Short Sassy Styles For The Street Savvy Woman!

They say when a woman changes her hair, she is about to change her life. This is definitely the case for singing superstar Tamar Braxton.  After nine years of marriage, the 40-year-old filed for divorce from her husband Vincent Hebert in October. The ‘Blind’ singer was ready for a fresh start and shaved her head in… Read More

27 Sweet Honey Blonde Ideas You Must Check Out

1. Soft Waves Honey Blonde With A Hint Of Ash Because honey is a neutral blonde color, you can combine it with other blonde ideas as well. For example, if you like a dose of that sophisticated ash that was also popular in 2017, go for it. Just be careful not to overdo it. 2… Read More

31 Boho Hairstyes For The Free-Spirited You

1. Loose Red Ombre Hair With High Bun Let’s start with a natural look that is also extremely stylish in the same time. High bun and updos are always an elegant way for doing your hair. But how you can make it look natural? Well, some boho tips here and there, let your hair loose… Read More

30 Blonde Bayalage Looks To Leave You Breathless

1. Nordic Blonde Bayalage With Tinted Orange Brown Ends Let’s start with a classic look. As said before, balayage combines two colors and give you a natural look. Most people opt for a lighter shade as they move down. This way, you get a perfect contrast from dark to light. 2. Rooted Platinum Blonde Bayalage… Read More

30 Upside Down Braids For More Interesting Updos

1. Upside Down Top Knot We start off with something that is fairly popular lately. Especially if you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory. Penny has been known to wear this hairstyle few times. An elegant, yet casual hairstyle that is suitable for both office days, and a quiet day in the park… Read More

30 Rope Braid Hairstyles Looking Both Casual And Fancy

1. Headband Into Rope Side Braid Being that we talk about simple hairstyles, we start off with one of the simplest. You get a headband around your head, and a rope braid that is loose and casual. A great combination. 2. Wrap Around Dutch Braid With Rope Twist Into Ponytail As we said at the… Read More

25 Bold Warrior Braids For Your Inner Fierceness

1. Side Row Braids With Front Poof On Colorful Hair We start off with side braids, and an accessory that is often overlooked. That is the color of your hair. For a warrior outlook, in most cases you’ll need some color. The more fierce the color is, the better. This purple definitely shows a woman… Read More

27 Braided Bang Hairstyles For An Effortless Fancy Look

1. Reverse Lace Braided Baids We start off with a timeless classic that will let you show your face completely. A simple braid goes a long way, and that is true in this case as well. 2. Two Braided Crisscross Brands Talk about some volume. One thing you cannot say about this hairstyle is that… Read More

25 Spooktacular Halloween Hair Ideas

There are so many aspects that make a great Halloween costume. The costume itself is just one part of the Halloween mask. You have makeup, manicure, and even hair that goes to making a complete Halloween costume and mask. With that in mind, today we will discuss some hair ideas for Halloween.  They can be… Read More

24 Excitable Hairstyles For Bold TWA

1. Longer Classic TWA Most people think of very short hair when it comes to teeny weeny Afro. But you should not care about the length as much. As you can see, the Afro looks great even with longer hair. 2. Yellow Side Parted TWA I said at the beginning that you can even color… Read More

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