38 Flower Shaped Hairstyles For Special Occasions

A flower is probably the oldest, if not the first hair accessory and its tradition of adorning our hair is still alive today. We see countless hairpins, headbands, and barrettes with floral design, as well as the good old real or fake flowers we put in our hair.

All of these are great accessories but are not always available. Your hair, on the other hand, is with you always, and it can be shaped into the perfect flower at any time.

With a few twists and turns, you can make a lovely flower to adorn your hairstyle. And in the hands of professionals, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some of the prettiest flower-shaped hairstyles done by the hands of some pretty creative people.

#1. Twist Braid Flower Bun On Boho Style Gray Hair

Let’s start off with the bohemian look, since they are the best known “flower children”.

Fall in love with this silver twisted flower bun on half up hairdo with a few french and looped braids flowing down.

#2. Twisted Rose Bud Low Bun On Sunset Colored Hair

Here is a lovely pinkish and yellow colored hair.

And if the sunset hues aren’t striking enough, when you twist them in an updo, you turn your hair into the most beautiful blooming flower.

#3. Ginger Top Rose With Loose French Braid

If you’re sporting a ginger-colored hair, you must try this hairstyle.

A lovely swirled sculpted rose on the top and a loose chunky french braid in the middle of loose hair. Picture perfect.

#4. Elegant Uneven Low Side Bun Rose

Here is a nice bridal hairstyle idea if you don’t want to put flowers on your special day:

A low chignon, always an elegant choice, styled into a twisted flower.

#5. Half-Updo With Two Tied Back Braided Roses

Rose buns are mostly twisted or braided, and on this gorgeous long white hair, you can see both complementing each other perfectly.

Why have one gorgeous hair rose, when two is better, right?

#6. Messy Low Twisted Flower Bun

Here is an interesting hairstyle that would be great for bridesmaids: a low twisted rose bun.

It’s not too bulgy, and the messy twist also resembles an infinity sign, which is also neat.

#7. Top Rosette Inside A Braided Heart With Ribbon

You’ll want this hairstyle especially on Valentine’s Day.

The half-up tied-back rosette braid is in the middle of a ribbon braided heart. Adorable.

#8. Braided Looped Rose Updo

Here is a rose hairstyle that is good for everyday and for special occasions.

These two side braids that end in an interwoven braided rose might look complex, but are actually easy to do if you’re good at braiding.

#9. Blonde Chignon With Flower-Like Swirls

Hair flowers don’t have to be very intricate.

Sometimes all it takes is a few well made swirls that resemble flowers and you get an elegant look, like the beautiful sleek updo shown here.

#10. Braided Crown Into A Looped Rose On Black Hair With Green Tips

We already saw how gorgeous hair flowers look with red hair, and now we see how good they look in green.

Just look at this gorgeous twisted side braids tied back in a looped rose and the flowing green ponytail.

#11. Rapunzel Twisted Rose Bouquet

If your hair matches Rapunzel’s, you might as well copy the hairstyle as well.

Since there’s more hair to work with, you can create not one or two, but a whole bouquet of roses flowing down the length of your braided hair.

#12. Half-Up Blooming Braided Flower With Looped Braids

Here’s another way to style a top knot rose.

After doing the braided rose, loosen it up to add more texture and volume, and then do a few microbraids and looped them loosely around the rose, to get a headband effect.

#13. Blonde Swirled Side Rose With Curly Low Bun

Messy curly buns can look both casual and elegant.

So to make them truly special, a swirled rose on the side will do the trick, like the gorgeous sculpted rose done on this hairstyle.

#14. Inner Side Braid With Twisted Rose On Purple And Pink Ombre

Choosing to dye your hair pink means you are a cheerful fun-loving person.

Just for the fun of it, you can make yourself a nice little pink braided flower at the end of aside inverted french braid.

#15. Slick Elegant Large Twisted Rose Bun

Flowers are suppose to look delicate and elegant, but the giant versions aren’t too bad looking either.

Like the hairstyle here, where the entire hair is gathered into one big swirly rose. Go big or go home, right?

#16. Double Dutch Braided Roses Half-Updo

Here is a nice and simple hairstyle. Double dutch braids ending in two braided roses atop the head in a half updo.

A great alternative for those wanting to try out the space bun hairstyle.

#17. Triple Flower Crown Over A Bubble Fishtail Braid

A complex hairstyle, yet it looks so carefree.

A crown of three different sized rosettes on a half updo and a decorative bubble fishtail braid as the flower’s stem.

