30 Box Braids Looking Absolutely Stunning

Box braids are extremely popular.

There are two simple reasons for that.

The first one is box braids are low maintenance.

The second is you can wear them in countless styles, with or without hair extensions.

Cool Box Braids Styles

For years, box braids were a symbol of African-American women.

But that has changed over the years.

Women all around the world have embraced the benefits of a box braid.

And they should have done it earlier.

With all the possibilities box braids provide, let’s take a look at several ideas you can try.

1. Medium Criss-Cross Box Braids

Yes, this is medium length. The trick here is in the criss-cross, or zig-zag section if you like. It creates diversity on the top of your head, and makes your hairstyle that much more interesting.

2. Short Curved Box Braids

When you think of length of box braids, do not think of length of your hair. It means the length of the braid itself.

3. Triple High Bun Purple Box Braids

One of the reasons why women love box braids is because they offer an opportunity to extend your hair and wear with versatile hairstyles. For example, you can wear it with buns. Or you can wear it with different hairstyles.

4. High Bun Highlighted Box Braids

We just had multiple buns in a box braids hairstyle. Now, we see how you can wear just one, high bun. After all, women love buns, they are one of the simplest and quickest ways to get your hair straight. The same applies for box braids bun.

5. Free Box Braids With Gray Stripes And Gold Cuffs

You might say this hairstyle is a bit eccentric. After all, anytime you add gold to anything, you go for an eccentric style. But there is nothing wrong in being a bit more unorthodox and unconventional from time to time.

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