27 Braided Bang Hairstyles For An Effortless Fancy Look

I’ve written over and over about the versatility of braids. Today, we will talk about how you can braid your bangs.

Bangs usually cover your face, but with braids, you can frame your face perfectly so that every line is emphasized. These hairstyles are effortless, and playfully elegant. Let’s see what I have in store for you.

1. Reverse Lace Braided Baids

We start off with a timeless classic that will let you show your face completely. A simple braid goes a long way, and that is true in this case as well.

2. Two Braided Crisscross Brands

Talk about some volume. One thing you cannot say about this hairstyle is that it lacks volume. And because there is so much hair, you want to make sure your bangs do not cover your face. Problem solved with a crisscross braid.

3. Twisted Braid With Gibson Tuck

It would be a shame to start braiding your hair and do just the bangs. You can incorporate the bangs in a complete hairstyle that looks effortlessly sexy. This one is straight from the Jain Austen novels.

4. Pinned Braided Bangs

Sometimes, you want your braids to take care of the bangs, but also allow your bangs to grow. If that is the case, you can pin the bangs into your hair with this simple braid. Think of it as a wreath for your bangs.

5. Fishtail Bangs Into High Bun

I said previously that when you start braiding, you cannot stop. And while some of the hairstyles on this list are just braids for bangs, others are for the entire hair. You start with the bangs, and you continue from there. The end result is a perfectly braided high bun.

6. Chunky Braided Bang On Bob

I said previously that you should think of bang braids as a wreath. This is one of the best examples, as you keep the bangs away from your face. And they are still stunningly beautiful and incorporated into the larger picture. This bob is one of the best I’ve seen.

7. Double Braided Bangs Into Space Buns

I must say, I am a big fan of playful and whimsical hairstyles. This one falls into that category. I love how braids are just part of the top, and then the sides are let loose. And you just cannot ignore the red color and all of the boldness it brings to the table.

8. Bohemian Messy Side Braided Bangs

Focusing on free and flowy, these principles apply for everything boho. The style that was popular back in the 50s and 60s is making a huge comeback, and not just in fashion. Boho chic is one of the most casual looks you can get, hair included. But do not worry. While it is casual, boho is also elegant.

9. Viking French And Dutch Braided Bangs

You start with one style, and finish off with a different style. Now that is one cool looking braid. And I love it how you have your entire hair let loose, and just the bangs braided. The braid fits seamlessly and smoothly into the hairstyle.

10. Twist Braided Bangs Tucked Into Ponytail

You can call this hairstyle the classic college girl hairstyle. You won’t be wrong. This is as close as it gets to the effortless and quick hairstyle college girls make in the morning. When you are in rush, this hairstyle will help you leave your home looking classy.

11. Micro French Braided Bang On Pixie Hair

I’ve written previously that you can get bangs for short hair and long hair. Length doesn’t make a huge difference. In that spirit, I give you the pixie braids. You are probably asking where did that hair come from? Well, check the link and you’ll see how you can gather hair for a braid even on a pixie.

12. High Plaited Bangs Into Top Knot

The top knot, the top bun, high bun, all of these are elegant looking hairstyles. And they are perfect when you want to look cool and elegant in the same time. For example, on the beach, as in this case.

13. Four Strand Braided Bangs

Some ladies want simple braids. Others want to take things to the next level. If you fall into the latter category, use four strands for your braids. The common standard is two, but you can take things further.

14. Double Braided Bangs

Following the spirit of “the more the better”, I suggest you try double braids for your bangs. When one braid is not enough, you add a second layer. And if that doesn’t work, well, continue to three or four braids.

15. Rope Braided Bangs On Natural Hair

You can actually create a spiral, maze, or anything you like with your hair. Start with the bangs, and continue braiding until you are satisfied with the result. Have some fun and enjoy experimenting.

16. Dutch Braided Headband With Ribbon

You can say you have a double ribbon here. The bang braids basically serve the same purpose as the ribbon. But it is always nice to add an accessory in your hair.

17. Fishtail Mermaid Bangs

The beauty of this hairstyle is the coloring. The mermaid coloring is one of the biggest hair trends in 2017. And the bang braids make it even more emphasized.

18. Braided Bangs Along The Hairline On Short Curly Hair

I said previously that no matter your hair length, you can get some bangs. And I meant it. I gave you the pixie example, and now we have the short curly hair example. But that is not all. The same principle works for longer curly hair as well.

19. Goddess Braided Bangs

This is the perfect contrast. You have the loose ponytail at the end. But to get there, you have to get your hair tight in a braid. Black and white contrast in terms of hairstyle.

20. Two Back Swept Braided Bangs

The beauty of bang braids is that you start from the front of your head. And from there on, you can move and continue as you wish. You can go to the sides, to the back, or to anywhere else you like. In this case, we move towards the back.

21. Tied Back Braided Bangs Into Ponytail

I don’t know if you remember, but David Beckham had a hairstyle similar to this one for a time. At least the braided bangs part. His hair was not as long as in this case, but it is the same principle. Braided bangs finishing at the top of your head.

22. Rope Braided Bangs Cross Tied Into Buns

While most of the hairstyles on this list require little to no time to make them, this one requires a little bit more effort. But in the end, it is worth the struggle. You will end up with a unique looking hairstyle that people will envy you about.

23. Messy Fishtail French Braid

In the past several years, the messy look is gaining popularity. This is a look that demands you look messy, but organized in the same time. Like you just got out of bed, but still looking amazing. I know people think the messy look is easy to achieve. But it is one of the more challenging. Luckily, I have some tips and guidelines for you.

24. Braided Crown Bangs Into Natural Curly Hair

When it comes to braids, every hair stylist will tell you that curly hair is harder to braid. Curly hair has its own character and temper. It is hard to tame it. But if you are patient and determined, curly hair can look awesome in a braid.

25. Bow Braided Bangs

I don’t remember if we had a symbol/sign created with bangs so far. But whatever the case, this is a chance for me to tell you that you can draw anything you like with your braids. You can give your braids a direction, and finish off with a symbol. Whether that symbol represents something, has a deeper and hidden meaning or not, that is up to you to decide.

26. Double Waterfall Connected Braided Bangs

Waterfall braids are some of my favorite. The reason is because I love loose hair that looks like it has no direction. I want to let my hair roam free. And the waterfall braid looks exactly like that.

27. Swept Back Waterfall Braid Bangs On Short Hair

Photo: instagram

And since the waterfall braid is one of my favorites, I will finish off the list with another hairstyle in that spirit. Only this time, I will show you how to make waterfall braid on a short hair.

I hope you enjoyed the list. And I truly believe there was something for everyone. I am looking forward to seeing you test some of the ideas here, and sending me pictures of it.

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