Elegant Hairstyles That Suit Different Sarees

A saree is India’s favorite garment worn by women to accentuate their beauty. It looks good on every woman irrespective of their height, body type or size. The saree remains a part of Indian culture and despite the western influences it’s still trending even among the younger generation. Whether you have an hourglass or voluptuous body, you can drape a saree and still look graceful.

A saree is never complete without a beautiful blouse to pair it with. Various designers and boutiques have a wide range of blouse designs that will compliment a saree to give it a more appealing look. However, that isn’t the only thing you need to complete the saree look. You also need to accessorize with matching jewellery, beautiful footwear, and the perfect hairdo. The hairstyle you pick will either add to the saree look or kill it. A good hairstyle will make you look stunning even with a simple saree.

If you have no idea which hairstyle goes with which saree, don’t worry we will sort you out. Here are some gorgeous hairstyles you can try out with your saree.

Open hairstyle

This is the simplest hairstyle for a saree. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time, this simple yet elegant hairdo is perfect. Let your hair loose and make a middle partition with the tresses falling over each shoulder. It’s easier to straighten it with styling irons. You can also use a little hair spray and sweep your hair on the side or use a small hair puff to add some volume to your hair. This hairdo can go with almost all sarees.

Messed upside braid

A hairstyle for that gorgeous Indian or bridal look that will look good on you at any occasion. It’s a simple beehive braid where you braid all your hair on one side of your shoulder then tug out your hair from the braid to make it look messy. This hairdo will suit a medium length saree.

Low ponytail

A sleek low ponytail is a simple hairstyle that will be perfect with the gorgeous Sabyasachi saree that you can get at stylecaret. This hairdo will definitely shift the focus to your beautiful saree and earn you many glances especially if you have an oval-shaped face.

High ponytail

A well-done and clean high ponytail that will look great on sarees with geometric or asymmetrical prints. To add some hair volume at the top of your head, you can use a small hair puff. You can either lightly perm your hair for falling thick light curls or let your hair fall naturally.

Chunky hairstyle with veil

You can flaunt this simple traditional hairstyle with a beautiful saree. This is a Bengali bride look complete with a red bindi on the forehead, red bangles, and chunky jhumkas. A bouffant is made with a front fringe then the puff is pinned at the back.

Low twisted bun

A different type of bun but unlike the high bun, this one is tied away from the central part of the head but almost near your neck’s nape. Part the sides of your hair, twist it, and bring it to the back and pin it low on both sides. Roll your hair to a bun and pin it up. It will appear a little messy but still a great traditional hairstyle for a saree.

Jude hairstyle

A great reception hairstyle that you can create by puffing your hair up a little and using clips and pins to hold it in place. You can use a puff to give your hair more lift. Make sure your hair is well combed and untangled to get a neat look.

Bangs for long hair

Bangs are very high fashion that will suit western outfits as well as sarees. Straight bangs or side bangs give you a different look or you can let your hair fall any way you like. Since the main focus on your hair is the bangs, you can either curl it or leave it straight. An easy hairdo for sarees which would look even better on someone with a prominent forehead.

South Indian hairstyle

A South Indian hairstyle done with flowers and beautiful jewellery. Make a middle partition, wrap the side hair, tie it to a bun then braid it at the back and wrap it with flowers. This is a common hair braided style added something extra perfect for a half saree or silk saree.

Braided crown hairstyle

An irresistible and gorgeous look. This simple hairstyle is easy to make. Make a thick braid by taking hair from one side, pull it over the crown like a hair band, pin it on the other side of the head then lastly tie a Chignon bun at the back. This awesome hairstyle is well suited for a saree accessorized with heavy jewellery.

French braid

What you need to do to make a classic French braid is to make a straight braid from the crown to the end of the hair. Tag the hair strands a bit to make it look messy and more voluminous. You can leave it like that or tag some flowers on it to suit a round shaped face.

Navari hairstyle

The Navari hairstyle is a neatly tied bun at the back of the hair decorated with flowers and jewellery. This traditional hairdo can be time-consuming but the results are worth it.

Beachy waves

A casual and lovely hairstyle for a heavy saree. These beachy waves will go well with a heart-shaped face to compliment your facial structure. Make sure to wash and dry your hair with heat protector, curl 2 inches of your hair at a time, brush lightly to loosen the curls, part your hair at the middle then lastly put on some maang tikka.

Marathi hairstyle

This traditional hairstyle is a typical bun with flowers and jewellery with front hair made as a twisted twirl or a puff that joins at the back to form a bigger bun and a pearl string along the forehead.


Some of the hairstyles are simple and you can also experiment with different styles on your short or long hair.

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