17 Fabulous Faux Hawk Hairstyle Tutorials

The classic mohawk is considered more of a man’s hairstyle, nevertheless women are known to enjoy wearing it as well.

Still, not every woman is ready for a for the tomboyish look of having a buzz cut on the sides, and here’s where the faux hawk really takes the stage.

Described best as the mohawk’s closest cousin, the faux hawk gives you the chance to have that edgy look of short sides and long top going to the back of the neck for an evening or for as long as you want.

The faux hawk is mostly done with braids, but other styling options are also available, and here you can learn how to do a few of them on your own. Get ready to rock the hawk.

#1. Braided Faux Hawk Updo

Let’s start with something easy and versatile.

You’ll only need to do a long inside-out french braid for this hairstyle, and the nifty part is that you can wear it loose or in an updo, for a more casual or formal look.

#2. Half-Up Faux Hawk

A mixture of mohawk and a mullet, this hairstyle is party all around.

The faux hawk is also done with braids, with the top section teased up a bit to give the hair more volume, while he rest of the hair is left loose. A surely interesting half-updo faux mohawk.

#3. Pull-Trough Faux Hawk For Short Hair

Short hair is a bit more difficult to braid, especially if you’re not very skilled at braiding.

Then you’ll love this hairstyle, which is not a faux hawk on short hair, but it’s also done with faux braids or pull-through braids, to be precise. No plaiting needed, just a bunch of hair ties.

#4. Posh Faux Hawk

A posh look with a bit of a rebel in the mix.

This faux hawk is a stunning combination of both, making it a great choice for formal occasions or a party night out.

#5. Ponytail Faux Hawk With Side Braids

Natural curls can be harder to tame than regular hair,  but it’s no problem for the faux hawk.

With slicked back sides with a lovely cornrow braid, a pouf at the top and tied back curls, you’ll have an envy-worthy look.

#6. Bun Hawk Half-Up Or Updo

Buns are pretty easy to make and are great for faux hawks.

Tie up a few in a row and you’re pretty much done. You also have the choice of making a full faux hawk or a half-up hairdo.

#7. Side French Braid Faux Hawk

Instead of making the hair at the top bigger, make the sides slimmer.

By adding inside-out french braids at the sides, you get more texture and glam to the faux hawk, leaving the top more free needing just a small pouf at the top.

#8. Braided Faux Hawk Updo

An exquisite braided faux hawk updo.

The entire hair is gathered in a loose chunky braid and secured with smaller braids wrapped in the back.

#9. Triple Bun Half Faux Hawk

An easy going faux hawk if you ever saw one.

A mix of edgy and boho, this faux hawk is more of a half updo, great for keeping your long hair out of the way for everyday activities.

#10. Bridal Faux Hawk

Faux hawks can look soft and dignified with the right hair-styling.

This bridal faux hawk is certainly a hairstyle you’ll need some help with, but the end result will not disappoint.

#11. Braided Faux Hawk With Braided Accents 

Here’s another great braided faux hawk.

This one is not only braided from top to ends, but it also has two side braids completing the look, making it suitable for all ages.

#12. Curly Faux Hawk

Curly hair, don’t care and don’t worry either, cause it’s great for a faux hawk.

With alredy an amazing texture and volume, you v=can make a fabulous curly faux hawk like this one with minimal effort.

#13. Braided Bubbly Faux Hawk

Braids or bubbles for a faux hawk? Why not both?

A few bubbles on the top to make more volume and braids to complete the look and add more texture, and you have a runway worthy faux hawk.

#14. Five Strand Braided Faux Hawk

Here’s a fun challenge for the more experienced braiders.

A single wonderful five strand braid down the middle with a flowing ponytail is a faux hawk anyone can envy.

#15. Topsy Tail Faux Hawk

Using a topsy tail is an easy way to create many hairstyles, including a faux hawk.

With a pouf at the hairline and a few topsy tails in a row, and you get a bouncy voluminous faux hawk.

#16. Messy Bun Hawk

If the topsy tail isn’t working for you, try this bun hawk.

You get the same voluminous faux hawk, if not a bit messier, but that’s the fun of it.

#17. Braided Day-To-Night Transforming Faux Hawk

Our last faux hawk hairstyle is one you’ll want when you have a full day of activities scheduled.

This ravishing braided faux hawk is perfect for the office or going around town, and when night comes just tuck it in and you’re ready to party all night long.

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