you to decide.

1.  Top-Knot Bun Spider

We just have to start with one of the standards for Halloween. And that is the spider. Because of the artistic nature of this hairstyle, you put on anything black, and go out. That is all you need for a Halloween costume.

2. Witchy Purple Ombre On Blonde Hair

I said that the hair can sometimes be a complimentary part of the costume. This is such idea, where the witchy ombre is just what you need for your black witch outfit. You will be a complete scary person. And if you can find a good broom, you might even win some costume award.

3. Pumpkin Patch Ponytail

When it comes to Halloween, you cannot escape the pumpkin. Even on your hair. If you thought you cannot combine some pumpkins into your hairstyle, think again. The ponytail is a perfect style for some pumpkins. So, go for it.

4. Green Witch Vibe Highlights

There will be quite few witches on this list. After all, they say a costume brings out your dark side, and we know women want to be witches. Stereotypes aside, the green witch hairstyle is just perfect. You have everything: colors, playfulness, unique hairstyle, and a perfect complimentary part for your costume.

5. Blond And Purple Bun With Spiderweb Undercut

One thing to be sure, your hair stylist will hate you. It takes a lot of time and attention to detail to make the spiderweb undercut. But at the end of the day, you are the one paying, and you should get what you want. If a spiderweb undercut is what you want, go for it. You do not have to dye your hair, but if you like, the purple is a great option.

6. Unicorn Hairstyle

You can even go a step further, and dye your hair as well. We all know that the unicorn coloring is trending lately. So, utilize the unicorn hairstyle with some colors as well. Just remember, if you dye your hair, you should ditch the face accessories. That is just too much.

7. Peach And Violet Halloween Colors

Peach, or any other color that is close to the pumpkin is perfect for a Halloween coloring. The purple is a great complimentary color that fits seamlessly with peach. You can put on a pumpkin costume, and you will look great. Or go without the costume. Your choice.

8. Half-Black And Half-Orange Curly Hair

If you wanted a stunningly beautiful pumpkin look, this is it. You will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful looking orange dyed hair. I dare you!

9. Harley Quinn Colors With Tied Back Braid

Harley Quinn has risen in popularity lately. And it is all thanks to Margot Robbie’s performance in the Suicide Squad. I do not mind to be honest. The purple and light blue colors are just perfect. Harley Quinn or not, that is one great looking combination.

10. Maleficent Horn Hair

Angelina Jolie’s performance as the Maleficent was spectacular. Love her or hate her, she was at her absolute best. And as a result, we see more Maleficent inspired looks lately. We are very dependent on television to follow trends.

11. Purple And Orange Tips

Sometimes, you need just some subtle touches here and there, and you are set to go. Just stick to the Halloween colors, and you are all good.

12. Scarlet Red And White Madame Look

This is definitely a look that will make people look at you. Some will be amazed, others will be frightened. But there is no denying your fiery look will be awesome.

13. Twist Crown Braid With Orange Ribbon

The twist crown braid is one of the common braids for a romantic look. Since it is Halloween, you can enrich the look with an orange ribbon for a more pumpkin-inspired hairstyle. See, it is all in the details for the Halloween look.

14. Rainbow Hair Under Violet Light

If you really like to stand out in the crowd at a Halloween party, rainbow coloring is the way to go. When you are in a dark room, your hair will stand out from the crowd. And everyone will be looking at you.

15. Orange Fringe With Blue Hair And Devil Horns

As you can see by now, there are many ways you can evoke the pumpkin look with your hair. It all comes down to what suits your character. If you want something devilish, this one might do the trick. If you are for a more romantic look, we had one before.

16. Voodoo Glow

When you think of coloring your hair, it all comes down to what you want to achieve. If you want something that will glow in the dark, try this option. To be fair, there is not much Halloween spirit here, but it is a hairstyle suited for a party.

17. Cat Ears Hairstyle

Cat ears and cats is one of the most common costume. Women from all around the world try the cats costume for different occasions, including Halloween. And instead of buying some cat ears mask, you can make them with your hair. Brilliant, right?

18. Purple And Blue Streaked Hair

As I said before, sometimes, the coloring of your hair has nothing to do with Halloween. It is all about looking as good and as noticeable as you can. These vivid colors will make sure of that.

19. Orange Tips With Glow-In-The-Dark Purple

Just make sure you go to a party in a dark place with this hairstyle. Otherwise, it is just another orange and pumpkin looking hair coloring. But when the lights go off, you will be the star of the show.

20. Neon Orange Hair with Yellow And Black Bangs

There are many shades of orange you can try. For example, if you are looking for a more alternative look, the neon orange is the way to go. You will look more childish, but there is not a person alive who will not notice the color.

21. Black Hair With Green Streak

I said before that sometimes you need just a subtle touch. It all depends whether you want a hairstyle as a mask, or as a complimentary part. This one, for example, is definitely a complimentary part for your mask.

22. Black And White Skeleton Hair

The only downside here is that some people might think you are a zebra. And there is nothing scary about a zebra. But if you do not mind explaining to people all night you are a skeleton, not a zebra, this is one scary looking hairstyle.

23. Purple Hair With Neon Green Streaks

Ladies, this is one of the best witch inspired coloring I have seen. Strap in your black dress, and you will look sexy and scary in the same time. Now that is a look we all desire to achieve.

24. Natural Brown Hair With Pumpkin Orange Highlights

Brown is one of the best colors to have during Halloween. The reason is simple, ladies with brown hair are blessed because their hair goes well with orange. Only black might look better, but black offers a more edgy look. With brown, you get a romantic and as natural as you can get look.

25. Gray Hued Spider Braids

Being that this is a Halloween themed hairstyle article, it is only suitable we finish off with something spooky. And you cannot find many better ideas than the spider hair. We started off with a spider, and we finish off with a spider.

With that in mind, I would love to see your Halloween looks.

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