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27 Sweet Honey Blonde Ideas You Must Check Out

If it is good enough for Blake Lively, it should be good enough for you, right? In 2017, the most popular blonde hue was honey blonde. And the color is still among the favorites of celebrities. The best part about honey blonde is the color is not too dark, subtle, or brassy, and it is… Read More

30 Blonde Bayalage Looks To Leave You Breathless

Blonde is very versatile hair color. It comes in a wide palette of different stunning shades. You can go from warm caramel, up to platinum and ash blonde. Some even go for the icy white look. And every one of those looks wonderful. A blonde balayage technique is great for a natural-looking hair color that… Read More

30 Purple Balayage Hairstyles For Soft, Yet Energetic Look

Balayage is a type of ombre. The key point of the technique is to dye your hair in a way highlights get graduated, but natural look. Now, there are many colors you can try for the balayage technique. Today, we will look at only purple as hair color. Think of it as the perfect middle… Read More

25 Eye-Catching Rose Gold Hair Ideas For 2017

Every year, there are lots of color options for dying your hair. And every year, women still try to experiment with something different. Rose gold is one of the “new kids on the block”. The color is feminine, yet playful. And is there anything not to like in rose gold? The color is basically blond… Read More

30 Alluring, Subtle Highlights for Brown Hair

1. Dark Roots with Soft Golden Waves We start off with the simplest, and probably most common, hairstyle for highlights, and something you see in commercials all the time. All the hair shampoo products show something similar their commercials. And that’s why we start off with the most commonly used brown highlights hairstyle. 2. Dark… Read More

24 Mesmerizing Examples of Holographic Hair

1. Holographic Opal We start off with a simple hairstyle that emphasizes the holographic trend. Yes, most of these hairstyles are for long hair. But as you will see later on, there is some love for short hair as well. 2. Silver Metallic Red and Pink I already mentioned that you don’t need to use… Read More

38 Stunning Summer Hair Color Trends Only For The Boldest

1. Pink And Yellow Sunset Yellow is the color of summer and sun, and with some fresh and light pink, this hairstyle just screams party girl. 2. Soft Macaroon Rainbow I am usually not a fan of more than two colors on your hair, but even I can be wrong sometimes. It is just absolutely insane… Read More