33 Exiting Crochet Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

Crochet braids are incredibly versatile.

They look incredibly real and are so easy to maintain.

To achieve the look, the stylist attaches the extensions onto to the cornrowed scalp.

Cute crochet hairstyles

The hair extensions are attached by using a crochet needle type device. There are a lot of ways that this style can be used to achieve different looks.

1. Braidless Crochet Tied Back With Slicked Back Side And Ponytail

You don’t have to crochet your whole head.

You can add some volume to your hair by putting it in a section.

This tied back slicked back ponytail is sislicked-backs.

2. Copper Boho Gypsy Locks

These boho gypsy locks will transform your look and turn you into a golden goddess.

This look will definitely turn heads.

3. Two-Tone Coils On A-Line Bob

These two-tone coils will put a spring in your step,

The gold and black tones perfectly compliment each other and looks fantastic.

4. Long Tresses With Cascading Curls

Don’t have hours to sit down and get extensions?

These gorgeous spiral curls are perfect for the girl around town.

5. Purple And Burgundy Chunky Twist Braids

These purple and burgundy chunky twist braids are stunning!

This look is so versatile and total must try.

6. Wavy Medium Length Crochet Hairstyle

This wavy medium length crochet hairstyle is a perfect everyday hairstyle.

This beautiful effortless style is easy, breezy, beautiful.

7. Crochet Goldilocks

These faux locs are an amazing style to try if because they can be done much faster than it would take to achieve the same affect with your natural hair.

These blonde locs are truly show stopping.

8. Dimensional Springy Bob

If you would like to opt for a more natural look, try this brassy light brown color with caramel.

The casual style is great for a kinky textured look!

9. Natural Boho Style Locks

These natural boho locks are the one for you if your looking for a laid back casual style.

The best thing about crochet braids, the longer you leave it the prettier it looks.

Especially with crocher locs

10. Half-Black Half-Red Havana Twist

These gorgeous half-black half-red havana twists are simply sensational.

This is for someone who loves to experiment with their hair.

11. Chunky Curls With Beaded Braids At The Front

These fulani braids are so vibrant and fun.

This style is totally on trend and fashion forward.

12. Red Velvet Box Braids In High Ponytail

These red velvet box braids are a great choice for a girl who wants a style thats a little out of the box.

Putting the braids in a high ponytail is so sophisticated.

13. Highlighted Zig-Zag Style

This look is great because it has great texture without being overly glossy and smooth.

This is a beautiful, casual everyday hairstyle.

14. Long Highlighted Corkscrew Hairstyle

This long glamorous cork screw hairstyle is perfect for those who want to be seen.

To keep these lovely and bouncy curls looking fresh every morning, try the pineappling method.

All you have to do is gather all of your hair on top of your head and cover with a silk cap or scarf for the night. The silk scarf will ensure frizz free curls remain intact.

15. Curly Faux Hawk With Sectioned Sides

This curly faux hawk is so edgy and cool.

This modern and trendy hairstyle is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

16. Long Locks With Undone Tips

These long locks with undone tips are so carefree and simply exquisite.

This is a great style for every fashionista to try!

17. Red Voluminous Crochet Curls

Striking red crochet curls is not for the faint hearted.

But this bold, dynamic style is totally gorgeous.

18. Nape To Top Cornrows With Curly Puff

18. Nape To Top Cornrows With Curly Puff

These red crochet braids with the purple undertone are so lit!

The loose and long wavy style in this look is another excellent way to rock purple crochet hair.

20. Crochet Hair With Invisible Slanted Part And Highlighted Ends

If you like crochet braids but don’t like the ‘bumps’ an invisible part is for you.

This slanted part with highlighted ends are so chic.

21. Space Buns With Micro And Macro Braids

These out of the world space buns are so adorable.

The addition of the micro and macro braids give the style a 90s vibe.

22. African Rainbow Braids

This african rainbow braids are so striking and beautiful.

This a must try for the woman who wants to start to the trend – not just follow it.

23. Long Crochet Box Braids

These classic and chic crochet braids are so beautiful.

As well as letting them loose around your shoulder, they are versatile enough to be piled on top of the head.

24. Twist Braids With Cornrow Hairline

You can’t go wrong with crochet twists.

But to take them to the next level, with these in intricate cornrows on the crown of the head.

These gold cuffs add a regal sense to this beautiful hairstyle.

25.  Side Swept Micro Twist Braids With Close Cut Side

This side swept micro twist braids are gorgeous.

If you are completely daring try a close cut side shave.

26. Short Crochet Curls With Voluminous Bangs

These short crochet curls are so big and bouncy.

These voluminous bangs are so gorgeous.

27. Loose Curls With Cornrow Braids On One Side

These loose curls with cornrow braids on one side are so glam.

These shiny big curls are just gorgeous.

28. Twist Locks In Half-Up Double Bun

These classic twist locks are so classic and chic.

Putting it in a half-up double bun is another great every day style.

29. Twisted Curly Locks

These twisted curly locks locs are so dreamy and cool.

This is a must try – simply stunning.

30. Burgundy And Gray Havana Mambo Twist

These burgundy and gray havana mambo twists are big and bold.

This hairstyle will be perfect for a Carribbean getaway.

31. Short Corkscrew Curls With Side Undercut

This short corkscrew curls is so on trend.

The side undercut is so dope and will make you a true trendsetter.

32. Tapered And Textured Pixie

This gorgeous style can be achieved five and a half packs of twenty four inch Outre X-Pression Kinky Curl Crochet Hair.

33. Red And Black Ombre Half Up Bun

These gorgeous voluminous red and black curls are simply divine.

Why don’t you try crochet braids today?

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