How to buy inexpensive human hair wigs online

If you haven’t got at least one wig in your collection, really what are you doing? Wigs are the latest fashion craze and the girls are buying them like new pairs of shoes, honestly, who wouldn’t want to match their wig to their handbags right?! If you are a bit late catching the wig train… Read More

38 Flower Shaped Hairstyles For Special Occasions

A flower is probably the oldest, if not the first hair accessory and its tradition of adorning our hair is still alive today. We see countless hairpins, headbands, and barrettes with floral design, as well as the good old real or fake flowers we put in our hair. All of these are great accessories but… Read More

35 Stencil Graffiti Hairstyles For A True “Wow” Factor

Stencil hair or graffiti hair is a temporary way but magical way to add a touch of glamour to you look. The stencil design along with with the gorgeous colors transform your hair into an urban canvas. We’ve combined a list of styles that will make you run to your stylist in a heartbeat. 1. Stencil… Read More

33 Exiting Crochet Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

Crochet braids are incredibly versatile. They look incredibly real and are so easy to maintain. To achieve the look, the stylist attaches the extensions onto to the cornrowed scalp. Cute crochet hairstyles The hair extensions are attached by using a crochet needle type device. There are a lot of ways that this style can be used… Read More

32 Rainbow Hairstyles For A More Adventurous Look

With the gorgeous weather just around the corner – it’s time for a style overhaul. And nothing fits the warm weather more than rainbow hair. Whether you go bold and vivid or soft and subtle, this color trend is hands down the coolest way to stand out from the crowd. One stylist Kayla Boyer is leading the… Read More

20 Fun And Easy Half-Up Hairstyle Tutorials

Half-up hairstyles are the best choice when you want your hair to stay in place and not get in the way without having to fix it all the time. This versatile look also works great for any hair length and for casual to formal occasions. We can safely say that you can wear your hair… Read More

17 Fabulous Faux Hawk Hairstyle Tutorials

The classic mohawk is considered more of a man’s hairstyle, nevertheless women are known to enjoy wearing it as well. Still, not every woman is ready for a for the tomboyish look of having a buzz cut on the sides, and here’s where the faux hawk really takes the stage. Described best as the mohawk’s… Read More

37 Modern Hairstyles That Bring The Bowl Cut Back

Once upon a time a bowl haircut was thought of as a cheap and easy haircut. The hairstyle got it’s name because it looks as if someone were to place a bowl on the head. Then the hair is cut off or trimmed to a very short length. Typically the style was sported by children, now the hairstyle is… Read More

15 Ways To Make A Stylish Helmet-Friendly Hairstyle

On pleasant sunny days its a shame not to travel your daily routes by bike. It’s a good exercise for you and good for the environment too. Unfortunately, the safety measures required for biking or cycling aren’t good for your hair. Wearing a helmet tends to flatten and mess up most hairstyles you choose to… Read More

33 Simply Scrumptious Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

Strawberry blonde hair has been a must try style for decades. The gorgeous warm reddish blonde hue has been rocked to perfection by celebrities for years. Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher and Cynthia Nixon are true strawberry blonde icons. Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas We’ve sourced dozens of strawberry blonde pictures to help you decide… Read More

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