30 Box Braids Looking Absolutely Stunning

Box braids are extremely popular. There are two simple reasons for that. The first one is box braids are low maintenance. The second is you can wear them in countless styles, with or without hair extensions.

For years, box braids were a symbol of African-American women. But that has changed over the years. Women all around the world have embraced the benefits of a box braid. And they should have done it earlier.

With all the possibilities box braids provide, let’s take a look at several ideas you can try.

1. Medium Criss-Cross Box Braids


Yes, this is medium length. The trick here is in the criss-cross, or zig-zag section if you like. It creates diversity on the top of your head, and makes your hairstyle that much more interesting.

2. Short Curved Box Braids


When you think of length of box braids, do not think of length of your hair. It means the length of the braid itself.

3. Triple High Bun Purple Box Braids


One of the reasons why women love box braids is because they offer an opportunity to extend your hair and wear with versatile hairstyles. For example, you can wear it with buns. Or you can wear it with different hairstyles.

4. High Bun Highligted Box Braids


We just had multiple buns in a box braids hairstyle. Now, we see how you can wear just one, high bun. After all, women love buns, they are one of the simplest and quickest ways to get your hair straight. The same applies for box braids bun.

5. Free Box Braids With Gray Stripes And Gold Cuffs


You might say this hairstyle is a bit eccentric. After all, anytime you add gold to anything, you go for an eccentric style. But there is nothing wrong in being a bit more unorthodox and unconventional from time to time.

6. Chunky Side Swept Bob


The bob is one of the most popular hairstyles in recent years. The bob shapes your head perfectly, all while putting emphasizes on your face lines. And if you want to try a different type of bob, why not box braids?

7. Rainbow Box Braids


When you think of box braids, it is only logical that you see something unique like rainbow braids. After all, women like to color their hair like the rainbow, box braids or not. Box braids offer even more texture for the colors. Just make sure your makeup and outfit matches your colorful hair.

8. Red Tied Back Box Braids


Another hair color that is rising up in the ranks is red. A fiery color, red makes you look bold, courageous, and elegant in the same time.

9. Elegant Box Braids


Speaking of looking elegant, here is an example that you can wear box braids even at your wedding. After all, this bun is a classic wedding hairstyle. Why not give it a little whimsical feeling with some box braids? Right?

10. Pink, Red And Blue Chunky Box Braids


We had the rainbow colors, now we stick to just few colors. What I like here is the volume and texture of the braids. They are chunky, which is not to say they are fat. But they do offer more texture.

11. Different Sized Box Braids With Front Loop And Golden Cuffs


Back in the days when box braids were reserved for African-Americans, this was one of the hairstyles you can see. Women loved to experiment with their braids. And they were finding many different ways to emphasize their hair. Just look at how many different elements are there. Harsh reality: this hairstyle will take more than 10 minutes to get.

12. Ombre Green Box Braids


Simply put: you cannot escape the ombre. No matter if you have straight hair, curly hair, bob hairstyle, or even box braids, the ombre is a must-try. The best part about box braids is they can withstand some bold colors. Take green for example.

13. Short Dark Blue Box Braids


Short but sweet. I love that saying. And it is one that applies perfectly for this hairstyle. You do not need long hair to look great. Even short braids will make you look sophisticated and beautiful.

14. White And Purple Box Braids


White and purple is a timeless color combination. You can use it for different occasion, and it will still look great. In terms of box braids and hair, this coloring is perfect for women with pale skin tone. If your skin tone is dark, the contrast might be too much.

15. Three-Tone Half Updo


We had the bun, and we must have the updo as well. As I said earlier, the beauty of box braids is you can combine them with any different hairstyle you like. And they will look awesome. The brown and white additions to black makes this a very natural looking hairstyle.

16. Half Done Gray Box Braids


We’ve seen a trend lately to embrace gray hair. Women are even starting to dye their hair grey in their 30s. And there is no shame in embracing gray hair. The same applies for box braids, which make gray hair look different than on straight hair.

17. Long Cornrow Box Braids


A classic Caribbean braids style, these look even more interesting thanks to the white highlights. Cornrows are time consuming, but they are very much worth the trouble.

18. Thick Double Braided Box Braids


A long and thick ponytail made out of braids. Talk about effort. I am not going to lie to you. This hairstyle will take you at least an hour to make it. And you might feel it tight on your head. But it looks stunning.

19. Gold Blond Box Braid Updo


I said before that there is a tendency with braids to go eccentric and avantgarde. That means adding some gold elements to your braids. But going totally gold and blonde? That is some next level eccentric.

20. Box Braid With Undercut Tattoo


I know for a lot of women, this hairstyle will be a bit too much. And I get it. But I also know there are ladies out there that want to experiment with similar hairstyles. This one is for them.

21. Triple Color Triangle Cornrow Highlighted Box Braids


We have another Caribbean style braids hairstyle on the list. This time, we add some coloring to make it look whimsical. For a moment, the braids bring the color and the feeling of the beach, to be honest.

22. Pink And Purple Ombre Chunky Box Braids


I said before that braids allow you to experiment with colors like few other hairstyles. Tell me, what other hairstyle will allow you to go that much pink and purple? Chunky  braids are really one of the few options for such coloring.

23. Copper Red Crochet Box Braids


We had some wild and bold reddish color before. The copper one is more in spirit of Ethnic hairstyles.

24. Zig-Zag Cornrow Box Braids With Golden Cuffs


I do not know for you, but for me, this hairstyle reminds me of female Jedi knights. I cannot remember the name of the character, but I am sure there was one character in Star Wars that looked absolutely the same. George Lucas definitely found inspiration everywhere.

25. Side Swept Box Braid Bob With Undercut


We had an undercut with a tattoo. This one is easier to swallow, but it is still a bit more on the extreme side. Let’s be honest, there will not be many women feeling comfortable with this hairstyle. But you have to applaud and respect their courage.

26. Gold Laced Box Braids


We already came to a conclusion that braids and gold go hand in hand. There are so many ways to add gold to your braids. Some go for just subtle accessories. Others, go for their entire hair.

27. Crochet Blue Ombre Box Braids


This blue color is definitely something that works perfectly on box braids. And there is some purple in there as well. The only downside to this hairstyle is the challenge to match it with your outfit.

28. Beaded Box Braids With Bangs


Braids and bangs. Now that is a pairing I never thought will see. But there are so many different hairstyles nowadays. No matter what you think is impossible, someone will find a way to surprise you.

29. Styling Box Braids Four Ways


This is a classic African-American style of wearing box braids. And I wanted to show you how versatile braids are. Basically, the same box braids work in four different settings.

30. Beach-Ready Aqua Marine Box Braids


Being that is summer, we have to finish off with a beach ready hairstyle. I hope you enjoyed the list. And I am looking forward to seeing some of your own ideas.

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