#18. Black To Red Ombre Braided Flower Bun

Another way to make good use of a red colored hair.

Just look at this fabulous black to red ombre hair styled in a braided rose bun. In only makes the color pop out that much better.

#19. Half-Updo Bouquet Of Braided Flower

Braided roses are quite easy to make.

If you’re up for it, you can make several of them to create a nice braided bouquet on a half updo and finish it off with a bow. Doesn’t it look cute?

#20. Twisted Low Rose Bun With Looped Strands On Top

Another example of why lower hairstyles are favorite choices for brides.

Here is another lovely sculpted rose chignon, topped with some loose loop/waterfall braids on top.

#21. Top Side Rose With Hanging Braids

A single braided rosette above the ear is sometimes all you need.

This is great when you don’t want to use barrettes and an added bonus is that you can make some loose braids under the rosette to make the hairstyle even prettier.

#22. Messy Tied Back Rose On Pink And Red Highlighted Hair

You don’t always have to make a perfect rose to achieve this hairstyle.

A messy tied-back ballerina bun on a half updo can do the trick, especially if you have a pastel colored hair to help you achieve the rose look.

#23. Classic Chignon Topped With Micro Stranded Rose

What to do when you want to decorate a classic elegant chignon but don’t have any accessories?

Simple. Top it off with a delicate flower made from tiny looped strands of hair.

#24. Messy Flower Crown On Brown To Blonde Ombre

Ombre hair is always a fun hairstyle, especially one with striking contrast.

It gives you the chance to play around with the colors, like in this colorful messy rose crown hairdo.

#25. Sculpted Side Row Of Roses

Here is a hairstyle you could only see in a fashion show.

Extremely elegant the roses are styled so perfectly, it makes you doubt if it’s real hair or not.

#26. Cascading Braid Twisted Into Side Braided Rose

Cascading looped braids will always give you that extra texture you’re looking for.

Here they’re used well to complement a twisted rose bun and make the updo seamlessly blend together.

#27. Braided Rosette With Pull Through Braid

You can make excellent pull-through braids even if you’re bad at braiding.

Loosen them up a bit and you get great braided ponytail that topped with a tied back rosette will look breathtaking.

#28. Double Braided Rosettes With Loose Low Ponytail

All girls love flowers, and here is one hairstyle that will look good on girls of any age.

Adorable side braids twisted into roses over a low ponytail, great for the first day of school.

#29. Big Braid Contoured Blooming Flower

Not a fan of rose hairstyles? Then you’ll love this one,

A bloomed four-petal flower contoured with braids and adorned with a pin. Magnificent.

#30. Avant-garde Sculpted Black Rose Top

Another fabulous hairstyle belonging on the runway.

The whole hair is gathered atop the head and styled into a life-like black rose. Stunning.

#31. Criss-Cross Waterfall Braid Crown Tied With Small Rose

Here is another fun hairstyle fit for all ages.

A half up style, where the bangs are pulled in four waterfall braid headband ending in with a small twisty rose on the side.

#32. All-Around Loose Braid Swirled Into A Rose Bun

A stylish, swirling perfection.

Loosen up braid to soften the look ending in a orderly styled rose.

#33. Flower Bouquet Updo

Here is an option of forming a hair bouquet even if you don’t have very long hair to work with.

Gather your hair in a bun and swirl as many flowers as you can. Messy, but chic.

#34. Messy Tied-Back Rose On Wavy Hair

We showed you a bun made to look like a flower on pinkish hair.

Here is how you can achieve the same look on a standard colored hair.

#35. Black And Red Half-Updo With Row Of Tiny Roses

If you want a rose headband, you’ll love this idea, especially if you have shorter hair.

Slicked tied-back pouf with loose curls, and few tiny swirled roses to complete the look.

#36. Inverted French Braid Twisted Into A Flower Side Bun

Sleek and fancy hairstyle for your big day.

A snaking french braid ending in a twisted rose. Add a decorative hairpin in the middle and you’re done.

#37. Crown Braid With Triple Rosette Half-Updo

When the regular braided headband just cut-it, you can try this.

After securing the braids in the back, braids and swirl a few flowers above it. Easy  improvement, don’t you think?

#38. Classic Chignon Topped With Red Colored Large Rose

Our last rose hairstyle idea is another one you won’t see on the streets, but you have to admit it is exquisite.

Chunky chignon under a beautiful red colored rose. All sleek and neat, the ultimate posh look, with a bit of flare.

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