30 Gorgeous Ghana Braids For An All-Black Style

Ghana braids are stylish, detailed, and very versatile. Do not expect to find just one type of Ghana braids. You’ll be surprised to see how many options are there. And you can try any of them.

Some women opt for short length, others go for long hair. And while some go for colored coils, other women love to keep things in one color.

The most challenging part about Ghana braids is figuring out what hairstyle to try first. With that in mind, I present you several ideas you can try. There is no reason to resist the obvious. Ghana braids offer you magnificent patterns, and you have to try it. There is a lot of tradition there.

1. Zig-Zag Ghana Braids


We start you off with a timeless classic. That is the zig-zag braids. Some call it the criss-cross, but there is no difference in the name. Essentially, you have braids that move in different directions.

2. Chunky And Micro Braids


This is a classic example of “why not both”. Instead of figuring out whether to go for mini or chunky braids, you can combine the two in one perfect hairstyle. Smart, right?

3. One-Sided Blond Braids


One of the biggest misconceptions women have about braids is that your entire hair has to be in braids. Wrong. You can do just a portion of your hair, and leave the rest flowing naturally.

4. Chunky Ghana Braids With Side Twists And Cuffs


The side twist is a great tweak of the classic Ghana braids. As you will see down the list, there are many tweaks on the Ghana braids. And there are many different styles.

5. Micro Cornrow Updo


The cornrow is the original name for braids. One way to make braids elegant and sophisticated is with an updo. Let’s be honest, an updo will transform any hairstyle into an elegant one.

6. Center Parted Ghana Braids


Rather chunky braids, but that is what African hairstyles should be. The center is what makes the hairstyle unique and in the same time traditional.

7. Red Swirl Ghana With Cuffs


One thing about braids and African styles. You can never have enough color. It is a common thing in African braids. Be it the Senegalese twist, or the Ghana braids, colors are always a nice addition. In this case, red makes your hairstyle a little more bold.

8. Mohawk Braids


I’ve said it over and over again. The Mohawk is a hairstyle that not many have the courage to wear it. However, when you make a braided Mohawk, things change. Suddenly, the hairstyle does not look as rebellious and alternative. Quite the opposite, to be honest. The braided Mohawk is elegant and suitable for many evening occasions.

9. Ghana Ponytail


A ponytail is another style that you just have to try. Ghana braids or not, the ponytail is one of the most common hairstyles. With braids, you give it a little more texture and volume.

10. Colored Ghana Braided Pigtails


We talked about colored braids before. And while red makes you more courageous and bold, gold is different story. The goal here is to get something more classy and glamorous. Mission accomplished.

11. Thick And Thin Ghana Bun


As we had mini and chunky braids, now we have another version to the mix. Thick and thin is a similar pairing mixing two opposites together.

12. Side Braids With Twist Faux Mohawk


Remember when I said the braided Mohawk is something you can wear for dinner parties? Well, look at this hairstyle, and tell me that is not the case. As I’ve said earlier, there are many variations that can transform the Mohawk into more elegant and less alternative look.

13. Ghana Whirlpool Braids


Some women want their hairstyle to be playful. They are not satisfied just with braids. They want something more. In that spirit, we have shapes like this whirlpool style.

14. Variable Sized Ghana Braids


Going from small to big. You can say this is the ombre done with different sizes. The size of the braids gradually increases, giving you a playful and more interesting look.

15. Top Bun With Chunky And Thin Braids


I said previously that a bun and an updo will transform any hairstyle. When you want to look elegant, the updo and the bun are the way to go.

16. Circular Ghana Cornrows


Similar as the whirlpool, the goal here is to make your hairstyle playful. You want a shape that is unique, and that is different than the classic Ghana braids. Women are always searching for new shapes and forms, and this circular is just one example.

17. Golden Blond Ghana Braids


As far as colored braids go, gold is the ultimate color for African hairstyles. Let’s not forget, the  continent is actually rich in gold. And the gold braids are perfect for white blondes that want to try braids.

18. Tiny Ghana Braid Swirls


Chunky braids are not the only one that can be utilized in a unique shape and form. You can use tiny braids to get a whirlpool or swirl effect and look. One can say that tiny braids work even better, as the shape is more emphasized.

19. Long Ghana Braids With Ombre Ends


If you thought that you can avoid the ombre with braids, you are wrong. There is no hairstyle that doesn’t benefit from some ombre effect. That includes Ghana braids as well.

20. Fishbone Pattern Ghana Braids


The fishbone design delivers a striking result. If your mission is to try as many different Ghana braids styles as you can, the fishbone should definitely be on your list. One of the absolutely flawless looks for sure.

21. Chunky Overlapping Ghana Braids

ghana braids

Now here is a style that is definitely in the whimsical category. To be honest, I always love things that overlap. It creates a perfect illusion and image. Whether that applies to colors, or braids, I still love it.

22. Banana Row Ghana Braids


The hairstyle looks almost common, until you notice how the braids take a subtle turn on side. The difference with banana rows is that you get the impression that the hair is tucked inside the row.

23. Side Parted Micro Ghana Braids


We had some micro braids before. This one is a side take on the style. With side braids, you get an elegant hairstyle that looks feminine in the same time. And it takes few years off your look. You can definitely try it if you want to look few years younger.

24. Middle Parted Pigtail Bun Ghana Braids


Probably one of the more classic African hairstyles you will find on the list. The pigtail is a classic part of the African hairstyles. And now we have it in braids.

25. Thick Ghana Halo Braid With Micro Mix


Ghana braids made like a crown. Now isn’t that something you crave for. And then you have micro braids falling down the hair. A perfect combination to be honest.

26. Curvy Chunky Ghana Braids


I must say, I am not much of a fan of the chunky braids. I am more fan of the several smaller braids braiding. But I understand that some women want bigger and chunkier braids. The thing that makes these interesting is the side curviness.

27. Micro And Chunky Braids With Purple Ends


We had a pairing of micro and chunky braids before. The difference here is the ending. That pink ending gives you a little girly and teenager touch.

28. Ghana Swirls With Elegant Side Bun


Swirls and buns all in one. Older women prefer this hairstyle. However, younger can try it as well. But I must say, it is one of the go-to wedding hairstyles for older women.

29. Long Side Chunky Ghana


Long and chunky, now that is a match made in heaven. When it comes to braids, few women are blessed with long hair that can truly make them magnificent. If you are among the select few, bless you.

30. Asymmetrical Three Ponytail Ghana Braids


I wanted to finish with the most unique Ghana braids hairstyle I could find. I must say, it doesn’t get much better than. Several different techniques, and then some gold accent?

If you are fan of Ghana braids, share some of your hairstyles in the comments. I would love to have a look.

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