30 Beautiful Bob Hairstyles Most Suited For Black Women

A general rule of thumb is that African-American women love hairstyles that are edgier.

It might be a stereotype, but white women are more about being cute and adorable, while black women look for something sexier.

A bob hairstyle perfectly frames the features of a black woman.

That makes the bob great option for African-American women.

Bob Haircuts for Black Women

However, the classic bob is a bit “too cute” for black women.

Therefore, we look at some edgier and sexier hairstyles that are rich in character.

The main thing is to emphasize the sass of a black woman.

It is their biggest feature, and a hairstyle can make it or break it.

1. Straight Bob With Fringe

There was a time this was the classic Kim Kardashian hairstyle. She is one of the few celebrities in the US that can rock basically any hairstyle, and still look good. The bob with fringes was a fan favorite of hers for quite some time.

2. Different Length Wind Swept Bob

This is a hairstyle that is definitely hard to make, but very effective. Once you get the hang of it, this is the hairstyle that shows everyone you have character. It is a very visually appealing style, but also one that is edgy and classy in the same time.

3. Short Layered Bob

You can say that the short layered bob is the quintessential African-American woman hairstyle. At least for those with short hair.

4. Silver Box Braided Bob

You cannot talk about African-American women hairstyles without some braids. Or even more precisely, some colored braids. Braids are a staple in the black women hairstyle industry. It comes as a no surprise that we get to see a bob take on them.

5. Classic Chic Bob

This is the classic bob, with one small difference. Just look at the angle of the hair falling down. It is a small, but subtle change to the classic bob that usually has same length. In this case, however, that is not happening.

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