Try Out These 20 French Braid Hairstyles To Look Perfect For Any Occasion

One of the classic hairstyles that never goes out of fashion is the French braid.

On first glance, French braid looks like a complicated process.

However, I can tell you for sure that creating a French braid can sometimes be as easy as saying “crackers”.

The most important part of French braid hairstyle is preparation, or combing and brushing your hair so you get all tangles out.

Your hair at this point should be smooth and ready for braid.

French Braid Hairstyles With Instructions

Let’s take a look at some ideas for French braid hairstyle.

1. Tucked in French braid

French Braid Tutorial


You’ll need some products for texturing here, but don’t be afraid to put hair products on your hair. I know you know me as the natural type of woman, but even I get some products from time to time. The key here is to start with dry hair, and work your way. ( See Tutorial )

2. Triple French braid double waterfall

French Braid


This is the high bum on steroids with French braid added, and it is definitely not easy to pull off. However, this is a hairstyle that will look great on you in combination with an evening or cocktail dress. No more need to get to the hair saloon before an important event when you can get your hair done at home. ( See Tutorial )

3. Loose halo French braid

French Hair Tutorial


I love this hairstyle, as it screams spring and summer for me. This is one of those hairstyles you want when you go out in nature, with flowers and greenery all around you. The swooped around trick gives you a perception of a crown, and makes you look like the queen of the flower world. ( See Tutorial )

4. The relaxed French braid

I love when complicated hairstyles look lose and relaxed. This is one of those situations when even a strict style like French braid can be let loose and look relaxed. There is no need to press your hair hard and tuck it into the French braid, you can always enjoy a more loose style.

5. Do a 4-strand French braid on curly hair

I know what you are thinking, curly hair and French braid don’t go hand in hand. Well, I thought so for a while. In reality, however, you do not have to have straightened up hair to do a French braid. Give it a chance, and then come back.

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