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28 Fabulous Ideas For Styling A Fishtail Braid

Today, we will talk about the goddess of braids. That is the fishtail braid, one of the most common braid hairstyles. The reason the fishtail is so popular is the simplicity and ease of making. All you have to do is divide your hair in two sections, and then take a thin strand from each… Read More

30 Beautiful Bob Hairstyles Most Suited For Black Women

A general rule of thumb is that African-American women love hairstyles that are edgier. It might be a stereotype, but white women are more about being cute and adorable, while black women look for something sexier. A bob hairstyle perfectly frames the features of a black woman. That makes the bob great option for African-American… Read More

30 Gorgeous Ghana Braids For An All-Black Style

Ghana braids are stylish, detailed, and very versatile. Do not expect to find just one type of Ghana braids. You’ll be surprised to see how many options are there. And you can try any of them. Some women opt for short length, others go for long hair. And while some go for colored coils, other… Read More

28 Stylish Sew-In Hairstyles To Hit You Hair Goals

Have you always wanted to have long, blonde hair? Or some beautiful braids? Or any other hairstyle that seems like impossible to get? Well, welcome to the 21st century, where your dreams come true. Or at least, those about your hair. Sew in styles There is no more reason to wait for your hair to… Read More

30 Box Braids Looking Absolutely Stunning

Box braids are extremely popular. There are two simple reasons for that. The first one is box braids are low maintenance. The second is you can wear them in countless styles, with or without hair extensions. Cool Box Braids Styles For years, box braids were a symbol of African-American women. But that has changed over… Read More

23 Tutorials For Super Easy Hairdos Done In Minutes

Who wants to spend hours making their hair? I don’t believe anyone answered “Yes” on that one. Summer is all about light and easy going. We need to take it easy, and that applies for effortless hairstyles as well. Today, we will talk about hairdos you can make in just about few minutes. I want… Read More

31 Cool Braids for Every Summer Event

The braid is one of the most versatile hairstyles you can think of. You can opt for a casual and everyday braid, or you can make one for a formal event. That’s the beauty of it. The sky is the limit when it comes to braids. Cool Braid Hairstyles Today, we will look at some… Read More

31 Goddess Braid Designs for Every Woman

There was a time when goddess braids were a symbol of femininity for ethnic women. But nowadays, ethnic women are not the only ones wearing them. Looking like oversized cornrows, goddess braids are the perfect way to show your artistic style. There is so much artwork that goes into one braid, and there are so… Read More

Try Out These 20 French Braid Hairstyles To Look Perfect For Any Occasion

One of the classic hairstyles that never goes out of fashion is the French braid. On first glance, French braid looks like a complicated process. However, I can tell you for sure that creating a French braid can sometimes be as easy as saying “crackers”. The most important part of French braid hairstyle is preparation… Read More

41 Alluring Long Bob Hairstyles You Must Try This Summer

The bob cannot be ignored. The bob has been “the haircut” for strong females like Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel. In the “modern” age, however, it was Jennifer Aniston who made the bob popular. From the moment Aniston got a bob haircut in Friends, women around the world craved for the haircut that made Jennifer… Read More

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