30 Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles To Astonish Everyone

The bob is one of the most classy and timeless hairstyles.

We’ve had a number of famous women wear the bob and popularize it one era or another.

The bob is basically a short haircut for women, and sometimes even men in which the hair is “typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with a fringe or bangs at the front”.

Popularized first in the early 1920s, the bob still turns heads.

Simply put, there isn’t a celebrity that hasn’t worn bob at least once in her life.

Asymmetrical bob haircuts

Today, we will take a look at the asymmetrical bob.

The difference between the classic and asymmetrical bob is that not all parts are equal.

1. Classic Straight Black Asymmetrical Bob

Being that the bob hairstyle is a timeless classic, we start off with a classic bob hairstyle. Simple and elegant, this hairstyle will help you emphasize your jawbone.

2. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob With Tattoo Undercut

There will be quite a lot wavy hairstyles down the road. The best part about wavy hair is that you mask the lines of your hairstyle. In that spirit, a wavy bob does not look as a classic bob at first glance. The undercut tattoo underneath is just the cherry on the icing.

3. Asymmetrical Bob With Curly Waves

Another curly and wavy haircut. As you can see, one side is longer than the other. And there is no denying the hairstyle looks a bit messy. What I like the most is the highlights that truly emphasize the curliness of the hairstyle.

4. White Asymmetrical Messy Bob

Speaking of messy looks, one of the biggest trends lately is to get a “I-just-woke-up” hairstyle. Basically, you look like you do not care one bit about your appearance. Your hair is messy, but good and organized. And to be fair, it is one of the hardest looks to execute.

5. Curvy Edged Asymmetrical Bob

It is all about the volume here. This is a hairstyle that will further emphasize the volume of your hair. Short and simple, yet very effective.

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