30 Blonde Bayalage Looks To Leave You Breathless

Blonde is very versatile hair color. It comes in a wide palette of different stunning shades. You can go from warm caramel, up to platinum and ash blonde. Some even go for the icy white look. And every one of those looks wonderful.

A blonde balayage technique is great for a natural-looking hair color that will not be noticeable when grown out. And it is a custom-blended specifically for you, meaning no new color is the same. If you are looking for a unique style, this is the way to go.

Balayage is a technique that blends one color to another in a naturally manner. With that in mind, when you are in a need of fresh, elegant, and in the same time versatile hairstyle, balayage blonde is the way to go.

1. Nordic Blonde Bayalage With Tinted Orange Brown Ends

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Let’s start with a classic look. As said before, balayage combines two colors and give you a natural look. Most people opt for a lighter shade as they move down. This way, you get a perfect contrast from dark to light.

2. Rooted Platinum Blonde Bayalage

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If your goal is to get blonde hair that is not noticeable when grown out, this platinum blonde is perfect. The trick here is that the root is colored, so when your hair grows out, it will still look blonde.

3. Crisp Ash Blonde Bayalage

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Another perfect hair color for your blonde balayage is ash shade. Again, you will have a blonde look as your hair grows. In the meantime, ash blonde is probably the most elegant and sophisticated shade of blonde.

4. Soft Ash With Beige Blonde Bayalage

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Ash blonde hair is good for both the roots, and the rest of your hair. Some people opt to color their roots, so that when their hair grows it still looks blonde. But others opt for a different approach, and let the roots be in natural color.

5. Platinum Blonde Bayalage In A Braid

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One thing to note. If you do not have blonde hair naturally, getting to platinum blonde is a long process. It requires a lot of coloring. Once you get it, however, you can enjoy it, as it looks absolutely stunning. Braid or no braid, platinum blonde is just amazing.

6. Straight Beige Blonde Bayalage

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Here is a perfect proof that even brunettes can look like natural blondes. Balayage is a technique that makes that possible. Dreams do come true, right?

7. Wavy Ash Blonde Bayalage

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As you might assume, ash blonde is one of the preferred options for blonde balayage. Ash looks great on people with lighter skin, and blue, gray, or green eyes. That doesn’t mean you darker skin ladies cannot enjoy it.

8. Honey Gold Blonde Bayalage

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Up to now, we mostly had lighter blonde shades for a balayage technique, like ash and platinum. But it is time to give props to one of the best blonde shades. And that is honey blonde. Because it is mostly a neutral color, honey blonde is perfect for mixing and matching with any other hair color.

9. Light Ash Blonde Bayalage

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You can get both a light or dark ash blonde balayage. It is up to your preferences. Or better said, what suits you more. Make sure to consult with your hair stylist, as he/she knows best. Your wish is one thing, but the reality is another.

10. Partial Beach Blonde Bayalage

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Don’t mistake bleaching with a balayage technique. It is a different thing. But bleaching helps when you have a dark hair color and you want a lighter shade of blonde.

11. Pure Platinum Blonde Bayalage

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It is just normal to have some glimpses of your natural hair color. A balayage cannot turn your hair color into a blonde hair color instantly and completely. But this is probably as close as it gets.

12. Pale Golden Blonde Bayalage

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It is time to get into the glamour world. And is there a better way for that than some gold? Be it gold accessories, or in this case, gold blonde hair coloring, gold will make you look glamorous. Perfect for a special event when you want to shine and turn some heads around.

13. Blonde Bayalage With Beige Shades

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A lot of women with beige color, or brunettes as they are commonly known, would love to get blonde color. Bleaching will do too much damage to your hair. Therefore, it is better to opt for something that gives you more natural look, and does less damage to your hair. Enter balayage.

14. Streaked White Blonde Bayalage

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When you think of white blonde, it is just another term used to say ash blonde. The shades are very close, and they work great as highlights. I must say, I even prefer highlights than an entire hair coloring.

15. Golden Platinum Blonde Bayalage

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When you want to tone down the golden color, it is best to mix it with a lighter shade of blonde. Some women want gold, as it shines like the sun, but it doesn’t look good on their skin tone. Enter platinum blonde color to fix that.

16. Light Strawberry Blonde Bayalage

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Strawberry is just a great way to add some color to your hair. Ironic, right? Jokes aside, strawberry will add another color that is not blonde, and it is not your natural beige color. Perfect for highlights.

17. Icy White Blonde Bayalage

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Think of the Elsa, the ice princess. You might not be a child anymore, but Elsa is loved by many. You can have her hairstyle, all you need is the dress and you are ready to go out.

18. Classic Golden Blonde Bayalage

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Every now and then, we need to get back to basics. To the original and classic hairstyle. Think of this as the little black dress of blonde balayage. Whenever you need a look that is surefire success, this is it.

19. Dark Root To Platinum Blonde Bayalage

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I said before that women with dark root will have a trouble of getting to platinum blonde. It can be done, and as you see here, you can leave your dark root for a perfect light and dark contrast.

20. Gray Blonde Bayalage

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No, this is not your “I am old gray hair”. I know a lot of women hate getting gray hair. But gray can look astonishing and beautiful. That is, if you color your hair blonde gray.

21. Soft Natural Blonde Bayalage

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For those of you that want to try the balayage technique, but prefer not to burn and bleach your hair a lot, this is a great option. Basically, you get a look that is very close to your natural color. Probably one of the closest.

22. Golden Caramel Blonde Bayalage

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One thing that women like to try is combine several colors, not just one into a balayage technie. Here, you have golden blonde, caramel blonde, and a bit of platinum blonde. The result is a playful and vibrant hair color that works wonderful for any hair style.

23. Wavy Vanilla Blond Bayalage

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Balayage technique looks even better on a wavy hair. Sadly, not all of us are blessed natural wavy hair. If you fall into the few lucky ones, go and try some blonde balayage. I guarantee you’ll love the look.

24. High Contrast Chocolate Blonde Bayalage

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In most cases, women use balayage to get a natural looking blonde hair. But there are also those that want to get a contrast. And the bigger the contrast, the better. For that, you need really light blonde shade, like platinum or ash.

25. Ivory Blonde Bayalage

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Ivory blonde is marketed as perfect color for women with gray hair. But whether you have gray hair or not, ivory will deliver natural multi-tonal hair color.

26. Curly Gold Blonde Bayalage With Red Undertones

blonde bayalage 26

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I know many of you will look at this hairstyle. For starters, many of us dream of having such length and curls in the same time. Truth be told, whatever you do with this hairstyle, it will look awesome. With that in mind, the goal here is to add some subtle touches. You might not even notice the red undertones, but that is the trick.

27. Brownish Blonde Bayalage Tips

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Celebrities in Hollywood love this technique. They get just a little touch of blonde on their tips, and leave their natural hair color to shine. Think of blonde as accessory to your natural look.

28. Bale Blonde Bayalage On Bob Haircut

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This is just a great example of how bob and balayage technique work so well together. You can use every shade you can think of, and it will still look great. Some women avoid coloring techniques because of their short hair. But this example shows it is a perfect match.

29. Butterscotch Blonde Bayalage

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Think of butterscotch as the perfect marriage between blondes and brunettes. It makes for an ultimate transition for those that want to go from brunette to blonde. As I’ve said before, it is a long journey, and you need a transition color until you get there. Butterscotch is a perfect option for that.

30. Summer Pearl Blonde Bayalage

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Being that balayage as a technique is a summer trend, it is only fitting that we finish off with a perfect beach look. With that in mind, I would love to see your ideas for a blonde balayage.

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