28 Fabulous Ideas For Styling A Fishtail Braid

Today, we will talk about the goddess of braids.

That is the fishtail braid, one of the most common braid hairstyles.

The reason the fishtail is so popular is the simplicity and ease of making.

All you have to do is divide your hair in two sections, and then take a thin strand from each section to braid it.

That is the simple fishtail braid.

Fishtail Braids

Today, we will look at some more complicated ways to make the braid.

But thanks to the tutorials I will give you, I am sure you will get there.

You can get a stunning look thanks to the fishtail, and I want to make it that possible for you.

1. Waterfall, Rosette and Fishtail Braid Combo

One of the best parts about the fishtail is its versatility. Because it is simple and neat braid, the fishtail works wonderfully with other hairstyles. You can easily combine it with other braids for a finishing touch. And we start with one such idea.

2. Loose Beach Blonde Fishtail Braid

I must say, one of the biggest mistakes women make is have their braids too tight. There is no reason for that. Loose braids make your hair look casual, yes, but also effortless. And you will definitely look more beautiful.

3. Fishtail Headband Braid

As I said previously, the fishtail braid is a technique you can use for other braids. In this case, we see the technique utilized for a headband braid.

4. Dutch Fishtail Rows

Some women are just not satisfied with one braid. They want more. In this case, we have several rows of braids. The difference in technique is also obvious, as the Dutch braid is a bit different than the fishtail braid.

5. Boho Fishtail Braid Style

The Boho style came back in fashion some three or four years ago, and is here to stay. Boho style is a loose, casual style that allows you to look more natural than ever. Here is one hairstyle that goes in line with the style.

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