31 Boho Hairstyes For The Free-Spirited You

Bohemian style, as it was originally called, was always a style linked with relaxed and original hairstyles, accessories, and clothes in general.

Boho is as close to natural look as you can get. Some would say boho hairstyles are for romantic souls who wish to look amazing.

But they are much more.

Thanks to the current love for healthy and natural living and obsession with 70s fashion, boho style has evolved and completely took over the fashion world.

Boho shows great creativity and skill, and if you are ready for the natural look, we have some ideas.

From messy and casual, to very cool, boho hairstyles are a great and beautiful way to do your hair.

Let’s take a look at some ideas so you can get inspiration and find tutorials.

1. Loose Red Ombre Hair With High Bun

Let’s start with a natural look that is also extremely stylish in the same time. High bun and updos are always an elegant way for doing your hair. But how you can make it look natural? Well, some boho tips here and there, let your hair loose, and you’ve got a much more casual look.

2. Crimped Messy Bubble Braid With Flower Accessories

You’ll find a lot of natural accessories as we move down the list. Let’s start with some flowers. After all, is there are a better way to look like a fairy? Platinum blonde hair in braids and some flowers is hard to top.

3. Double Dutch Loose Braids

Braids are a staple in boho hairstyles. The two ingredients for a perfect boho hairstyle are a braid, and letting your hair loose. I know it sounds contradictory, but there is a way to achieve both. This hairstyle is a perfect example of that.

4. Rapunzel Pull-Through Braids

Photo: instagram.com

You can find inspiration for a boho hairstyle everywhere around you. Be it cartoons, be it nature, or anything else you can think. I am sure most of you have seen Rapunzel. I must say, she is one of the more underrated Disney princesses.

5. Messy Half-Updo With Micro French Braids On Lavender Hair

Getting a boho hairstyle is not just about the style, but about the color as well. Lavender is one of those fresh and natural looking colors you just have to try. And in a true boho spirit, your hair looks as messy as it can.

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