28 Fabulous Ideas For Styling A Fishtail Braid

Today, we will talk about the goddess of braids. That is the fishtail braid, one of the most common braid hairstyles. The reason the fishtail is so popular is the simplicity and ease of making. All you have to do is divide your hair in two sections, and then take a thin strand from each section to braid it.

That is the simple fishtail braid. Today, we will look at some more complicated ways to make the braid. But thanks to the tutorials I will give you, I am sure you will get there. You can get a stunning look thanks to the fishtail, and I want to make it that possible for you.

1. Waterfall, Rosette and Fishtail Braid Combo


One of the best parts about the fishtail is its versatility. Because it is simple and neat braid, the fishtail works wonderfully with other hairstyles. You can easily combine it with other braids for a finishing touch. And we start with one such idea.

2. Loose Beach Blonde Fishtail Braid


I must say, one of the biggest mistakes women make is have their braids too tight. There is no reason for that. Loose braids make your hair look casual, yes, but also effortless. And you will definitely look more beautiful.

3. Fishtail Headband Braid


As I said previously, the fishtail braid is a technique you can use for other braids. In this case, we see the technique utilized for a headband braid.

4. Dutch Fishtail Rows


Some women are just not satisfied with one braid. They want more. In this case, we have several rows of braids. The difference in technique is also obvious, as the Dutch braid is a bit different than the fishtail braid.

5. Boho Fishtail Braid Style


The Boho style came back in fashion some three or four years ago, and is here to stay. Boho style is a loose, casual style that allows you to look more natural than ever. Here is one hairstyle that goes in line with the style.

6. Snaked Through Fishtail Braid


When you look at this hairstyle, one of the first questions is “how the hell this girl made it”? Well, that mystery is what will get you some gazes and looks. And I will not tell you the answer. I will let you find out in the tutorial.

7. Fishtail Headband Updo


There are few hairstyles that are more timeless than the fishtail braid. One of them is the updo. The classic updo is a standard for weddings and cocktail events. If you want to take your updo to the next level, a fishtail braid is definitely an option.

8. Zipper Braid With Fishtail Finish


I must warn you, what looks simple, is actually hard to get. Unlike many of the hairstyles on this list, you will need some more effort and time to get this one. But in the end, the effort is worth the result. If you can spare some minutes, try something out of the ordinary.

9. Large And Small Fishtail Updo


It is always interesting to see mix of two different, yet similar styles combined in one. The small and large updo are a perfect example for this.

10. Fishtail And Dutch Braid Combo With Low Loose Ponytail


As I’ve said before, the fishtail and the Dutch braid are very similar. Yet, in the same time, they are also different in the way the technique is executed. But braids are always nice to mix and match. The loose ponytail is what makes this hairstyle perfect, but the braids contribute as well.

11. Double Twist Fishtail Pigtails


If you are looking for a girly and teenage-like hairstyle, the pigtail is always a nice option. You can give it a bit flair with the fishtail braid. However, it is still essentially a girly hairstyle. There is nothing wrong in that. Some women love to look younger at times.

12. Boho Balayage Fishtail Braid


A hairstyle taken from a fashion magazine. Sleek, elegant, yet casual in the same time. There are just so many things to love here. Starting from the balayage, and continuing to the loose and casual fishtail braid. And I love how the makeup has been paired with it.

13. Undone Fishtail Updo


As you can see by now, there are so many different tweaks of the updo as well. Same as there are many variations of the fishtail braid, there are many variations of the updo as well. And even many variations of the fishtail braid updo. The sky is the limit.

14. Inverted Side Swept Fishtail Braid


I love the flower accessories that complement the hairstyle just perfectly. I must say, this is one hairstyle that looks perfect for all seasons.

15. Unicorn Fishtail Crown Updo


The updo is always a nice option when you need a hairstyle for a cocktail event. No matter what you do, the updo will look elegant. That is just the beauty of it. But as we saw by now, you can always find a different angle for a unique hairstyle.

16. Messy French Fishtail Braid


Messy but organized is one of the trends that I love. It is actually one of my favorite styles. I like to look like I haven’t spent a minute taking care of my look. But in reality, you need to spend little more than that.

17. Marine Blue Fishtail Mohawk


I honestly do not know what to complement first. Let’s be honest, this is a hairstyle not many have the courage to wear. But it is definitely one rich in character and boldness. Starting from the Mohawk, and moving to the marine color, you can show your rebellious spirit with this hairstyle.

18.  Twist Bow With Fishtail


This hairstyle is perfect for rushed mornings. I know it looks like you need to spend more than 20 minutes getting your hair done. But that is not the case. In fact, you can easily get this hairstyle in few minutes.

19. Elegant Criss Cross Fishtail Bun


The criss cross is a fan favorite for getting whimsical and playful hairstyle. A go-to hairstyle when you want to introduce a little playfulness to your style.

20. Multicolored Side Braided Fishtail


The braid is simple, but the coloration is what makes it unique. Now, so many colors on your hair can be damaging. And it can definitely be hard to hit the perfect balance. But if you can do it, WOW. What a statement hairstyle.

21. Horizontal Elegant Fishtail Braids


Speaking of simple braids, this one is right on the money. A classy and elegant hairstyle that you can make for your everyday occasions. You will look classy and beautiful in a matter of minutes.

22. Fishtail Braid Of Fishtails


For those of you that remember Xzibit and his Pimp my Ride TV show, this is the hairstyle. You know that “we put a meme inside your meme” joke. Well, basically that is this hairstyle. A fishtail within a fishtail is so Xzibit-like. But we have to admit it looks awesome.

23. Tuck Twist And Roll Fishtail Braid


The hairstyle perfectly complements the coloration here. Just as the color change, the direction of the braids change as well. That is not easy to achieve.

24. Accessorized Loose Fishtail Braid


Accessories make everything better. There is no other way around it. And even a hairstyle that looks like accessory, or the fishtail braid, can benefit from some accessories as well. In this case, you need a statement-like accessory, as it will be the emphasis of your hairstyle.

25. Twisted Fishtail Braid Updo


If you thought there will be no more fishtail updos, think again. There are just so many variations of this hairstyle, we cannot possibly include them all. I try to focus just on the more popular ones.

26. Half Up Side Fishtail Bun


Wow, that is all I have to say when I look at this hairstyle. It is a creative and out of this world. The artistic touch is evident, and I assume it is challenging to make it. Luckily, there is a tutorial to helps us.

27. Pulled Back Fishtail With Two French Braid On Multicolored Hair


I said it several times. Fishtail is at its best when combined with other braids. It really shines in such cases. Even when there are so many colors that distract you, the fishtail braid is still the main focus.

28. Chunky Inverted Fishtail Pigtails


In the end, I would like to give a rather unconventional take on the fishtail. This is one of those girly hairstyles that you wonder, why? I said the pigtail is girly and teenage-like. But in this case, you can make the case that the fishtail braid helps you look a tad older. It is an elegant hairstyle that adds years to your look.

With that in mind, I hope you found some inspiration. And I am looking forward to seeing your ideas in the comments section.

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