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30 Beautiful Bob Hairstyles Most Suited For Black Women

A general rule of thumb is that African-American women love hairstyles that are edgier. It might be a stereotype, but white women are more about being cute and adorable, while black women look for something sexier.

A bob hairstyle perfectly frames the features of a black woman. That makes the bob great option for African-American women. However, the classic bob is a bit “too cute” for black women. Therefore, we look at some edgier and sexier hairstyles that are rich in character.

The main thing is to emphasize the sass of a black woman. It is their biggest feature, and a hairstyle can make it or break it.

1. Straight Bob With Fringe


There was a time this was the classic Kim Kardashian hairstyle. She is one of the few celebrities in the US that can rock basically any hairstyle, and still look good. The bob with fringes was a fan favorite of hers for quite some time.

2. Different Length Wind Swept Bob


This is a hairstyle that is definitely hard to make, but very effective. Once you get the hang of it, this is the hairstyle that shows everyone you have character. It is a very visually appealing style, but also one that is edgy and classy in the same time.

3. Short Layered Bob


You can say that the short layered bob is the quintessential African-American woman hairstyle. At least for those with short hair.

4. Silver Box Braided Bob


You cannot talk about African-American women hairstyles without some braids. Or even more precisely, some colored braids. Braids are a staple in the black women hairstyle industry. It comes as a no surprise that we get to see a bob take on them.

5. Classic Chic Bob


This is the classic bob, with one small difference. Just look at the angle of the hair falling down. It is a small, but subtle change to the classic bob that usually has same length. In this case, however, that is not happening.

6. Blond Curly And Layered Bob


African-American women look absolutely stunning as blondes. There is something about that contrast of black colored skin and the blond hair color that pops. With that in mind, this is a hairstyle that will definitely help you get noticed.

7. Stunning Straight Slick Bob


This is the hairstyle many of the African-American singers have worn at least once in their lifetime. Think of any US black singer. She has definitely worn this hairstyle at least once. And there is no reason why not. The look is absolutely stunning and sexy.

8. Shoulder Length Fire Bob


All women want to experiment with color. But there is something about unconventional colors and black women. For example, red is another color that is just tailor made for them. It comes as a no surprise, red and black is such a good pairing. And for those feisty and fiery women, the red bob is just a no-brainer.

9. Layered Sew-In Bob In Vibrant Colors


We have another hairstyle that is rich in colors. With so many colors, the only problem is how you combine with your outfit. But that is not a problem in most cases. After all, you can always go in a black dress.

10. A-Line Bob With Caramel Highlights


One thing about the bob: people underestimate its versatility. When it comes to the bob hairstyle, many people think of the classic bob, and that is it. But there are just so many different variations. It is just absolutely versatile hairstyle. And even a sub-category like the A-line bob can be executed in so many different ways. For example, with some caramel highlights.

11. elegant Curly Banged Bob


I cannot remember who was the last celebrity with this hairstyle at the red carpet. But I am sure I’ve seen this hairstyle in the last year. A bit more youngish, this is a hairstyle that will effectively shed some years out of your ID. For example, if you are 30+, people will definitely think you are 27-28. Of course, that depends on your outfit as well, but your hairstyle will say I am young.

12. Two Tone Deep Curl Bob


Let’s be honest for a moment. Not many girls can pull this hairstyle off. And if you want even more detailed, only black women can do it. It is a well known fact that African-American women love to experiment with edgy hairstyles. In that spirit, this one is as edgy and feminine as they come.

13. Layered Purple Bob


We had the layered bob at the beginning. But this one is a tad more edgier thanks to the purple coloring. Subtle, yet very effective tweak.

14. Curly Reddish Pin Up Bob


When you think of hairstyles that are tailor-made for African-American women, this one has to be among the best 5. It has everything. Fiery red, edgy, curls, and length that is just common among women.

15. Blue Black Curly Bob


You might say this is more of a Lady Gaga hairstyle, but it is still effective. For some reason, black women can easily work unique colors on their hair. I do not know why and how, but it just works.

16. Twist Braid Bob


Cheerful and youngish, this is a hairstyle that women just have to try at least once. All of these braids are just staple in the black women hair and beauty fashion. Remember Beyonce once wore her hair like this.

17. Angled Flame Tipped Bob


I like how many edgy bob hairstyles are out there. And when it comes to black women, they definitely know how to bring the edginess out. They possess a certain sass that is just hard to find. And it shows on their hair.

18. Straight And Wavy Short Bob


One length, one hairstyle, done in two different ways. That is just the way to do it. Just a perfect way to show that the bob is so versatile and can be done in different ways.

19. Blond Bombshell Bob


When you think of edgy and feminine, the term “bombshell” always comes to mind. The word essentially means a “sex symbol”. And with a hair like this one, you will definitely get people starring at you.

20. Straight Voluminous Bob


The bob is usually a hairstyle that doesn’t require much volume. But even the bob can benefit from some extra volume. Women love to make their hair voluminous, but that rarely applies to the bob. Well, no more.

21. Curly Retro Bob


Another bob hairstyle that just screams African-American woman. A very Michelle Obama hairstyle. Edgy, classy, feminine, and sexy all in the same time. A bit outgoing, but also strict and meritorious.

22. Long And Short Combo Bob


I must say, I’ve never seen this combination before. Honestly, I haven’t even thought of it. But I am amazed by how beautiful it looks. It is not just the length combination, but the color as well. The color follows the contrast of short and long perfectly.

23. Coifed Bob


Imagine of an office job hairstyle that needs to look sexy and elegant in the same time. Well, if this picture was the one you imagined, you are on the right track. The hairstyle is perfect for an office job, but still allows you to show off your sass.

24. Peach Colored Banged Bob


This is the hairstyle Queen Latifah wore for a while. And if it is good enough for the Queen, it is probably good enough for you. We all know Latifah is a great example to tailor your hairstyle.

25. Gray Quick Wave Short Bob


Another example of bob hairstyle that has different lengths at different part of your hair. The gray coloring is just the cherry on the iceberg. And we did not even mention the waves that are just perfect.

26. Blond Bob With Blue Tips


I must say, I cannot honestly think of many women that have the courage to wear this hairstyle. But I also must admit it looks just absolutely fabulous. Maybe it is the blue, but it is a hairstyle that looks like taken from a cabaret performance.

27. Wavy Asymmetrical Side Swept Bob


We had a similar hairstyle at the beginning. And I said it then. This is hairstyle that gives you volume, but also a ton of character. And it is that character that makes you stand out from the crowd.

28. Back Swept wavy Highlighted Short Bob


Bob, waves, and colors. Where have we seen this before? Well, we had it before on the list for sure. And it is a hairstyle that is great for young women, in their late 20s and early 30s. Or if you like to look like one. I said that the hairstyle can add or take some years out of your ID, right?

29. Slick Side Parted Bob With Bangs


I love when people combine several techniques and hairstyles into one. For example, you have the bangs, but you also have the bob. And then you give it a side twist. Now that is a masterpiece.

30. Beach Curl Bob


Being that we talk about African-American women hairstyles, we just have to finish with a classic and timeless peace. This is the hairstyle that most women would die for. It looks natural, it looks wild, and it looks beautiful in the same time.

That would be all for today. I am looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

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