30 Gorgeous Ghana Braids For An All-Black Style

Ghana braids are stylish, detailed, and very versatile.

Do not expect to find just one type of Ghana braids.

You’ll be surprised to see how many options are there.

And you can try any of them.

Some women opt for short length, others go for long hair.

And while some go for colored coils, other women love to keep things in one color.

Cool Ghana Braids Styles

The most challenging part about Ghana braids is figuring out what hairstyle to try first.

With that in mind, I present you several ideas you can try.

There is no reason to resist the obvious.

Ghana braids offer you magnificent patterns, and you have to try it.

There is a lot of tradition there.

1. Zig-Zag Ghana Braids

We start you off with a timeless classic. That is the zig-zag braids. Some call it the criss-cross, but there is no difference in the name. Essentially, you have braids that move in different directions.

2. Chunky And Micro Braids

This is a classic example of “why not both”. Instead of figuring out whether to go for mini or chunky braids, you can combine the two in one perfect hairstyle. Smart, right?

3. One-Sided Blond Braids

One of the biggest misconceptions women have about braids is that your entire hair has to be in braids. Wrong. You can do just a portion of your hair, and leave the rest flowing naturally.

4. Chunky Ghana Braids With Side Twists And Cuffs

The side twist is a great tweak of the classic Ghana braids. As you will see down the list, there are many tweaks on the Ghana braids. And there are many different styles.

5. Micro Cornrow Updo

The cornrow is the original name for braids. One way to make braids elegant and sophisticated is with an updo. Let’s be honest, an updo will transform any hairstyle into an elegant one.

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