20 Fun And Easy Half-Up Hairstyle Tutorials

Half-up hairstyles are the best choice when you want your hair to stay in place and not get in the way without having to fix it all the time.

This versatile look also works great for any hair length and for casual to formal occasions. We can safely say that you can wear your hair in a half-updo all the time.

It is such an easily done hairstyle, we’ve all done it at least once. There are nuances in how exactly you style it, and if you’re looking for an inspiration, then you have to see these fantastic tutorials on how to do 20 different half-up do’s.

#1. Twisted Crown Braid

Photo: twistmepretty.com

Let’s start with an interesting boho style half-updo.

Twist braids on each side, tied together in a knot at the back, forming a twisted crown. No pins or ties needed. (Tutorial )

#2. Rodarte-Inspired Messy Braid

Photo: latest-hairstyles.com

Recreating the runway look of the Rodarte fashion line, this hairstyle is easier to recreate than you think. ( Tutorial )

#3. Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Photo: jointhemood.com

The fishtail braid always gives you some extra texture to your hair.

Here it acts as a decorative end to the twisted and knotted strands of hair, creating an interesting half-updo. (Tutorial)

#4. Game Of Throne Half-Up Braid

Photo: blog.lulus.com

Game of Thrones fans will love this medieval half-updo.

Two French braids from the sides that overlap in the back. Straightforward and elegant.

#5. Half-Up Twisted Bun

Photo: more.com

Here is a relaxed, yet embellished look you can do in minutes.

Make a rope braid from a half-up ponytail, and twist it around the base to create a flower bun. Lovely.

#6. Half-Up Pull-Trough Braid

Photo: bloglovin.com

To add more flair to a long wavy hair, you can try a pull-trough braided half-updo.

Like in the Game Of Thrones updo, you need side connected side french braids and then add a loose pull-through braid

#7. Pinned Back Curls For Short Hair

Photo: onelittlemomma.com

Short hair isn’t always long enough to create a half-updo, but where’s a will there’s a way.

With a few bobby pins and some curls, you can make a lovely pulled back fancy hairstyle.

#8. Half-Up Twisted Fishtail Braid

Photo: barefootblonde.com

Here’s another fun way to incorporate fishtail in a half-updo.

You can make a crow form twisted strands, gathered in a ponytail and end it with a smooth fishtail.

#9. Topsy Tail Braided Flower

Photo: abeautifulmess.com

A super easy look to try for spring or summer.

Twist strands from the sides tie them in a ponytail. Then make a french braid and twist it into a flower. Secure it with a pin and you’re ready for spring.

#10. Pulled Criss-Cross Half-Up Hairdo

Photo: ducklingsinarow.com

This is an updo you can try for special occasions or when you want to look more fancy and professional.

Criss-crossing section of hair and securing them with bobby pins, this hairstyle might take a little more effort to make but it’s worth it.

#11. Half-Up Celtic Knot

Photo: twistmepretty.com

Show off your inner warrior with this Celtic knot half-updo.

Not for hair-braiding beginners, this half-updo can be a challenge to make but will certainly turn heads once you do it right.

#12. Half-Up Pony With Braids

Photo: makeup.com

The fastest half-updo is the pulled back half-ponytail, but it can be too plain.

Here’s how to spice it up. Add some braids and twists, and you have a more alluring laid-back half-updo.

#13. Top Knot Bun

Photo: cosmopolitan.com

The top knot bun is also a crowd favorite and you can do it in several ways.

Here is how you do one of the basic top knot half-updo’s, and three options on how to wear it, high, medium or low.

#14. Three Headband Braids

Photo: makeupwearables.com

Braided headbands look both playful and elegant, and many just love them.

Be it with a french, dutch or a fishtail braid, this headband half-up tutorial will make you look great in all three hairdo’s.

#15. Vintage Half-Up

Photo: bobbyglam.com

Here’s an updo that for when you need a more sophisticated look.

The vintage half-updo is great for any special occasion or gatherings, the twists and tucks of this hairstyle will give you a look of easy elegance.

#16. Ariana Grande Half-Up Ponytail

Photo: hotbeautyhealth.com

Pop fans will love this youthful look.

A deep-parted section on the top with a high ponytail with a bit of a wrap-around around the base. Easy and stylish.

#17. Half-Up Hair Bow

Photo: blog.hairandmakeupbysteph.com

Sometimes you just feel like putting a bow in your hair, but just can’t find one.

Don’t worry, you can create one from your hair, doing a pretty little half-updo while you’re at it.

#18. Double-Dutch Braid For Short Hair

Photo: blondeandambitiousblog.com

The double dutch braids are a favorite for creating an easy hairstyle with a lot of “wow” factor.

It’s no wonder why that’s so, since you can use them to create a super half-updo even on short hair, like this one. even

#19. Braid To Bun Half-Up

Photo: upliftingmayhem.com

Here is another hairstyle fit for all ages.

An amazing hairstyle done by doing a braid from the hairline to the top of your head where you end the braid in a bun. Fun and gorgeous.

#20. Teased Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Photo: pophaircuts.com

Our last half-up hairstyle looks both casual and stunning.

The teased up top is contrasted by the bouncy curls at the bottom, giving this look an amazing look and shape suited for any occasion.

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