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35 Stencil Graffiti Hairstyles For A True “Wow” Factor

Stencil hair or graffiti hair is a temporary way but magical way to add a touch of glamour to you look. The stencil design along with with the gorgeous colors transform your hair into an urban canvas. We’ve combined a list of styles that will make you run to your stylist in a heartbeat. 1. Stencil… Read More

32 Rainbow Hairstyles For A More Adventurous Look

With the gorgeous weather just around the corner – it’s time for a style overhaul. And nothing fits the warm weather more than rainbow hair. Whether you go bold and vivid or soft and subtle, this color trend is hands down the coolest way to stand out from the crowd. One stylist Kayla Boyer is leading the… Read More

33 Simply Scrumptious Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

Strawberry blonde hair has been a must try style for decades. The gorgeous warm reddish blonde hue has been rocked to perfection by celebrities for years. Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher and Cynthia Nixon are true strawberry blonde icons. Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas We’ve sourced dozens of strawberry blonde pictures to help you decide… Read More

33 Stunning And Mystique Dark Red Hairstyles

You have to try red hair at least once in your life. For those of us who were not blessed with reddish color hair by nature we totally have options. We’ve delved into the world of red hairstyles to help you add some color into your life! 1. Dark To Bright Red Ombre This a… Read More

37 Short Ombre Hairstyles To Spice Up A Short Do

If you’ve got gorgeous short hair but are feeling a little bored, we’ve got the inspiration your looking for. Ombre is a hair technique which blends one color to another seamlessly and looks so pretty. The look on shorter hair looks so fashionable and modern. Short Ombre Hair Ideas Take a look at these attractive hairstyles… Read More

27 Sweet Honey Blonde Ideas You Must Check Out

If it is good enough for Blake Lively, it should be good enough for you, right? In 2017, the most popular blonde hue was honey blonde. And the color is still among the favorites of celebrities. The best part about honey blonde is the color is not too dark, subtle, or brassy, and it is… Read More

30 Blonde Bayalage Looks To Leave You Breathless

Blonde is very versatile hair color. It comes in a wide palette of different stunning shades. You can go from warm caramel, up to platinum and ash blonde. Some even go for the icy white look. And every one of those looks wonderful. A blonde balayage technique is great for a natural-looking hair color that… Read More

30 Purple Balayage Hairstyles For Soft, Yet Energetic Look

Balayage is a type of ombre. The key point of the technique is to dye your hair in a way highlights get graduated, but natural look. Now, there are many colors you can try for the balayage technique. Purple balayage hair Today, we will look at only purple as hair color. Think of it as… Read More

25 Eye-Catching Rose Gold Hair Ideas For 2018

Every year, there are lots of color options for dying your hair. And every year, women still try to experiment with something different. Rose gold is one of the “new kids on the block”. The color is feminine, yet playful. And is there anything not to like in rose gold? Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas… Read More

30 Alluring, Subtle Highlights for Brown Hair

You can definitely say it’s that time of the year. Proms, weddings, and many formal events call for some great hairstyles. In that spirit, today I want to give some love to ladies with brown hair. One of the reasons brown hair has a bad rep is because it can look boring at times. They… Read More

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