30 Easy to Make Curly Hairstyles

I have a lot of female friends who love their curly hair. I know many people with curly hair who make an effort to straighten their hair. And I know many with straight hair who want to make their hair look curly. Personally, I love curly hair because it looks natural and it adds a certain flair to your outfit.

Many people incorrectly believe that you have to have long hair to make it curly. Wrong. No matter if you have short, medium, or long hair, you can make it curly. And if you think that curly hair is not an effective and stylish hairstyle for cocktail events, think again. Just look at the celebrity stars on the list with their glamorous hairstyle.

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1. Medium curly hairstyle


Taylor Swift has tried almost every hairstyle there is in the playbook. From straight to wildly curly to medium curly hair. In this photo, she goes with slightly curly hair. And it works great with her bangs. Just the endings are curled, giving her that innocent, cute look.

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