37 Modern Hairstyles That Bring The Bowl Cut Back

Once upon a time a bowl haircut was thought of as a cheap and easy haircut.

The hairstyle got it’s name because it looks as if someone were to place a bowl on the head.

Then the hair is cut off or trimmed to a very short length.

Typically the style was sported by children, now the hairstyle is fashionistas go to look.

The Crown actress Claire Foy recently rocked a more updated version of the bowl cut on the red carpet.

Rhianna and Miley Cyrus have also rocked this edgy style.

We’ve collected a number of bowl hair cuts to make you the belle of the ball.

1.Longer Lush Blond Bowl Cut

For a look that is still edgy and feminine, a bowl cut with slightly longer bangs is for you.

The style is bold but you still have other styling options such as a side part.

You can also try curling it or go for a slightly softer look.

2. Blazing Red Toned Bowl Cut

This show stopping bold cut is not for the faint hearted but is red hot!

The gorgeous flame colored cut has hues of cherry, ginger and ruby – which is perfect for any complexion.

3. Ombre Blond Bowl With Longer Strand On The Bangs

For a beautiful bowl cut that is soft and airy try a ombre bowl cut.

The blend of blonde and hot white looks sleek and sophisticated.

A purple lip adds a dreamy touch to this angelic look.

4. Layered And Textured Side Swept Bowl Cut

This is a fearlessly cool and modern bowl cut.

This short undercut features long, soft layers and is so rock and roll!

It perfectly tows the line between edgy and feminine.

If your favorite saying is ‘go big or go home’ this style is for you!

5. Gray Graduated Half Bob Half Bowl

As we’ve seen with these stunning pictures the bowl cut has evolved so much over the years.

This version shows a graded chop inspired by the bowl cut.

This gorgeous pastel grey is simply divine.

6. Purple Straight And Choppy Bowl

This beautiful bowl cut in pastel purple is simply stunning.

The seek style showcases longer hair at the temples that is cropped at the nape.

This is perfect for a young woman who wants to take on the world.

7. Citrus Tie Dye Explosion On Long Bowl With Jagged Microbangs

This striking orange cut is dazzling.

You will definitely turn heads with this bold cut. The hues of yellow add a daring touch to this edgy style.

8. Straight Blond Helmet Bowl With Sharp Shorter Bangs

Who says you have to have an even hair cut?

It’s daring and totally punk.

This androgynous look also brings attention to your facial features.

9. Medium Straight Bowl Cut With Green And Pink Highlighted Tips

This rainbow inspired bowl cut is perfect if you like to play with colors.

Having a short style means it’s less maintenance when it comes to keeping your hair soft and moisturized.

10. Mullet/Jellyfish Bowl Cut

The iconic mullet haircut has been given a 2018 rebrand.

The style features a distinct top section with an extreme bowl cut on top.

11. Textured Dark Silver Bowl Cut For Fine Hair

If your looking for something unique and stylish a textured bowl cut is for you.

This cropped cut in a grey hue is super modern and cute.

12. Jagged Bowl Cut With Purple Highlights

If your daring enough to go for a bowl cut why not go a step further and try a cool color?

This classic bowl cut in purple looks edgy and fun.

13. Wavy Golden Blond Bowl Cut

This wavy voluminous hairstyle is perfect for someone who likes a beachy waves.

What’s great about the bowl cut is boys and girls can both rock it.

14. Layered Messy Bowl Cut

This bowl cut has a cute 60’s vibe.

It is perfect for someone who wants a relaxed and easy look.

15. Edgy Gray Bowl Cut With V-Shaped Undercut

Damn this style is hot!

For women who want to try a modern look but want to maintain some femininity this is a edgy brilliance!

16. Long Slick Black Bowl Cut With Edged Sideburns

This look is gorgeous! This sculpted style is perfect for moms on the move or a young professional woman.

17. Curly Bowl Cut

This curly bowl cut is everything! It’s so easy to pull off and imagine running your hands through it!

18. Forward Swiped Longer Lavender Toned Bowl Cut

For a lighter and more youthful look try why not try a forward swept bowl cut?

19. Up And Down Wavy Pink Bowl Cut

This sassy pink bowl cut is everything!

This style is definitely for the woman ready to take on the world!

20. Curved Bowl Cut And Mullet Hybrid With Rainbow Colors

This bowl cut is simply a work of art.

The neon blonde with blue and green hues will make you look truly unique.

21. Edgy Layered Bowl Cut With Highlights

For an eye catching funky style why not try an edgy layered bowl cut.

By adding some styling gel you can try different looks.

22. Emerald Long Bowl Cut With Deep Part

A emerald green cut bowl cut is a fashionistas dream.

The best thing about this style is that you still have lots of hair and have more styling options.

23. Bowl Cut With Undercut And Long Jagged Bangs

This cropped sexy bowl cut is exactly what a girl about town needs.

The pastel blonde is both chic and edgy.

24. Textured Bowl Cut With Side Swept Bangs And Under Shave

This genderless hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants a laid back, androgynous style.

Just imagine updating your wardrobe to compliment this style?

So cool.

25.  Uneven Bowl Cut with Silver Bangs

This hairstyle is so fly!

The touch of grey in this bowl cut is bang on trend and is a must try.

26. Long Orange Bowl Cut With Micro Bangs And Longer Strand

Bold and bright this ginger bowl cut is sophisticated and stylish.

The bangs hanging down add a feminine and cool touch.

27. Messy Black Textured Bowl Cut

At first glance you may pass as this hairstyle.

But this style is a lifestyle. A cool messy bowl cut with a faded top and ripped jeans will make you effortlessly cool.

28. Pink Micro Bowl Cut with Shaved Sides

Can you get more trendy than this?

The pink pastel color with the shaved sides are totally hip.

29.  Spiky Silver Bowl Cut With Longer Strand On The Back And Orange Color On The Side

Don’t play buy fashion rules  and kick butt in this blonde buzz cut.

The strike of color on this modern take of the bowl cut is just everything!

30. Voluminous Bowl Cut With Red Babylights

This sophisticated take on the bowl cut looks completely classic and is so chic.

31. Purple Layered Bowl Cut

Bring out your playful style with this purple buzz cut.

The touch of pink in this style is so adorable.

32. Blond Double Layered Bowl Cut With Black Bangs

Ever want to rock a sophisticated and timeless bowl cut?

This is the style for you. The black undertones are so fierce.

33. Colored And Textured Unicorn Bowl Cut

Wow, this buzz cut is the bomb!

The purple, blue and sliver colors more than compliment each other.

34. Voluminous Layered Bowl Cut With Peacock Tones

You will definitely be stopped in the street with this show stopping look.

The textured green buzz cut is perfect for someone who wants a voluminous buzz cut.

35. Gray Highlighted Bowl Cut With Loose Strands

This grey bowl cut is so on trend and perfect for a young woman on the go.

36. Dark Colored Straight Bowl Cut With Splotches Of Color On The Bangs

This trendy and quirky style is perfect for someone who loves to experiment

37. Longer Uneven Bowl Cut With Sunset Colors

For a bowl cut that is retro and futuristic try this rainbow colored bowl cut.

The blunt bangs also add a level of edge that’s perfect for any fashionista.

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